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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Cardinal Couple


-Year of the Cardinal

-Nice surprise

Louisville has a lot to be proud of in their athletic acheivements from the 2013 season. Now, there's a link you can go to which chronicles all these successes:


Which of the acheivements was the best? That is a hard one to pick. Winning a national championship is hard to top. Taking a BCS Bowl game in football also ranks high. The runner-up finish in women's basketball another contender.

Feel free to tell us which is #1 in your opinion in the comments section.

For me, the best game of the year was Louisville's upset
win over Baylor in women's basketball in the Oklahoma City regionals. It may be the biggest upset ever in the history of women's basketball.

While I'm looking at moments that were good, I'll also offer a couple of moment that weren't so good..for fair and balanced reporting. Watching Louisville WBB lose a double digit lead to Kentucky in the KFC YUM! Center stung. Seeing UCLA destroy the softball Cards in the regionals at Ulmer was a nightmare also.

And if it is the year of the Cardinal...who was the best Cardinal in women's sports?

I'll offer five. You can pick one or come up with your own.

1) Shoni Schimmel. Her season was an excellent one and she's preparing to play in the World University Games. I'll never forget her "how do you like me now?" moment after hitting the impossible shot against Brit Griner.

2) Alicja Wolny. Led the softball Cards in hitting and made the Great Britian National Team for the European Championships. Was the embodiment of team leadership for Sandy Pearsall's squad and is also a fun interview.

3) Rachel Melhado. A steller star for Karen Ferguson Dayes soccer squad and is also getting some overseas time playing for Team Canada in Germany. Solid mid-fielder and defender that leads by example.

4) Lola Arsenbeckova. The outside hitter powerhouse for Louisville Volleyball willed the Cards to a great season and another BIG EAST Championship with her "killing" ways.

5) Nikki Boltja. The big-time lacrosse scorer was at the forefront of Louisville lacrosse's turnaround season. Leader in scoring, determination and hard work for a very good, young and talented team returning for Kellie Young.

Good choices all. But, when it's the Year of the Cardinal, that's how it should be.

Women's Coach of the Year at UofL? That's another toughie, since a bunch of them had great seasons. I'll go with Jeff Walz...getting a group of kids to believe in themselves and what they could accomplish. It got them to New Orleans and the NCAA WBB Finals.

Years ago, there was a song out by a guy named Al Stewart named "Year of the Cat". No, it wasn't about UK. Who would you choose to step up and write and perform "Year of the Cardinal?" I'll suggest a couple of singers with Louisville roots. How about Mickey Clark, the ol' Cardinal Cannonball hmself? Or our favorite year at CARDINAL COUPLE...Robbie Bartlett? Maybe even pep band director Al Greener...Or, Russ Smith? He seems like he can do everything Louisville related.

I have to confess, though...every year is Year of the Cardinal for me, though. From the first goal attempt for Louisville Soccer in early August to the final catch in the outfield at Ulmer Stadium...the eight months or so of Louisville women's athletics is a very special time.

Good thoughts about a good season. And next year could be just as good. I can hardly wait.



I chose not to attend Churchill Downs last night because of the impending, forecasted weather and also because I'd been there the last two days. I did have a little money left in my Twinspires and TVG accounts, I did a little pre-racing wagering and got involved in other pursuits Saturday night.

Got around to checking it this morning.

A nice surprise on a minimal 50 cent wager on a Pick 3 at Churchill for me. I used Brian Hernandez, Jr. on Maypark and a couple of others in the 5th. race. Maypark got it done.

Picked the favorite and Hernandez again and added Seton Hall in the 6th. Since we're leaving the BIG EAST, it seemed the right thing to do. Seton Hall wins at 32-1. (It may be the biggest win ever associated with the name SETON HALL.) Also a $4 across the board on the Ian Wilkes horse.

Finished it up with JJ Hysell's pick Debt Ceiling and Runkle in the 7th. Debt Ceiling romps them at 5-1.

Payout? $603. Barely an IRS reportable. But...acceptable.

That covers a week of being unemployed.


Saturday, June 29, 2013


- A little help, here?

- CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO on the air today!

- Shoni in Russia!

You hear the term above "a little help, here" at sporting events. Ball that's gotten away, a coach chiding a referee or
a player asking for assistance from a teammate or such.

I'm using it today.

WE have tried to present CARDINAL COUPLE as an independent, non-profit 501c entity on the Internet and radio as a source for information...from a fan's view...about the joy and excitement of University of Louisville sports. And, I've had great fun doing it. I've seen the site grow to numbers I never would have believed as far as hit counts and contacts I've made. I've seen a weekly radio show spawn out of it that I really enjoy having.

I've got two of the most dedicated, passionate and loyal UofL fans I've ever met in Jeff McAdams and Jenny O'Bryan assisting me. They are excellent writers, very knowledgeable talk show hosts and I consider them very good friends and people to know. I couldn't do it without them. There have been other contributors also over the years. I love each and every one of them for their dedication and contributions. My lovely Sonja takes a silent partner role now at Cardinal Couple...but her love of Cardinal Athletics is front row and always will be.

