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Saturday, July 31, 2010

UofL getting ready for new womens' basketball season ticket holders

Why is Bill so happy?
He heard the news about the chance to get season tickets for UofL Womens' basketball. Here's the information on how you can join Bill this season:
Selections for seats for new potential season ticket holders will be held at the YUM Center on the UofL campus on Monday August 9th.
Those interested should go to the YUM Multipurpose room starting at 3 p.m. to pick seats.
Pricing is as follows:

$80 for adults.
$25 for children.
$75 for faculty and students

There will be a $50 donation if you want to sit in Sections 106 or 116. Same donation if you're looking to land in rows A-F in Sections 105, 107, 115 & 117.

Family plans are also available. $160 a year and you can choose from Sections 103,104,108, 119,113, 114, 118 & 119.
This is an excellent opportunity to see the Lady Cards at great prices. Additional information can be obtained by calling 502.852.5863.


U.S. vs. Sypher Friday results:

-Former Sypher attorney Dana Kung Fu admits that he fooled around with our girl several times and didn't want to represent her at first. He got interested though when he figured out what 10% of 10 million dollars worked out to. Capitalism...the American way.
-Don't shoot Tim Sypher...he's only the message carrier. Tim denies that he help construct the letter he hand delivered to Rick shortly before the Cards game against WVU. I wonder if he brought the rest of the mail to Rick as well? I wonder if I could get him to check my PO Box for me on a regular basis. In fact, I just wonder about Timmy and what he was thinking when he decided to marry ol' Sharin' Karen. I also wonder why Disney character Goofy can talk and Pluto can't. After all, they're both dogs. I also wonder....oh, never mind.
-Dana Kung Fu was a scared and fearing for Karen's life and safety after the Rick responded to her requests. I wonder if he listens to much Lynyrd Skynyrd?

-We now know why Richard Pitino decided to leave the nest and shuffle off to Gainesville. It wasn't because they do the "Gator Chomp" during games. It wasn't because he loves the blue and orange color scheme of UF. Dad didn't want him exposed to the upcoming media circus. And, it was the right move. Gainesville has no media, internet connections and has no idea that this case is actually going on. They still think Andy Griffith and Opie walk to that pond every day and Urban Meyer was the movie sequel to URBAN COWBOY.
-We learned that the chances of reconciliation and dialogue between Karen and Tim are pretty much out the window. Shame...those two crazy kids seemed so right for each other.

-We were reminded that Rick is a part owner in several car dealerships in Lexington. Now that UK fans have access to this information, you can expect sales to drop 50%. "I ain't gonna drive no car that Piteneer is associated with". (I wonder if Calipari got his Lexus there?)

Remember, two more days to get in your e-mails for $10 worth of PANERA gift cards this week. We've had some pretty good entries this week and deciding a winner could be tough. Maybe you've got one that will blow the rest away? (Sorry, bad Sypher reference.) E-mail it to us at: or just leave your masterpiece in the comments section here. Even if you don't win this week, there will be several more chances to win and all entries are eligible for a 2 week vacation touring the grape arbors of South Dakota. (OK, we made the last part up...but we still encourage you to get those PANERA love letters to us.)

Friday, July 30, 2010

A "Q and A" with AJ

(We offer this break from the mind numbing and more information that we probably needed to know trial pitting the U.S. vs. Karen Sypher.)

Pictured to the right is a photo that Adrienne Johnson may have forgotten about. Taken around the turn of the century, it only goes to show that she was a pretty foxy lady back then, too.

You know A.J. The broadcast commentator for University of Louisville women's basketball. Spot on and informative descriptions. Not afraid to tell it like it is...whether the news is good or bad on the court.
CARDINAL COUPLE decided to put the full court press on her and find out a little more about her for you, the readers. As you'll read in the paragraphs below, she handled the press easily and took it straight to the hoop and scored...just like she did back at Butler, Ohio State and the WNBA. Enjoy!

C.C.: Tell us about your other duties at the University of Louisville.

A.J: My primary job responsibilities are to market women's basketball. That includes advertising, community outreach, game day promotions and media spots. I also serve as a women's basketball mentor and oversee some volleyball.

C.C.: Tell the readers about your time in the WNBA.

A.J.: It is cool for me to be able to say I was one of the trail blazers for the WNBA. I played eight years (Cleveland, Orlando, Connecticut and Seattle) from the time the league started and it was probably the most amazing and rewarding eight years of my life.

C.C.: Who was had the biggest influence on your life?

A.J.: My mother.

C.C: Name three people that you wouldn't mind being stranded on a desert island with.
A.J.: Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and the cast of Law and Order Special Victims Unit.

C.C.: If you weren't here at UofL, what would we find you doing?
A.J.: Day trading the foreign exchange market and futures markets.
C.C.: We're sitting down with you for your favorite meal. What are we having?
A.J.: I love Hispanic and Cuban food! Saffron rice, black beans, quarter chicken cooked on a open flame grill.
C.C.: What's the craziest or strangest thing you've seen while doing a broadcast?
A.J.: The opposing team's radio person eating an entire large pizza during a broadcast.

C.C: What about A.J. and coaching?
A.J: I believe in giving back to the game that has given so much to me. I love to have a coaching influence at the middle school level.

C.C.: If we were riding to work with you, what are we listening to in the car?
A.J. I enjoy a variety of music so my radio station is usually set to a station that plays Top 40 music.
C.C.: How do you see the fortunes of the Lady Cards this season?

A.J.: We have a lot of talent this year. We have returning players that have improved their game tremendously and a Top 5 recruiting class that will join them. Jeff Walz should enjoy the depth he will have...assuming everyone stays healthy.
C.C.: If you are granted three wishes, what do you choose?
A.J.: My mom to receive a kidney transplant. To have eternal good health. Women's basketball to win the National Championship.
CARDINAL COUPLE thanks Adrienne Johnson for taking the time to share a little bit about herself with our readers. Be sure to give her (and her mom) a big hug next time you see them.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

UofL womens' soccer to be on National TV

(In today's edition of CARDINAL COUPLE we cover women's soccer, the ongoing Pitino/Sypher saga and Charlie Strong speaks. Enjoy and tell a friend.)

