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Sunday, May 24, 2020


WBB All Time Top 5

Jeff Walz was asked about this the other day in his teleconference.  Case, Paulie, and I mentioned it in the CCRH yesterday.  It's an idea in a post from UofL WBB in social media.

Who's your pick for an all time Top 5 from UofL WBB?  The social media responses seem to come to a near consensus on four, with Angel McCoughtry, Asia Durr, Shoni Schimmel, and Myisha Hines-Allen, with the 5th spot being spread around among numerous entrants.  Dana Evans gets a lot of love for the 5th spot, along with some mentions for Jazmine Jones, Sam Fuerhing, and Kylee Shook.  There are plenty more.

Some notable specific responses include one from McCoughtry herself where she doesn't include herself. The great #35 listed: Jazz Covington, Sara Nord, Asia Durr, Shoni Schimmel, and Yuliya Tokova.  That's some admirable humility, but I don't know much of anybody thinks Angel doesn't belong in this list.

As we mentioned on the CCRH yesterday, Walz mentioned Monique Reid, Asia Durr, Angel McCoughtry, Shoni Schimmel, and then he vacillated between, Keisha Hines, and Sam Fuerhing before coming to Myisha Hines-Allen. 

Briahanna Jackson didn't go the humble route, listing herself, McCoughtry, Asia Durr, Monique Reid
, Hines-Allen, and Shawnta Dyer.

Dennis Fuerhing offered his wisdom, "Sam, Sam, Sam, Myisha, and Asia", and I think there may be a slight bit of bias in that one.

Kim Pemberton, who was the Assistant SID for the team for a time included Shoni and Angel, but then went a bit more old school with her other picks, Jill Morton, Kristen Maddox, and Nell Knox.

@LouisvilleTuan on Twitter went with the consensus top five, but then added in five "bench" players: Sam, Kylee, Jazz (I'm guessing this is intended to be Jaz Jones), Jude Schimmel, and Antonita Slaughter..or maybe Jazz Covington? 

In the spirit of "There's always one." all of the social media outlets seemed to have a response that perhaps intentionally missed the spirit of the exercise.  On twitter, the response was, "Griff, Rodney, Milt, Russ, and Pervis", and while that is one heck of a great team...yeah, kind of a swing and a miss on the idea.

As for my picks, the consensus picks of McCoughtry, Durr, Schimmel, and Hines-Allen are awfully great.  I think Dana Evans is a good pick for the fifth.

The ones that I might swap out are possibly Shoni and Myisha.  For Shoni, I might look for someone that was a bit more aggressive on defense, perhaps Asia Taylor.

For Myisha, I would consider Sam Fuerhing as an alternative, but probably end up with Hines-Allen for the spot.

What do you think?  Let's here your picks in the comments.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Another edition of the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour is in the can.  Case, Paulie, and I got together and chatted about the latest news from the NCAA and UofL about potential bringing athletes back on campus.  We discussed some of the information from Walz's press conference, particularly around scheduling and road trips.  And finally, we did another Cardinal Couple quiz.  My outing was much better this week than last week, which isn't saying much.


  1. Under the “there’s always one” I expect eventually there will be a list of U.K. players....because there is always one.

  2. I'll put Asia Taylor in the mix with Angel, Shoni, Asia Durr and Myisha Hines Allen.


  3. Gotta go Durr, Angel. Shoni, Dana and Myisha.

    Curtis "my team is on the floor" Franklin


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