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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Jared's Favorite UofL Athletes -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Favorite UofL Athletes

We all share our love for UofL Athletics, especially the women's sports here at Cardinal Couple, but writers and readers alike always have our favorite athletes.  Some of our favorites may go way back to the Conference USA or Big East days while other favorites may be currently enrolled at Louisville.

I added some requirements for myself but you are open for your own rules and requirements.  For myself, I am limiting my favorites to those who are no longer students at Louisville and they had to have played during my time at UofL (starting fall 2012) or later.

Katie George is a fan favorite among many Louisville fans.  The former Miss Kentucky spent four years with Louisville volleyball and helped lead them to their first ACC Championship.  George spent some time with WDRD before joining ACC Network, where she is currently employed.  The volleyball star was born and raised in town and was known for her humor about food and her leadership on the court.

Nicole Pufahl was with the softball program for five seasons.  Pufahl held the team captain and center fielder role before Celene Funke.  Her parents were often seen on the berm in right center.  Hailing from California, Pufahl had one of the most outgoing personalities you will ever find at Louisville.  She was the person who got our cheering section to come to some softball games, which first introduced me to the Cardinal Couple crew and played a part in kick-starting my sports photography career.

Jazmine Jones recently finished her time at Louisville.  Her senior season got cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Tallahassee native is preparing to play in the WNBA.  Jones was no stranger to the camera and quickly showed off her dance moves and smile.  Jones was often seen leading cheers at other sporting events.

Gabrielle "Gaby" Vincent was one of the biggest supporters of my euphonium playing.  The soccer center back joined a couple of my soccer buddies at a concert one time.  Vincent was a hard worker and spent a lot of time focusing on school but was one of the kindest athletes UofL has had, a trait she learned from her parents, who often sat right behind our cheering section.  The Maryland native is now with the Utah Royals FC as wells as the U23 Team USA squad.

Sidney Melton has been one of the biggest supporters of my photography and she and Celene Funke once shot with me in my earlier days.  The Ohio native spent five seasons with softball and was widely known for her speed and ability to steal bases.  Her encouragement and support of my photography helped motivate me to start going to more games as a photographer instead of a fan.  Paulie recently caught up with Melton about her grad school endeavors.

Shelby Harper was in my early years as a student.  Her senior season was my freshman year.  I was one of those crazy guys adjusting to college, Harper was a college crush.  She played a supporting role on the NCAA Finalist season with basketball.  The Kentucky native joined the Cards as a walk-on but quickly earned a scholarship and was a fan favorite her senior year.

Who are some of your favorite athletes?  You can set your own guidelines for who qualifies.  Hopefully, the CC folks will add their favorites too, or perhaps talk about them on the podcast Saturday.

I want to point out that my favorites are just that, my favorites -- and don't necessarily speak for the entire Cardinal Couple staff.

I did consult a bit with Paulie on some of his favorites. He mentioned Louisville Softball's Jordan McNary and Alicja Wolny as two he really enjoyed watching play and interviewing. He also enjoys talking with McNary "The Governor" as he refers to her, and she's stull in Louisville, working with a promotions company and coaching softball at Asbury College.

He also had current player Celene Funke on his list. He's has some fun interviews with her and we look forward to those continuing.

Worldwide at a UofL baseball game!
In basketball, Arica Carter, was the first he mentioned. He also mentioned some of the great interviews he's had with Yacine Diop and, going back to high school  days, interviews he did with Lindsey Duvall and Seygan Robins. If pressed for a favorite, he was unwilling to specify one, but mentioned he had always had a lot of fun with Jess Laemmle. 

Hannah Boyle (Field Hockey) and Gabby Kouzelos (women's soccer) came to mind in other sports Hannah Koloski (Lacrosse), Emmonnie Henderson (track and field, WBB) came to mind and Lauen Hartlage (Women's golf) also stood out.

He's spoken to so many in the 13 years of Cardinal Couple, I'm sure there are a multitude of other

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe.  Happy Thursday and Go Cards!



  1. For me, it is Nite Nite. She'll always be my favorite UofL WBB.

    Curtis "Threeeee Durrr!" Franklin

  2. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Asia Taylor as a top favorite also, along with Cortnee Walton.


  3. AC is my favorite lady Card she redefined her game, AC for three.
    Love that young lady from LA.

  4. I go with Myisha Hines-Allen. She was the force, the muscle and the leader of the gang walking down the alley saying, don't mess with us.

    Nick O


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