The annual Battle of the Bluegrass soccer match between UofL and UK will be televised from Cardinal Park on Thursday, Sept, 9th. at 7 p.m. on the Fox Soccer Channel. To be honest with you, I'm not sure if I have this channel or if any local sports pubs will broadcast the I think I'll just go and attend it. It is a great chance for the program to receive national attention and alert any future Cardinal womens' soccer stars out there about what is going on down on the Belknap Campus in regards to soccer. It may not be Mike Tirico, Mia Hamm and Dick Vitale...but it's national TV, and that isn't a bad thing, gang.
The soccer season is only 17 days away. The UofL womens' soccer team will host an exhibition game on August 14th. at 7 p.m. against Tennessee at Cardinal Park. There will be clinics and autograph signings prior to the action. The regular season gets underway Aug. 20th. against Eastern Kentucky at 7 p.m. at Cardinal Park. Looking for a new way to 'get your kicks'? Then, get out and watch and support the Soccer Cards.

Day 3 of the U.S. vs. Sypher saw Rick Pitino take the stand for nearly four hours. Pitino denied rape charges and said that money was Sypher's goal. Pitino denied that he forced Sypher to have an abortion. Pitino aide Vinny Tatum said he was sitting only 10-15 feet from where Sypher said she was raped but he heard no screams or signs of a struggle. Tatum also acknowledged on cross-examination that he didn't see what happened. Pitino also commented that the whole encounter lasted less than 15 seconds.
I liked the part where Sypher's letter penned by former Sypher attorney Dana Kolter was shown to the journey. Especially the part where Sypher gave Rick a ride home from the alleged rape in mid-summer "because it was snowing."


There was also discussion about members of Pitino's party "raising her miniskirt and she was giggling." Porcini's restaurant owner left them at the restaurant because he was ready to leave and they were still drinking. Sounds like the days of when my frat brothers would abandon me in the basement of the frat house before the keg was empty. Except there was no raised skirts or 15 second encounters.

The trial drags on again today. Rick will be questioned by Sypher's defense attorney James Earhart. This could be interesting. He won't be lobbing softballs Rick's way.
Off topic from womens' sports but still a great evening for CARDINAL COUPLE getting a chance to hear UofL head football coach Charlie Strong speak Wednesday evening to the Sportsmen's Supper Club. We've posted a review of coach's words over at:
Check it out. Strong words, strong beliefs and a strong commitment to Cardinal Football and Cardinal fans. You're gonna love this guy..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A different look at Shoni Schimmel

(Pictured here with Atlanta Dream's Iziane Castro Marquez and one of the youngest Dream fans around, Angel McCoughtry contributed 11 points to an Atlanta blowout of Tulsa this afternoon 105-89.)
Good thing they got the photo in before Marquez broke her nose in practice Monday. With the win, Atlanta goes to 16-9 and is 1/2 game out of first place in the WNBA Eastern Division. All Dream players scored in the win today...Atlanta led by 30 in the first half before coasting in for the "W".

Shoni Schimmel isn't your typical freshman rolling onto a college campus this fall. She might just be the best native American to play the women's college basketball game. A very revealing look at her, her decision and her hopes and expectations can found in the wonderful article written by Jack McNeel at the link listed below. It's worth a few minutes of your time to give it a read.


Day 2 concludes in the U.S.A. vs. Sypher trial. Highlights of the trial? We got to hear the phone messages Lester the Phone Guy left for Rick Pitino concerning the Sypher matter, plus a phone call to Lester from Sypher asking him to call her. None of the recordings are going to get nominated for a Grammy, I can tell you that. There were also witnesses on the stand that were in the restaurant the evening of the tryst. No word on how the house salad was tossed..
Also, portions of the WDRB tapes with Sypher describing the alleged rape were played. Once again, no award winning performances in these. She asked him what was going on and he told her to shut up. Allegedly. Sound like a normal evening in my brother in law's living room.
Ticket selection is going on for women's basketball seats for the new arena. According to a couple of people I have talked to, it's fairly painless and a pretty quick process. You're shown a few charts of seating in the KFC YUM! Arena and what is available. Thanks to our good friends who shared this information with us and also were able to make seat selections by proxy for members of my family. We're about in the same area we were in Freedom Hall and that's pretty sweet. I guess the wrestling match will occur when we have to decide who will be covering UofL Women's Basketball for CARDINAL COUPLE down on press row. I like my chances in this one.

The Sypher trial: Day One

So, after day one of The U.S. vs. looks like we have the "liar, liar...pants on fire" prosecution strategy going up against the "poor, poor pitiful me" defense. About the only thing the two sides can agree on is that Sypher was at Porcini's the night of the tryst, rape, lettuce and croutons...whatever you want to call it sordid incident.

Defense attorney "Sweet Baby" James Earhart paints a picture of destruction:

"What this case is about is power, money and influence. When you are raped by a person of power, money and influence, you have to be destroyed."

(Note that here at CARDINAL COUPLE...we know very little about power, money or influence. Destruction...yes, we are familiar with it. One look at our Fred Sanford like garage will prove that.)
Prosecutor John E. Kuhn indicates a different scenario:
"By the time the trial is over in two weeks, you will not believe a word that Sypher has said about anything."
(I wonder if this takes into account the issue of Sypher commenting several years ago that she was a UofL fan. With fans like this...who needs the Big Blue Nation as opponents...)
If we learned anything at all yesterday, it was that Sypher isn't very good at voice recognition and that CARDINAL COUPLE isn't very good at predicting what might unfold in this trial. Sypher claims she didn't recognize Lester the Phone Guy's voice when he called Pitino with the threats. Happens to us all the time, I often fail to recognize my own voice when I'm karaoking a Lynyrd Skynyrd song after several beverages.

We also surmised in a separate article over at CARDINAL DOMINANCE that Pitino probably wouldn't take the stand nor would the rape issue get much play. We got rocked in the first inning on both of those issues. We could see Rick detailing things as early as today.

It looks like this thing has now moved from the circus tent to the midway of the carnival. On one side, we have a carney advertising that the "house of lies" is open...step right up and hear them all, folks. On the other side, the barker implores you to experience the most dangerous, scary and intriguing thing you'll ever witness...Rick Pitino after sex.
Former Lady Card great Angel McCoughtry will be back in the Ville August 2-6 to run a skills camp for girls 6-16. It'll be at The Basketball Academy and details can be found at Angel's website:
Angel's skills have looked pretty good lately and she'll get another chance to demonstrate them tonight against Tulsa.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The circus is in town

All we need is a few clowns, an elephant and a high wire act...OK, check that. The clowns are here...led by "little miss table the motion" Karen Sypher and "what was I thinking" UofL head basketball coach Rick Pitino. The elephant? None other than collected media that will trample this thing into matted sawdust during the estimated two week run. The high wire act? Sypher balanced perilously above possible 5-10 years in the jailhouse. That net below isn't looking too big either. Step right up and get your tickets, folks. After three days of exciting entertainment at Churchill Downs with HULLABALOU...a horse of a different color now assumes the main stage. You like reality shows? You got a doozy ahead of you. Pass the tissues and cue the laugh track.

