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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday Cardinal Couple - Restlessness

The Cardinal Couple mission has always been to share the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports.  Sometimes that is hard to do due to events in the greater world.

This is definitely one of those times.  In addition to the ongoing challenges of the current coronavirus pandemic, we are now experiencing dramatic turmoil in Louisville as anger over systemic iniquity boils over.

Cardinal Couple is not the place to address those issues directly, but we can't ignore that the mission of this site puts it squarely on the side of cheering and supporting those who don't get all of the same advantages as others.

There have been several statements made by leaders at UofL, and I wanted to share those with our readers today.

Neeli Bendaputi

The first, several days ago, came from UofL President Dr. Neeli Bendaputi (this was originally a four
tweet thread):

Friends and family,
As an educator and a leader in higher education, I want to share some context around a phrase you are no doubt hearing and that many are misunderstanding. 


Some people read this as a statement that only black lives matter. And so they are likely to respond with 'All Lives Matter' or a similar sentiment. But that is not the intent.

Just as celebrating Mother’s Day does not mean that fathers don’t matter or having a Breast Cancer Awareness event doesn’t minimize other diseases, the declaration that Black Lives Matter is a rallying cry, a plea, an exhortation to acknowledge that black lives matter, too.

It is both a reminder that our black families are suffering disproportionately and a call to do something to end these ongoing inequities and injustices. 
This is why I say, #BlackLivesMatter.

Scott Satterfield

The next significant statement, came from Coach Scott Satterfield, head coach of UofL Football (in a graphic posted to Twitter):

I am saddened to see so much hate and injustice so close to home.  My prayers are with those who are hurting right now, who feel helpless, who are dealing with loss, specifically with people of color.  I will never understand what goes on in this world filled with so much hate.

I do know that we love our players and we are committed to stand against any form of racism.  We will continue to listen and support our team and treat everyone in our program with love and respect, players, coaches, and staff alike.

We are all created in God's image and He intends for us to thrive in unity!

1st John 2:9
"Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness."

(signed) Scott Satterfield

Jeff Walz

Most recently, posted late last night, UofL Women's Basketball Coach Jeff Walz (a thread of three

Our captains, Dana and Kianna, and I wanted to release the following statement on behalf of our team:

Our team had a great discussion on our Zoom call this week. We believe in communication. We address issues, large and small. We don’t think what’s going on is right. We can’t accept a world that isn’t safe for all. We stand with the black community.

We will be getting back to campus soon, and we are committed to working together to better our Louisville community with empathy, compassion, and respect for all people. We plan to make a difference through our actions. @UofLWBB will be part of the solution. #ONE

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

A full house...well, not really, we're on a Skype so we could have a lot more people on the call but the usual four were on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour. technically...but the normal, none of us are normal.

Case, Jared, Paulie, and I briefly discussed the events transpiring in Louisville currently, but then went on to talk about women's basketball, and the success of UofL players in the pros, particularly with the NY Liberty.  We also talked about the awarding of the Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Award to Mercedes Pastor of UofL Field Hockey and Brenna Shanahan of UofL Lacrosse.  Matthias Schmid of Men's Golf was also awarded.

Jared, returning after a two week absence, successfully defended his win streak in the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Quiz, knocking off previous two-time winner Case. I haven't seen the winner's circle yet since we re-established the quiz. Jared made a request for a mascot quiz, so that could be next -- who knows what will come out of the c mind of Paulie next?. 

Check out the 5/29/20 broadcast below.

1 comment:

  1. Good thoughts by the UofL coaches and Neeli. Black lives do matter. All lives do matter.

    Stay safe. I'm still symptom free. Slept a lot yesterday but took the quiz today listening to the rebroadcast and got a 80. Good show, guys.

    Curtis "Life is a challenge" Franklin


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