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Friday, May 15, 2020

Teleconference with Softball's Holly Aprile, Caitlin Ferguson and Celene Funke -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


A great opportunity to take part in a teleconference Thursday with Louisville head softball coach Holly Aprile and senior student-athletes Caitlin Ferguson and Celene Funke. 

The nearly 30 minute teleconference provided a lot of information on a wide variety of subjects. We heard Holly reveal her thoughts about both Funke and Ferg, her thoughts on the 2021 squad and lineup adjustments and her analysis of the shortened 2020 season.  

Holly also discussed the task behind replacing Ferguson at short-stop and a possible look at all the infield positions for rearrangement to best suit the needs of the team.  

From the two student-athletes, we heard then discuss the decisioning behind whether to stay for the additional granted year or to go and the reasoning behind the choices. Caitlin discussed why she is not using the additional season (she's going on to pursue pharmaceutical studies) and Celene outlined her reasons to come back for another year.

A great question and answer session yesterday and some very thoughtful and meaningful words from all three participants. 

You can watch the teleconference in its entirety at the link below:  


We wish Caitlin the best in her further pursuit of academics and a eventual career.

For Celene, the best season ever in her final year and success in her role as President of The Student Athletic Advisory Committee in 2020-21. 

We hope Holly has her best season ever at Louisville (or anywhere!) 

Thanks to the UofL S.I.D.'s for organizing the teleconference!  

Have a fantastic Friday! 



  1. Nice Teleconference.

    Holly sounds like she'll be a great asset to Cardinal Athletics.

    I fully understand why Ferguson is moving on.

    I am excited for a full Funke season!

    Let's hope they get the chance to play

    Curtis "One Day at a time" Franklin

  2. You can tell Funke is very fired up...and she is a woman who is regularly more fired up than 99% of the population.

    Let the good times roll, Celene!



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