So, what is exactly going on here? Actually it is the United States Government (another elephant) against Ms. Sypher. She faces six different charges..three of them involving threatening communication with intent to extort. Toss in a couple of making a false statement to a government agents and a potentially false rape charge...simmer slightly till ready and serve with a garnish and table wine. Preferably not at Porcini's...where the pilot episode was portrayed.

This isn't her first rodeo. She was allegedly involved in another "get rich quick scheme" back in 1999 with a former employer and received a settlement before it went to court.

One would assume that the Feds will not try to turn this thing into a rape case...and the defense will. But, even if it goes that gotta wonder what the defense will say when it is brought up that Sypher drove Pitino home after the alleged violation. Talk about your bad dates!

All this happened almost seven years ago. We'll get to relive it all in the next two weeks. I tried to remember what I was doing back in August of 2003. The only thing I can come up with is that I know I wasn't at Porcini's.

Start up the calliope and send in the clowns. It's showtime.


Angel McCoughtry popped in 28 points and the Atlanta Dream used a 4th quarter 11-0 run to get a win over the New York Liberty. McCoughtry also grabbed 10 rebounds and passed out six assists in the 82-75 win. The victory, Atlanta's 1st since the All-Star break moves them into second place in the WNBA Eastern game behind Indiana. Iziane Castro Marquez added 21 points for the Dream and the Liberty got 28 out of Cappie Poindexter.

Atlanta (15-9) continues the road trip with a Monday game in Tulsa

Congratulations to Donnie Koch on winning $10 worth of Panera Gift Cards. Donnie's entry was simple but strong.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Burke psyched for '10 Final Four -

A look back at the magical 2008-09 season by the Lady Cards. Time to focus on the future and forget the disappointing 2009-10 season. Here's hoping that the 2010-11 team can provide the same excitement and results. Take it away, Becky...

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Conrad selelcted for USA Field Hockey squad


University of Louisville sophomore goalkeeper Erin Conrad
has been selected for the USA Under 21 Field Hockey team. Conrad received an invitation to try out for the squad after her outstanding
goal keeping duties during the national championships with the USA Field Hockey High Performance Midwest team.

The USA team will compete in tournaments in Asia next year. For Conrad, it is just another jewel in the crown of success she has worn since her high school days.

Pam Bustin speaks very highly of her goalkeeper:

"I am so proud of her. She was persistent and diligent throughout her journey to make the squad. Not an easy journey for her...but she never gave up and achieved this great opportunity to train and play for the national program."
Conrad was the only player from UofL to be selected for the team, out of four Cardinals who received tryout invitations. She arrived on the UofL campus in 2008 and took a redshirt year.

In, 2009...she assumed the goalkeeping duties and will be a key component in the Cardinal's defense for 2010.

Field hockey is a family thing for the Wilkes-Barre, PA native. Her sister Lindsey played for Syracuse. She is one of three Cardinals to ever make the USA team...joining Janelle Avila (2006-07) and Jessica Javelet (2004-05).


RACHEL ALEXANDRA returns to the track Saturday in the $400,000 Lady's Secret Stakes at Monmouth Park in New Jersey. Last seen, she was romping the field in the Churchill Downs Fleur de Lis...winning impressively by 10 1/2 lengths.

She's been training well for Saturday's race and busted 4 furlongs in 49.60 in a Monday workout at Saratoga. She'll face 6 rivals in the 1 mile race...including FABULOUS BABE and STAGE TRICK. If she handles the field as expected, she could be headed to the 1 1/4 mile Personal Ensign or the Woodward Stakes...both at Saratoga later this summer. RACHEL was the first filly
to win the Woodard last year. Steve Asmussen trains and regular rider Calvin Borel invades the Jersey Shore to take the mount.
Look out for LE MI GEAUX as a prime contender for 2 yr old fillies. She romped thru the slop at Saratoga yesterday to win the Schuylerville Stakes by 2 lengths. She rallied from far back to win the 6 furlong race and looked like she could have gone another 4 furlongs quite easily. Apprentice jockey Freddie Lenclud rode for Richard Dutrow. She pleased a lot of backers, including me, by paying $20.20 for a 2 dollar win ticket. In case you're not up on your's pronounced "Lemme Go!"
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Friday, July 23, 2010

From the mailbag

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Time to review the inbox this Friday. We always welcome your comments and suggestions at CARDINAL COUPLE and try to respond to each one with a return e-mail. (Even the UK ones.)
You can also reach us at

DONNIE writes:

I really enjoy the articles about UofL women's sports and want to know if you'll be doing anything about men's sports at UofL down the road?


Thanks for writing Donnie! There are a ton of good sites out there that cover the guys at UofL. We are primarily focused on the women's sports at UofL and don't plan on expanding on that...though. If you check the sites that we recommend on this blog, you'll find some great reading. CARDINAL DOMINANCE and UofL CARD GAME are two of them that we contribute articles to...and all the ones listed are worth your time to check out.

AUDREY writes:

Where do you think the UofL women's basketball team will finish in the BIG EAST this year?
Also, will Shoni Schimmel start for UofL?


Preseason predicitions on Jeff Walz's team can be tricky, since there are so many new players, but we'll take a stab at it. Obviously UCONN is still loaded for bear and deserves a preseason top ranking. GEORGETOWN comes back with a lot of starters and NORTE DAME still has Skylar some other returning starters. RUTGERS has recruited well and any C.Vivian Stringer team has to be respected. This would be my top four in the BIG EAST preseason rankings. I do think LOUISVILLE has a great chance to finish within the next four teams, though. Monique Reid is a proven scorer...and other returning starters are Becky Burke, Keisha Hines, Asia Taylor and Shelby Harper. Dez Byrd, a former starter is back and Tia Gibbs, from Vanderbilt, is very talented. The freshman class will compete for all the starting jobs and the depth and talent of this team should have the Cards in contention for at least 5th in the BIG EAST...if not better. You, the fans, are really going to be surprised how good these freshmen are and Tia Gibbs also.

As far as Shoni Schimmel starting...let's see what she brings to the court. I'll trust in Jeff Walz's judgement here...


Who do you think will be the freshman that will produce the most for the basketball team this year?


Boy. that is the $100,000 question! All six incoming freshmen are talented and will see significant court time, in my opinion. If Schimmel is all that is hyped and promised, she could easily be that second scorer that the Cards will need this year. I like Charmaine Tay's guard abilities and think she could be part of the rotation at guard. Antonita Slaughter has a great all over the court presence and will fit in well with Walz's fondness for the transition game and creating off the defense. Both Sherrone Vails and Shawnta Dyer will add depth and skill to the Cards front line. The surprise factor could be Polly Harrington. She's a rebounding machine and has great quickness and defense.