They do it for free. For love of game and school. I'd pay them if I could. I can't.

In the last month, we've had some setbacks. We're losing our main sponsor...St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in July. They've closed their New Albany marketing and call center. Consolidated it with their Memphis location. It put about 75 people out-of-work.

Myself included.

A website and a radio show cost money. It comes, mostly, out of my pocket. I don't mind doing this. I just don't know how much longer I can...faced with the fact that only Sonja is employed now.  I hope to find a job and return to work.

I have options. I could go with a "premium board" and charge for "insider information". I don't want to. I won't.

I could move to Memphis. If you know me, I'd rather take a beating from Mike Tyson, the Rock and Chuck Norris simultaneously. That's not going to happen.

I could shut it all down or drastically cut back on what we do here. I don't want to. I hope you don't want me to do that either.

So, here's me...hat in hand...asking for help.

If you'd like to be a sponsor, we have a great deal. Both radio and website for $15 a month. You can e-mail me at or call 502.291.3651.

If you'd like to donate to CARDINAL COUPLE...I'll accept your check. Make it payable to CARDINAL COUPLE. Send it

P.O. Box 91521
Louisville, KY  40291

We're not set up for Pay Pal or credit cards. We don't recommend you send cash thru the mail.

WE appreciate anything you can do. I'm just trying to cover costs here. Just trying to break even. Once again, we are non-profit, a 501c and no mega-corporate organization...ever though I tease about Cardinal Couple Worldwide Corporate Enterprises sometimes.

There is no "Don Paulie", Bill the Goat, Peekup Dropvoff or
Bud Goode in real life. They exist in the imagination of your co-owner and senior columnist. WE have our fun.  

How about a little help, here? Thanks for reading, all the comments and e-mails you send and the people I've met and conversations I've had over the last four years. We hope to be here for a very long time. You can help us remain what we are. Maybe even expand a little more. WE want to cover and provide information. You, the reader, has shown that you want this information and we're glad to do it.

How about a little help, here? It surely would be appreciated.

All the best,



We're on the radio again Saturday morning from 11 am till noon. CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR on Crescent Hill Radio.

We'll be short a studio co-host as Jenny is on the road for a volleyball event with her step-daughter. But, through he magic of cellular communication, she'll join us from the road. Jeff and I will struggle on without her. We'll talk hoops, volleyball, mutually assured destruction from nuclear conflict and Keynesian economics. In Latin.

Join us, won't you? And go to the site to listen to our archived broadcasts. Monkberry Moon Delight, Bud Goode, Don Paulie and Mike Raphone all plan on popping in.

If we could only lock the studio doors...


Shoni and those delightfully wacky WUGS are getting ready to go to mother Russia... getting ready to take on the world in the World University Games in Kasan. The men warm up today, in fact, with a scrimmage against the Russians WUGS in Prague...which is a part of the Czech Republic.  Nice article about the UofL senior at the link below. Enjoy!




Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple -- Walz Elite Camp Report


-Walz skills camp has girls who are ready to play and go all day

Q&A with the coaches and players
The beauty of Skills Camps, like the one at the UofL SAC that was hosted by Jeff Walz and UofL is that you have 80 or so girls that are there to put it all on the line for 5-6 hours. It doesn't matter if they are highly regarded 2014 recruits or class of 2018 ballers...they go 100% of the time and are giving 110% in each scrimmage, drill and session.

That, fun basketball to view.

Plenty of parents on hand to watch their daughters
Coach Walz's latest camp on Wednesday was all of the above. I was fortunate to observe five hours of intense basketball action and enjoyed every minute of it. I came up with a baker's dozen plus one (14) of girls that caught my eye on the court. The list, by no means, indicates who was the best or brightest at the Skills Camp. It's just an indicator of some athletes who made me glance at my player roster and want to know the who, where and what about their year of graduation, size and high school

Here we go:

- Jordan Hankins (2015) 5'7" Lawrence North (Indy)
Nice outside shooting threat. Goes after the ball. Solid defender.

-Darian Huff (2015) 5'8" Elizabethtown, (Kentucky)
A nice spot-up jumper and is serious about defense. Involves her teammates in the offense. Very quick.

-Madison Raque (2014) 5'8" Louisville Eastern (KY)
Drives quite well to the basket and can finish with either hand. Will be a handful to stop her senior year.

-Jada Rice (20186'3" Creekland MS (Lawrenceville, GA)
Great shot blocking skills for her age and isn't afraid to pound the paint and body up offensive post players.

-Brianna Porter (2015) 6'2" Univ. School of Nashville (TN)
Impressive moves around the basket on offense and goes to the boards for rebounds with aggression and smarts.

-Victoria Harris (2015) 6'3" Parkview ( Snellville, GA)
Runs the court quite well for a "big" and finishes impressively when on the receiving end of a fast break.

