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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Robins to UT Martin -- Cheerleading Debate -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Seygan Robins to UT Martin

Seygan (left) with Kasa Robinson
Seygan Robins announced yesterday that she will continue her student-athlete/basketball pursuits at UT Martin.  Robins will have three years of eligibility remaining with the defending Ohio Valley Conference champions.

Robins hails from Harrodsburg, KY., and was 2018 Miss Kentucky Basketball.  She was also a two-time state champion at Mercer County.

"We are so excited to have Seygan join our women's basketball program," said UT Martin head coach Kevin McMillan.  "Seygan's versatility could put her in a lot of places that can help us.  The thing I like most about her is that she is a tough, hard-nosed winner after playing for Jeff Walz, Chris Souder and David Tapley.  She is a great kid and a perfect fit to the culture of our program."

Louisville and UT Martin have played every year for the last six years with the Cards winning all of the meetings.  It is likely that the two will face each other next season.

Emma Davis
Robins played in 26 games as a Cardinal in 2018-19. She matched her career high in 2018 against UT Martin with sic points. The 2019-20 season was a rough one for her. She injured an ankle and went in for surgery after just playing in two games. She successfully applied for red-shirt status.

At UT Martin, she'll join her former Mercer County H.S. teammate Emma Davis. . Davis, a 5'10" guard, will be a junior for the 2020-21 season. Emma has  played in 54 games as a SkyHawk and started two. She has 104 career points.

Everyone at Cardinal Couple wishes Seygan Robins the best in her time at UT Martin and we look forward to seeing the impact she makes in her time there

Cheerleading Debate

Yesterday went from the wild news of the firing of Kentucky's four cheer coaches following a three-month investigation to a highly controversial article posted by a local news station.

If you're waiting to see what I have to say about what happened at UK keep on scrolling.  I am not here to bash another college athletics program.

For those who did not read the article, it went from discussing the investigation and what led to the firing of the coaches to accusing cheerleading (and dancing) student-athletes as being nothing but a distraction and a sexual objectification at games with words like "underdressed", "overexposed", and "titillating" used.  The article was met with plenty of disagreements, including myself as I voiced my opinion.

By the time the sun set the article was heavily revised from its original version, with the sexist remarks removed altogether.

As someone who photographs cheer and dance and has gotten to know many of the members over the years I can vouch that cheer and dance activities are much more than supposedly being targeted at slutty clothing and sexual objectification.

The student-athletes put forth ample hours of practice and gym time as they stay in shape and perfect their routine.  Like other sports, they compete for a national championship either through UCA/UDA or NCA/NDA.

Note: UofL competes through NCA/NDA while UK competes in UCA/UDA, so the two never directly compete against each other.

The stunts they pull off are impressive and something a majority of us could not do even if we tried.  From the easier skills such as tumbling to the more difficult routines that involve multiple members and some of them going airborne, each move requires precision to execute it to perfection, just like other sports.

Outfits have often been controversial with many people claiming the outfits being too revealing.  However, the outfits are designed for both comfort and flexibility.  The same as volleyball players wearing spandex, tennis players wearing skirts, or swimmers wearing form-fitting clothing, outfits are designed for more than just visual pleasure.

A longtime cheerleader shared her thoughts in a response to the local reporter in an article posted by Kentucky Sports Radio.  I shared it on my Facebook and Twitter (@mrandersonjared) if you want to read her response.

If you got a chance to read the original article where many accusations were thrown around, we would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

As we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic but also slowly start to reopen things make sure to take precautions and also use common sense.  Please stay safe.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. I love this response to Rick Bozich's "what in the hell are you talking about?" article. It is from cheerleader Abbigale Harrison:

    What happened today is a tragedy for the University of Kentucky; however, what continues to happen each day for the women and men who participate in cheerleading, as Bozich has proudly put on display, is sickening. I can only hope that his bitterness towards these college student athletes will shed some light on the discrimination against cheerleaders and dancers, and more particularly, the hard feelings those of certain generations harbor towards women within cheerleading.

    Oh yes, and if I could provide one final correction to Mr. Bozich’s enlightening column: he claims there has never been a representative at the Olympics, among other major sporting events, for cheerleading.

    Well said, Abbigale!


  2. Good for Seygan! I hope she finds what she is looking for and succeeds at it.

    Rick Bozich is a clown show and just a tired, bitter old man who has an air of self-importance and doesn't understand the modern generation. He's like Tim Sullivan. They need to go out to pasture and graze quietly away from the herd.

    On a personal note, I still feel fine, have no symptoms and I'm scheduled for a Thursday drive-thru CoronaVirus test. Thumbs up, high expectations and staying guarantied. I checked and my temperature was 98.8 this morning. Maybe I got a bad read from the temperature scanner, who knows? It's better to be safe than a spreader though

    Curtis "Waiting and wondering" Franklin

  3. Bozich is irrelevant. My niece was a cheerleader. They bust their butts. As much as any other student-athlete, if not more.

    Nick O

  4. Walz recruits talent. Some talent outshines other talent.

  5. Good luck Seygan. UT Martin a good program. Gave WBB Cards fits last season. McMillan and Walz buds.

    Blue Lou


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