OK, this didn't probably help you any, CRAZY...but if I had to pick one of these talented freshmen as the biggest potential contributor...I'm going to go with Schimmel. I reserve the right to change my mind, though...and feel that all the freshmen will be a valuable resource this upcoming season.


What is CARDINAL COUPLE'S favorite women's sport at UofL?


We really like all the women's sports at UofL. Sonja was a field hockey player and she leans a little more toward that and hoops. Paul absolutely fell in love with the softball team this spring and is a big hoops fan also. We also like lacrosse, volleyball, soccer, rowing, golf, track, tennis...well, you get the picture.

We'd like to know how you feel about this. What is your favorite women's sport at UofL? Feel free to leave your answer in the comments column or send us an e-mail.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is Hammond's future "In the Cards?"

So, are you a big fan of bread? CARDINAL COUPLE is giving away free gift cards to the best bread bakers around..those friendly folks over at PANERA BREAD. Want some? Just shoot us an e-mail telling us what you like about Panera. Or, leave us a comment here at the blog. We'll judge the entries and pick the best ones. We've got the cards...all you need to do is let us know you'd like them...

E-mail to


Sarah Hammond is the front runner for Miss Kentucky Basketball for the 2010-11 season. The Rockcastle County senior is multi-talented...she'll probably play the wing in college but is an inside force for Rockcastle County. She can shoot the three, go to the boards with a vengeance and create for her teammates. She's also got a big laundry list of suitors for her college services.

Connecticut has offered. Louisville, too. Other schools wanting her services include Cincinnati, Kentucky, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Miami of Ohio and WKU.

Hammond is playing this summer on the Kentucky Premier Select team with high school standouts Kyvin Goodin-Rogers, Makayla Epps and Bre Elder...all from Marion County.

(Sara Beth Barnette, pictured
here, has signed with UK.
Rumors that UofL still
may be in the picture aren't
the case. She won Miss Basketball
last year..a choice that surprised many.
Personally, we believe she was only the
second best Sara in the state.)

Rogers, Epps, Elder and Hammond work very well together on the court. Hammond would be a sophomore at Louisville if Elder arrives and a junior if Rogers and Epps decide on the 'Ville. They represent some of the best talent in Kentucky girls' high school basketball...talent that isn't getting proper respect or acknowledgment from the recruiting gurus out there.

An interesting item is UK coach Matthew Mitchell's recent love and interest for Hammond. Afraid that you are way too late for this party, Matthew. Although most experts feel Louisville only has a slight lead in wooing Hammond's services, we here at CARDINAL COUPLE are supremely confident that she'll be wearing Cardinal Red and Black in the fall of 2011.

Got a nice e-mail from Keil Moore of Peach State Hoops about Louisville verbal commit for 2011 Quaneisha McCurty:

"McCurty is a very long 6'5" post player with her best basketball ahead of her. In the past couple of years, she has picked it up and started to show signs of aggresion and physicality on both ends of the court.

She is a good athlete who likes to shoot the mid-range jumper. She will run the floor for lay-ups and can post with her back to the basket...but might not develop into a dominant post player. Her biggest impact, in my opinion, will be felt on the defensive end of the floor where her length should create problems by way of shot blocking.

The big thing with McCurty for the Louisville staff will be making sure she buys into the roles the staff gives to her. When she is motivated she can be a very good basketball player. I think someone like Jeff Walz is the perfect fit for her because of his previous track record with players like Angel McCoughtry."

We appreciate the great write up and review from Keil and look forward to more reports about McCurty and the talent down south.


Speaking of Angel, the hits just keep on coming for McCoughtry and the Atlanta Dream. A 82-72 loss last night to the Washington Mystics on the road drops the Dream to 3rd place in the Eastern Division of the WNBA, 1/2 game behind Washington. Another case of the Dream digging themselves a deep hole early in the game and falling short with a late rally. Atlanta trailed 41-29 at the half and fell behind by 19 points in the third quarter before an Angel McCoughtry led rally got the Dream to within 7 points at 62-55 with 9 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter.

McCoughtry led Atlanta with 23 points. The Dream have now lost 4 straight...all on the road.

Sad to say, but it's been more of a nightmare instead of a dream for Atlanta since the All-Star game break. Plenty of season left for Atlanta to find their previous winning ways and get back into first place...but they're going to need more out of guard Iziane Castro Marquez and find a way to get rid of their horrible starts. They missed 10 out of their first 11 shots last night. No real three point threat on the Dream either...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What lies ahead for the Lady Cards?

Free Panera? See the bottom of today's column..

A bitter ending to the 2009-10 season with a loss to Bradley in the WBI first round in Freedom Hall. A game where it looked like Jeff Walz's players were just going thru the motions. A season that saw injury upon injury pile up on a young team until you had to wonder sometimes if they'd be able to dress enough players to have a substitution. Lopsided losses to Kentucky, Tennessee, Rutgers, UConn and even Middle Tennessee. It was far from the magical run that the squad had in 2008-2009. It was frustrating and difficult to watch from the stands at times.

Hope springs eternal, though. A new season ahead, with new players...healthy returning players and a new focus and attitude on campus. A desire to erase the bad memories of the previous year and return to the national rankings, top of the conference leader board and respect from their opponents.

"It was just a colossal comedy of errors and bad luck last year. Dez going down, Tise not eligible, the other injuries. We tried but we knew going into a lot of our games that it would take a miracle to win...or even stay within 10 points of our opponent. I never quit, not once, but there sure were times when I got frustrated and down on myself. I felt bad for our fans, too. They hung in there even though we weren't doing very good. They deserve better. They're gonna get it this year."

The words above, from a UofL player whose name will be kept confidential, speak volumes. There will be 15 players, at last count, that will be competing for 5 starting positions and key roles off the bench for the Lady Cards this year. Most of them have been hard at work in the spring and summer months...running, conditioning, playing pickup games and bonding.

It is a close team, to the casual observers eye...They hang together, the freshmen are meshing with the returning players and the focus is on improvement. There are only 4 of them left on the roster that were a part of the trip to St. Louis for the Final Four in 2009. There are leaders, though....and there is talent.

The adherence to coach Jeff Walz's style of basketball will be a key factor on gaining court time on the KFC YUM! floor for the upcoming season. You know coach Walz...defense is a priority, transition game a prime option, 100% when you're on the court and no loose ball goes uncontested. Who will show these traits?

