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Friday, May 8, 2020

Sydni Schetnan Interview -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


A chance and a wonderful opportunity to speak with Sydni Schetnan yesterday for an interview.

She's a 6'5", class of 2021 Volleyball and Women's Basketball student-athlete from Sioux Falls, SD (Washington H.S.) Syd is also the first student-athlete I've had the opportunity to interview who plans on pursuing two DI sports since the days of Emmonnie Henderson.

"E", of course played WBB and also participated as a thrower on the Louisville Women's Track and Field squads from 2013-15. 

We discussed a great many things in the chat. She's from a very athletic family, has a love of Mexican I do...and she provides details of her journey in two sports (volleyball and basketball) and the decision to come to Louisville. 

I really think you'll enjoy "Big Syd's" words and the thought behind them. You can hear the conversation at the link below: 


A huge "Thank You!" to Sydni for spending the time with me yesterday via phone to give Cardinal athletic fans and all listeners an insight into the who, what,where,when and why of her journey, her thoughts and her opinions. 

In this time where we don't know exactly when the organized competition of athletics for student-athletes will commence again, the future for a lot of sports participants is "in a holding pattern" while our nation and world deals with more important issues. 

These student-athletes are staying in shape, though, doing the best they can in mostly solitary situations and await their chance to perform on the courts, in the classrooms and for themselves, their squads and the fans again. Much love and respect to them for still doing the work, defining the skills and believing in the future. 

Stay safe and keep the faith,



  1. That's a great interview with Schetnan, Paulie. She really sounds like she's got it all together and I hope she has a great senior season and can excel at Louisville!

    Wear your masks, friends, when you venture out to go grocery shopping. We had a "cougher" who was mask-less last night walking our aisles and got quite a few complaints.

    Hey, if you don't give a "you know what" about your health, that's your problem, but think of the other people you come in contact with. Do you really want to maybe be responsible for someone having to go to ICU and possibly dying?

    Curtis "Better safe than sorry" Franklin

  2. She sounds like a good one!

    The real Joe Hill


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