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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Walz Presser -- On-Campus Workouts Approved -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Walz Presser

As Paulie mentioned yesterday, Jeff Walz hosted a virtual presser where several media members joined in.

Let's start with the big one first- the Louisville vs UConn game scheduled for this coming season is not happening... at least not for the 2020-2021 season.  The neutral site location game just didn't seem plausible with questions about travel and allowing fans in attendance being up in the air.

The teams would have squared off in the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NY, home of the New York Liberty and the Brooklyn Nets. They will try to get the game in for the 2021-22 season.

Almost every game will be by bus instead of flight.  There are multiple reasons behind that decision with financial reasons being the main one.  But it is also easier to control the environment with the Louisville-owned buses.  UofL can monitor the cleanliness and usage of the buses and prevents exposure to public planes and airports.

The only known flight game scheduled will be in Dallas against TCU, although there may be some ACC games that will involve flights.

The Cards will play a game in Gary, Ind., Dana Evans' hometown. Valparaiso is the opponent. They will also play against Cincinnati and Michelle Clark-Heard's squad.

Clark-Heard was an assistant coach at Louisville under Jeff Walz for five years so it will be a good reunion.  That UC game is one that we hope to travel to to cover, pending circumstances with COVID-19.

Walz praised several players and toyed with the idea of seeing a lot of the four-guard look on the floor with next season's team.

Jeff Walz was asked to give his all-time starting five at Louisville.  His five listed are Monqiue Reid, Asia Durr, Angel McCoughtry, Shoni Schimmel, and Myisha Hines-Allen.  Do you agree?  Who would your starting five be?

Maybe a victim of social distancing, Walz struggled to come up with Myisha''s name, going through a couple of other names first for the "4" spot, including Keisha Hines and Sam Fuehring before calling out MHA as his selection. He also joked a bit that Myisha wold get on him if she heard the press conference.

We give a big thanks to Nick Evans for setting this press conference up.

You can watch the entire press conference here.

On-Campus Workouts Approved

The NCAA approved voluntary on-campus workouts beginning June 1 for football, women's
basketball, and men's basketball.  This is the first activity the NCAA has allowed since things started shutting down in late-March.  The other sports have not had a decision made quite yet.

Several schools and conferences will be virtually meeting with the NCAA and health officials in the upcoming days to devise a game plan for the fall semester.

Although fall sports is still a question in the air, this is a positive sign that we may seen some fall sports if not all of them.  Only time will tell...

Please continue to be safe and be patient with businesses as they try to reopen while balancing the new guidelines.  I always give our clients the advise of bathing and changing into fresh clothes when getting home from being out and about.  It keeps you from spreading anything around your home and furniture you may have picked up.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!



  1. Walz with the lip fuzz and glasses. Not sure how I like the look, but, the information was great.

    I would sit Mo Reid and put Sam Fuehring in there on my all-time team with Asia, Shoni, Angel and I'd add Dana.

    Nick O.

  2. Walz has talent plus. It's why he isn't looking for anyone else to replace Robins or Duvall.

    Got the swab today. Not a pleasant thing. No temperature, I feel fine. We'll see, maybe I'm asymptomatic. Maybe I got a bad read at work. I've enjoyed the days off

    Give me Durr, McCoughtry, Myisha, Shoni and Kylee Shook all day. I'd go undefeated.

    Curtis "Sleepyhead" Franklin


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