We'll look for (5) key things in the upcoming months:

1) The return of Dez Byrd. She was the on court leader, the voice and the motivator for the Cards last season until injuries forced her to the sidelines. Will she be ready to go this year? There will be competition. Charmaine Tay, Rachel Story, Shelby Harper and Shoni Schimmel will not stand by quietly and this should be a great battle to watch for the point guard position.

2) Will the Cards "go to Mo"? Monique Reid was the leading scorer for Louisville last season. At times, it seemed she was the only offense the Cards could muster. The wing from Fern Creek will need to be more of an overall player for the Cards to improve, though...and incoming freshman Antonita Slaughter has skills that will make her a contender at the spot.

3) Where's the beef? Keisha Hines and Asia Taylor are the only returning front line players from last year. They'll draw competition from Sherrone Vails, Shawnta Dyer and Polly Harrington. Reports on Taylor this summer indicate that she's almost completely over the injuries that hindered her last year and that she's dominating the competition in pickup games in the SAC and Cardinal Arena.

4) The three point threat. Becky Burke can be automatic at times from beyond the arc. Then, there are those occasions when she suffers from a power outage. Sharp shooters LaToya Johnson, Tia Gibbs, Nikki Burton and Shoni Schimmel will challenge for playing time and will need to show expert marksmanship from beyond the arc for the Cards chances of pulling opponents out of pack in zone defenses.

5) Strength in numbers. It looks to be a far cry from the six or seven players Walz had available last year. 15 girls, depth at every position. Who will win the battles? I'm no expert, but I would be too disappointed with a starting line-up against Tennessee of:

PG-Dez Byrd
SG-Becky Burke
C-Keisha Hines
SF-Monique Reid
PF-Asia Taylor

OK, girls...I've thrown it out there. Prove me right or wrong.


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bowling next for Kentucky High School sports?

(Excerpts from this article were taken from Jason Frakes article in the Louisville Courier-Journal 5/20/10)

There's a new commissioner for the Kentucky High School Athletic Association and he's ready to start counting strikes. Not the ones that baseball and softball tossers across the Commonwealth fire into catcher's mitts...the ones hurled down wooden lanes in Kentucky bowling alleys that knock down ten pins

Julian Tackett will have bowling installed as the newest sport in the KHSAA since fast pitch softball (1995) within the next two years and is going to make it one of his top priorities during his first few weeks on the job.

What's next? Archery and bass fishing?

Actually, both activities are approaching 20% participation in Kentucky high schools, the benchmark for an athletic activity to be considered for formal sport/championship status

It's not like bowling is anything new around the Louisville area. There's actually been a state high school bowling tournament held since 1992, sponsored by the Kentucky Bowling Proprietors Association. 58 schools have bowling teams and last year Louisville Pleasure Ridge Park won the girls title. 19 of the teams come from the Louisville metro area.

I've known plenty of bowlers who have participated in the high school ranks and several who have parlayed that success into partial college scholarships. Kentucky has several nationally recognized and ranked collegiate teams, including the ones at Bellarmine University, Pikeville University and Morehead State University. The sport teaches many of the same things that other high school sports do...teamwork, practice, competition, good sportsmanship and learning from instruction.

For the KHSAA to consider putting bowling into the official ranks of sports where an official state-championship event is held brings up some interesting possibilities:

-Will there be a class system, like exists in football? Does a large school, like PRP or Manual have an unfair advantage in the sport...compared to a smaller school like Trimble County or Dayton?

-When would the season take place and how would events be scored? Total pins, total games won, handicaps inclusion and transfer rules...will they be included?

-Will schools now need to hire bowling coaches and will they be required to be certified teachers as well?

-Will there be referees and halftime breaks for the participants? And will cheerleading squads be allowed to attend, perform and raise crowd support?

I always figured that lacrosse or field hockey would be the next official sport added to the current list of 19 sports sanctioned by the KHSAA but it looks like bowling may be rolling ahead of it.

A couple of things for sure about the impending sport inclusion in the KHSAA frame definitely won't be an option and the rest of the state will do their best to beat and belittle Louisville area we see in all the other 19 sports. We'll probably have that same sad and sorry debate about creating separate public and private school divisions and there will be official equipment and uniform rules and regulations.

It's enough to make you throw a 7-10 split...but not quite persnickety enough to send me to Bass Pro Shops for my high school approved regulation tackle and reel.

Bowl on, Kentucky...and make sure the oil pattern is uniform for all events.


Adrienne Johnson has reminded me by e-mail that there is still one more chance to see Angel McCoughtry and the Atlanta Dream in the Indianapolis area for this WNBA season. Discounted tickets are available for UofL fans to go see the Dream take on the Fever on Aug. 6th. For more can always shoot A.J. an e-mail at:

Based on the way the Dream has been playing lately...winless since the All-Star break, Angel could use all the support in the seats she can get. Remember, if you out for the speed traps on I-65 around Sellersburg...

Monday, July 19, 2010

2009-10 Best of the Big East in Women's Sports

The Big East Conference offers 13
different women's' sports for the
member schools to participate in.
So, who was the best overall school
in 2009-10?

CARDINAL COUPLE came up with a
highly unscientific but pretty accurate
and comprehensive scoring system to
rate and rank how the schools did.
Our scoring system assigned point
values for several different things
accomplished for the teams.

1) We assigned a point value of two points for winning the conference championship or regular season title. One point for second place. In some cases, 1/2 point was assigned if there was a tie for first or second. Keep in mind that some sports did not have a regular season schedule or a championship tournament.

2) The 13 sports evaluated were: Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Rowing, Softball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track (Indoor and Outdoor) and Volleyball.

3) 51 total points were available.

The results:

1) NOTRE DAME 14 points
The Irish got points for Softball (1-1 /2), Lacrosse (1/2), Rowing (2), Tennis (2), Soccer (4), Volleyball (2) and Swimming (2).

2) LOUISVILLE 7 points
The Cards scored in Volleyball (2), Track (2), Golf (2) and Softball (1). LOUISVILLE wins the tiebreaker with CONNECTICUT due to more categories scored in.

3) CONNECTICUT 7 points
UConn was awarded points in Basketball (4), and Field Hockey (3).

4) SYRACUSE 5 1/2 points
The Orange succeeded in Field Hockey (3), Softball (2) and Lacrosse (1/2).

5) GEORGETOWN 4 1/2 points
Hoyas tally in Lacrosse (4 ) and Basketball (1/2).

6) VILLANOVA 4 points
The Wildcats hit the board in Indoor Track (2) and Cross Country (2).

7) MARQUETTE 2 points
The Golden Eagles score with Soccer (2).

The rest:

CINCINNATI (1- 1/2), DEPAUL (1- 1/2), WVU (1- 1/2), RUTGERS (1), ST. JOHN (1) and PITT (1/2).


Some other awards we think are deserving:

*********Best Overall Performance by a team: UConn for their sweep of BIG EAST women's basketball conference and tournament and winning the NCAA national championship.

*********Biggest Underdog Award: Syracuse, for winning the Big East Softball Tournament as a #5 seed.

*********Surprising Stat: Rutgers with only 1 point out of the 51. And, it didn't come in basketball either...they scored with a second place finish in their soccer division.

*********Our top five athletes: Maya Moore and Tina Charles- UConn (Basketball), Jere Summers- UofL (Track and Field), Melissa Roth-UofL (Softball) and Kristi Frilling-Notre Dame (Tennis).

********* Coach of the Year: Geno Auriemna is too easy of a pick here, so let's go with Syracuse softball coach Leigh Ross. She pulled the major upset by winning the Big East tournament. Other candidates....Leonard Yelin (UofL) volleyball and Muffet McGraw (Notre Dame)basketball and Gina Procaccio (Villanova) track & field, cross country.

********* Info you may not have known: WEST VIRGINIA does not have a women's softball team and LOYOLA, MD. competes in the BIG EAST in Lacrosse.

Got a different list or viewpoint? Let us know in the comments section or e-mail us at :


We featured GRETA KUNTZWEILLER several days ago in an article. Congratulations go out to her for winning her first race since returing to being a jockey. Greta piloted DREAM DATE DIVA to a victory in the 4th race at Ellis Park Sunday in a $13,500 claiming race for fillies and mares 3 years old and up. They covered 5 1/2 furlongs in sloppy conditions in 1:06.27. DREAM DATE DIVA paid $15.20 to win as a 7-1 longshot. Kuntzweiller has also had several 2nd and 3rd place finishes at the Henderson, KY. track so far in the summer meet.

Keep on keeping on, Greta!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whatever happened to....

Cardinal Couple takes an occasional look back at players who made
their mark at the University of Louisville. Today, we catch up with
former Lady Cards center Jazz Covington...who played for the Cards from 2003-2007.

The Cards built an impressive media campaign around the 6'2"
center during her final two years at Louisville. "All that Jazz" was
popular theme for her and posters had her and some of her UofL
teammates playing or holding various musical instruments. Jazz
played those final two seasons with an up and coming wing player
named Angel McCoughtry and the two led Louisville to consecutive
NCAA Tournament appearances in Tom Collen's final two years coaching the Lady Cards.

The 4 year starter at UofL averaged in double figure scoring for the
Cards during her time at Louisville and upon graduation continued her basketball career by going to play in the European leagues.

First stop for Jazz was playing for Elfic Fribourg, in Switzerland. She averaged 21.7 points and 10.6 rebounds in the 2007-2008 season and an impressive 26.5 points and 11.6 rebounds in Cup post-regular season play.

The following year found Jazz in Finland, starting for S-Hameenmaa, in the Finnish 1st division. Her numbers were impressive again in 2008-2009, with 20.2 points a game and 13.9 boards. She was the leading rebounder in the league and statistics ranked her the most efficient.

Next for Jazz was signing with Sedis Cadi in the Spanish 1st division. Another big year for Covington followed with 16 points and 7.2 rebounds. She was ranked the 4th best player in the league...behind current Atlanta Dream stars Sancho Lyttle and Erika de Souza.

The 2010-11 season will have her changing gears again, having signed a contract with Union Saint Amand in the French 1st division.

These days, she's a power forward instead of a center and it seems to fit her quite well. A recent Euro League scouting report gives the following description:

"Jazz Covington is a very talented player who can play both one-on-one, facing her defender or play her in the low post. She's strong, athletic that uses her body well and knows how to keep balanced with contact. She also has a very accurate mid and long range shot."

Here's hoping Jazz continues her stellar European performances and maybe one of the WNBA teams gives her a look next season.


Jazz's former UofL teammate Angel McCoughtry did everything she could yesterday to pull the Atlanta Dream out of their losing streak but it was to no avail, as the Dream lost on the road to the Connecticut Sun 96-80.

McCoughtry had 27 points against the Sun, who broke open a mid-third quarter tie game to rout Atlanta. The Dream (14-8) has lost their last three games and is tied with the Washington Mystics for first place in the Eastern Division. Connecticut and Indiana are a game back.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Walz spanning the globe looking for future Lady Cards

Jeff Walz took time out from his busy schedule as UofL head womens' basketball coach to take in a little Cardinal Baseball. In this picture, he is posing with CARDINAL COUPLE co-owner Paul Sykes. Cardinal fan Tom Cahill stands in the background..,keeping vigil for any potential Wildcat intruders.

(photo by Shannon Rufra)

The FIBA 17 U World Championships are taking place in France and the USA girls team is the overwhelming favorite to win the event. They'll take on Russia today and are 1-0 so far in play.

Jeff Walz is there. Not sure which of the 15 players on USA's roster he is checking out but one thing is for sure. If there is talent out there, Jeff is going to find it, recruit it and develop it. Whether it's Portland, Oregon...Kansas City...or France, Walz will make the trek and pitch Lady Cardinal basketball to his targets. As the soon to be seniors are starting to make their verbal commits and narrow their lists down nationwide, coaching staffs flock to places like Murfreesboro, Pine Bluff and Eugene to see, be seen and evaluate.

This is the world of college basketball recruiting. No longer enough just to track a potential in high school games. AAU ball must be covered and scouted, where your mark is playing with just as equally talented players on a select, premier team against competition equally rostered. Catching the up and coming talent the 14U games. Dozens of website rating, charting and featuring girls that aren't even old enough to drive a car..but fully capable of driving to the hoop. Keeping prospects on your speed dial and tournament results that you can't get to on your laptop "favorites" list.

Somewhere this morning, there is a 10 yr. old girl out in her backyard shooting hoops with her dad and older brother. And the results of the morning will be on three websites by 12:30....detailing shot selection, percentage, crossover dribble skills and rebounding strength.


Angel and the Atlanta Dream lost a crucial one in Indy last night...falling to the Indiana Fever 89-70. The win for the Fever pulls them to just one game behind Atlanta...the Eastern Conference leader.

Tamika Catchings led the way with 23 points and 11 rebounds and Katie Douglas added 20 from the floor.

"I think we sent a message that we are the defending Eastern Conference champions and it's not going to be easy to come in here and steal a game from us" Douglas remarked after the contest.

The actually led the contest 46-45 in the third quarter after a Shalee Lehning layup after a Fever turnover...but the magic stopped there. Indiana held the Dream scoreless for the first three minutes of the 4th quarter. The frustration showed, with Dream head coach Marynell Meadows getting a technical foul with 4:34 to play.

The Dream is 0-2 since the All-Star break, both losses coming on the road.

Angel McCoughtry led the way for Atlanta with 27 points but there was no celebrating that after the game.

"I'm just disappointed with our play," McCoughtry said. "We have a second half of the season to play. We need to keep our heads up."

Perhaps the key factor in the Fever win was Katie Douglas limiting Dream second leading scorer Iziane Castro Marquez to just five points on 2-for-11 shooting.

"I just tried to go as fast as she goes." Douglas said. "She's so athletic. We tried to limit her early stuff that gets her going and we tried to keep her frustrated in the second half."

Next up, The Fever travels to New York for a Sunday game. Atlanta continues the road trip, with a Saturday night game against Connecticut.
Do you like the tasty treats and unmatchable bread and bagels at PANERA BREAD? Make sure and check in each day here at CARDINAL COUPLE...we'll have news very soon on how you can be our guest at one of the Panera locations.

Friday, July 16, 2010

For Greta...a post parade

(Excerpts of this piece were taken from Marty McGee's article on Greta Kuntzweiler
in the June 26, 2010 DAILY RACING FORM)

Greta Kuntzweiler will ride in three races at Ellis Park in Henderson, KY. on Friday. Four years ago, any bookmaker in the nation would have taken big odds that she would never break out of the starting gate again.

At her lowest ebb, Kuntzweiler couldn't believe how badly it had turned. In jail, facing charges of making and dealing crystal meth and broke.

"Honesty, I had no perspective. I wanted to do right, but I wasn't willing to let things go."

Depression, personal problems, reeling from a drug addition and arrest 10 months earlier which was dismissed..thanks to some capable lawmaking...Kuntzweiler had hit the bottom. What had taken the finalist for the Eclipse Award in 2000 to a convicted felon awaiting sentence?

Greta believes it goes back to the 2004 Breeders Cup at Lone Star Park in Texas. A horse she had won on earlier in the year finished a dismal last place...beaten by over 30 lengths. A dinner later that night with her parents brought more bad news. They were divorcing after 35 years of marriage.

Her mother, Ann Kuntzweiler broke the news.

"I wanted to wait until after the race to tell her so as not to distract her from what she had to do. It was crushing. That was a very hard weekend for all of us."

Her parents were her rock. When they split it devastated her.

"I didn't know how to deal with it."

The path that led Greta to crystal meth might well have started with pain pills. She suffered three notable injuries in her career: a broken ankle in 2000, a fractured vertebra in 2002 and a badly separated shoulder in 2003. The final injury was devastating in more than one way. Greta was riding at Ellis Park and a horse she was on was behind another horse clipped heels and fell. Greta's horse went down also. Remi Gumm, the jockey in front of her, suffered a severe spinal cord injury and is paralyzed for life from the chest down.

"I never got to say anything to her about being sorry." Kuntzweiler said. "I never reached out to her. I never resolved it and I feel guilty about it." Gumm, who is a mother of four, lives in Ocala, FL. now.

The guilt and the injury led to abuse of the pain pills prescribed for her. It also changed the way she rode after recovering from the injury. A little less daring. Maybe too quick a return to the track.

Kuntzweiler went to Arkansas and Chicago to ride after the Ellis Park meet but the assignments
started to drop off and the wins were few and far between. She was getting the 20-1 shots, the "no chance" horses and it furthered her depression. About that time, she also began seeing a boyfriend , an exercise rider and man with several drug convictions. Pain pills turned into cooking and distributing meth.

"I was in the back yard...raking leaves when they raided the house we we renting. They got him first, I had no idea...then they came outside and got me."

The road back has been frustrating for Greta but she works hard every day to rebuild her life. She just wants to prove she is worthy of being granted another chance. She knows she has hurt herself and others. Squandered the gifts few ever receive. No more excuses. She knows she will always be a recovering addict who can never succumb to temptation again.

Little steps. A new boyfriend, clean and supportive. A sponsor and regular meetings in a 12 step recovery program. Getting back into the saddle working horses in the morning, hoping for afternoon race rides and evenings filled with practicing martial arts and working with a personal trainer. She feels stronger at 34 than she did at 24. Several mounts at Churchill Downs when she was granted her racing license renewal. A new agent, dedicated to getting her rides.

Greta Kuntzweiler will ride today at Ellis Park. A 30-1 shot in the first race, a 20-1 shot in the second race and a 15-1 in the eighth race.

Small odds when you consider the odds she beat just getting back in the saddle.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Juneau bows out of US Women's Open

Angel McCoughtry and Allison Bales try to contain Seimone Augustus of the Minnesota Lynx. The Dream lose a close one on the road 83-81.
For senior Sara-Maude Juneau, the term close but no cigar might apply when it comes the the US Women's Open. She's been a participant in the event three times in her career but never made it to the final two days. Juneau fired a 75 and 71 to qualify for the event at Persimmon Woods (St. Louis, MO) but could only manage a opening day 79 and second round 81 at the Oakmont Country Club...missing the cut by ten strokes.
Juneau did make the third round back in 2007.
Sara-Maude is a key component for the 2010-11 UofL Ladies golf team. The squad qualified for the NCAA Regionals last season and the team should fare well in upcoming BIG EAST competition.
A thriller last night between the Atlanta Dream and Minnesota Lynx in WNBA action. With the score tied at 81-81 and 30 seconds to go, the Dream's Erika de Souza missed a jumper from the paint and Lynx's Nicki Anosike grabbed the rebound and threaded a pass to Rebekka Bruson for the go-ahead layup with 7.2 seconds remaining.
The Dream's Angel McCoughtry saw a jumper roll out and de Souza's putback as time expired bounced off the rim and the Lynx escaped with the win,
McCoughtry led all scorers with 25 points and the Dream's de Souza added 18 points and 20 rebounds in the losing effort. The Dream went a woeful 1-18 from three point range.
Atlanta (14-6) still sits atop the Eastern Division and travels to Indy next for a Friday night game against Indiana. The game is the second of four straight on the road for the Dream.
Word is circulating that Valley High School in southwestern Jefferson County may be the new home for a 3200 seat gymnasium. Original plans were to rebuild
the gym to seat 1600 but the school board is considering constructing a larger venue to host events like regional play instead of going to Bellarmine or the Gardens. Being a Valley grad, I have mixed feeling about the proposed expansion. Proud that my alma mater is getting a nice
upgrade but I also wonder if a facility like this shouldn't be constructed in a more central location for the 6th and 7th Region schools. It's a pretty far drive from places like Ballard or Eastern and it would make sense to put an enlarged facility like this somewhere more accessible to all the county high schools.
Nobody is asking me for my input...but Moore or Seneca would be better choices and there is plenty of room on both campuses for a expansion and they are much more centrally located.
If approved, construction could begin in late 2010 or early 2011.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lady Cards Soccer promotes Singer to associate coach

We brought you the story several days ago about Kim Sharo signing with UofL to play soccer. The key component in getting her to the Lady Cards soccer team, Kyle Singer, has been elevated to associate coach by University of Louisville head womens' Karen Ferguson-Dayes.
Singer has been an assistant coach for the Cards for three years. He has a long history of playing and coaching soccer, getting his collegiate start as a goalkeeper at the University of Virginia. After three years with the Cavs, Singer transferred to Boston College and took over goalkeeping duties there. the Eagles advanced to the Elite Eight in 2002 and Singer was selected BIG EAST goalkeeper of the year, honorable mention All-American, and First team All-BIG EAST. After graduation, he was drafted by the New England Revolution in the 2002 MLS Super Draft and spent three seasons playing professionally.
Coaching was the next step and Singer served as an assistant at Northeastern, Boston College and Minnesota before coming to Louisville.
Singer gives credit to the braintrust at UofL for his promotion and growth:
"I am extremely grateful to both Karen and Tom Jurich for providing me with this opportunity. The support for both me and my family from UofL over the last three years has been amazing. I believe that the soccer program at UofL is capable of achieving great things in the coming years. I look forward to continuing to help provide our players with opportunities to be successful on the field, in the classroom and in life beyond their college years."
It looks like Dayes has kicked one into the back of the net with the hire and promotion of Singer. Let's hope he can help get the Soccer Cards back to a better than .500 record on the field. Let's also hope he doesn't introduce those annoying horns we had to endure during World Cup action to the Belknap Campus.
Women's soccer kicks off the 2010 season in one month with an exhibition game against Tennessee on Saturday, August 14th at 7 p.m. at Cardinal Park. Admission is free and a soccer clinic will be provided by members of the UofL team from 5-6 p.m. The regular season gets underway Friday, August 2oth at 7 p.m. against Eastern Kentucky at Cardinal Park.
CARDINAL COUPLE has joined forces with CARDINAL DOMINANCE to provide coverage of women's sports at the University of Louisville. We previously co-sponsored the combined message board for both sites with them but have decided to simplified and strengthen. Not that we want you to desert and abandon our site here...but Shannon's blog over at CARDINAL DOMINANCE is well worth a look and browse session if you enjoy college sports. We have it linked up on our home page.
CARDINAL DOMINANCE is one of the first websites that we here at CARDINAL COUPLE submitted articles and comments to before the creation of CARDINAL COUPLE. Shannon's coverage of baseball, basketball and football at the University of Louisville is top notch and he has several very good and knowledgable regular contributors over there that also provide readers with information that is essential if you want to be "in the know" about Louisville athletics.
It was Shannon and Terry that carried the banner for UofL baseball this past season, providing the most complete and comprehensive coverage of Dan McDonnell's team on the internet. They also are pretty good with the camera as well and you'll enjoy the huge photo galleries over there. Never take on those boys in a game of cornhole, either...they're sharks.
Their football coverage is already well into full swing and they'll be your eyes and ears at Charlie Strong's fall practices.
We will be posting there and hope you'll take the time to check out DOMINANCE. You won't be sorry.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cardinal Softball: Pinkston hired as Director of Operations

Lisa Pinkston has joined the University of Louisville softball team as
Director of Operations.

UofL head softball coach Sandy Pearsall comments:

"We're excited to have Lisa come back and join our staff. She was instrumental in helping us establish the softball program at UofL and helped lay the groundwork for our success. She was a leader during her time here and has continued to be involved with the program."

If the name sounds familiar, Pinkston was one of the inaugural players on the first UofL softball team back in 2000. She played four years for Pearsall, as a catcher, and was also captain of the team for four years. After graduation, she went to Louisville Sacred Heart and served as an assistant coach and head coach from 2005-2007.

Her duties will include scheduling, community and alumni relations, travel arrangements, and organizing camps, clinics, and marketing.

Maybe she can get CARDINAL COUPLE an interview with the elusive Sandy Pearsall as well...

Welcome back, Lisa. You were a big part of the initial growth of Cardinal softball on the field and we're confident that the future is in good hands with you as an administrator.


OK, how about a Tuesday quiz for you on womens' sports at UofL?

1) How many womens' sports teams are there currently at UofL?

a) 8
b) 10
c) 12
d) 14

2) Can you match the coach with the team?

a) Jeff Walz ....................1) Field Hockey
b) Leonard Yelin............ 2) Basketball
c) Pam Bustin ................3) Softball
d) Sandy Pearsall.......... 4) Volleyball

3) Which of these are not a womens' sport at UofL?

a) Lacrosse
b) Rowing
c) Curling
d) Golf

4) Match the sport with the venue:

a) Softball....................... 1)Ralph Wright
b) Field Hockey............. 2) Trager Field
c) Tennis......................... 3) Bass-Rudd Center
d) Swimming................. 4) Ulmer Stadium

5) Match the player with the sport:

a) Sara Maude-Juneau........ 1) Basketball
b) Asia Taylor....................... 2) Volleyball
c) Lola Arslanbekova ...........3) Softball
d) Chelsea Bemis.................. 4) Golf

How did you do?

1) 12 womens' sports at UofL. Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Rowing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming/Diving, Tennis, Track/Field, Volleyball.

2) Jeff Walz - Basketball
Leonard Yelin - Volleyball
Pam Bustin - Field hockey
Sandy Pearsall - softball

3) No curling at UofL.

4) Softball - Ulmer Stadium
Field Hockey - Trager
Tennis - Bass-Rudd
Swimming - Ralph Wright

5) Sara Maude-Juneau - Golf
Asia Taylor - Basketball
Lola - Volleyball
Chelsea - Softball


5 out of 5. You really know your Cardinal womens' sports! (Or you Googled the answers)
4 out of 5. Not bad. Try to read CARDINAL COUPLE more often to get a perfect score next time
3 out of 5. Average. Try to get to more womens' sports events than just basketball
2 out of 5. OK. Lace up the sneakers and run 5 laps around Cardinal Park.
1 out of 5. Be careful. Coach Walz may have you running windsprints.
0 out of 5. You must be a UK fan visiting the site...