-Maya Benham (2015) 5'11" Douglas Co. (GA)
Loved the way she shot, passes, hustled and has a very dominating court presence. Drives in traffic to hoop well.

-Shavia Thompson (2016) 5'5" Louisville Eastern (KY)
Excellent outside shooting touch and can motor down court with the ball skillfully and quite quickly.

-Dominque Oden (2016) 5'8" Marist (Atlanta, GA)
Excellent point guard skills. Handles and distributes ball very well and is a speed merchant. Shoots well if needed.

-Tatum Rasdale (2016) 5'7" Mill Creek (Atlanta, GA)
Very smooth jumper and positions well in a set offense. Defends with tenacity and holds her ground.

-De'Andre Givens (2015) 6'0" Lafayette (Lexington, KY)
A ball handling whiz who is fluid, deceptive and finishes drives to the basket with buckets. A scorer and penetrates.

-Chelsea Nelson ( 2015) 5'11" Brentwood Academy (TN)
Absolutely love her pull up jumper and another that distributes well an isn't afraid to drive to the hoop if open.

-Amy Griffin (2014) 5'11" SW Atlanta Christian (GA)
Scores with ease inside and defends taller paint players with aggressiveness and skill. Goes to the ball and produces.

-Lamina Cooper (2015) 5'8" Lawrence North (IN)
My favorite player of the camp. Takes the initative to score and does it well. Steals on defense. Great passer, too.

Cooper dominated in the minutes she received in the session ending "All Star" game...scoring 12 points in a 35-22 romp by her squad for fifteen minutes. India Hall played well for the winners also. Erykah Davenport, Maya Benham and Amy Griffin paced the "black squad". Whether they played 15 more minutes or not, I can't say...the clouds were getting nasty outside and I left the SAC and headed for the car.

The UofL WBB staff and players were non-stop in their instruction, coaching and organizing. Asia Taylor as a referee is great to see. Her whistle never gets used. She needs to have a long talk with Dee Kanter or Bonita Spence about...wait...check that...never mind. Good job, Asia!  

And, there was a new Schimmel on the court. 8th grader Milan Schimmel was out mixing it up with the older girls and holding her own quite nicely. At 5'8", she shows some very good ball handling skills and is quite good at passing. Personal opinion here...she needs to work on her outside shot. But, I didn't see her miss a free throw all day.

She's an eighth grader. I expect her skills will expand exponentially by the time the class of 2018 rolls around.  

Sorry about so few photos today. I didn't take many. Was having too much fun watching hoops. I do love this game...




Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cardinal Couple Thursday


( Jeff McAdams brings us news on the Volleyball schedule
and it looks like Sam Purcell hasn't spent his last 13 days in
Louisville in vain...the "official announcement" is out. He's a
UofL WBB assistant coach.)

Volleyball Schedule


Volleyball announced their fall schedule and it starts off with a bang.  Unfortunately, like last year, the later season matches aren't going to give us much challenge.

First, though, we have our first chance to see the team play together on August 24th for the annual Alumnae celebration.  If there are enough alumnae that choose to participate, the match will be vs alumnae, otherwise, it would be a red vs black match.  This is a free, unticketed, event at Cardinal Arena.

The regular season starts the next weekend with two matches at the Penn State Invitational against Syracuse and, obviously, Penn State.  Talk about starting the season off with the best.  Syracuse is a non-conference foe this year, of course.  Its nice to keep the familiarity of them fresh for when we meet back up with them in the ACC in 2014.  Their coach is the former UofL head coach, Leonid Yelin with Assistant Coach, UofL Alumna, Stephanie Cantway nee Marsh.  Leonid has continued his international recruiting ways with several players from Poland, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, and The Russian Federation.  Penn State, with head coach Russ Rose is, as always loaded for bear.  The storyline on this one is a sister vs sister matchup.  Deja McClendon, out of Manual High School here in Louisville, is the sister to incoming UofL freshman Maya McClendon.

The next trip is to North Dakota to match up with North Dakota State, Northern Iowa, and
Wisconsin.  No real catchy story lines for these matches.  North Dakota and Northern Iowa are competent teams, but neither should be much of a threat for the UofL team, but we need to be wary of Wisconsin.  While their results from last year aren't all that impressive, having dropped matches to Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Creighton, this is a team that can be a threat.

Still on the road, but closer to home anyway, the next weekend sees the Cardinals down the road in Lexington for The Bluegrass Battle.  This involves matches against, of course, Kentucky, but also Minnesota and Pepperdine.  Kentucky, rivalry match.  While I think UofL typically has a better team than Kentucky, Craig Skinner's Wildcats seem to play very well against us, so they're a team that we always have to be ready to play.  Minnesota will be a heck of a match-up.  Last year they split with Nebraska, Texas, Michigan and Michigan State.  They beat Illinois twice, and Purdue three times.  They, did, however, lose to Penn State three times, but there's no shame in that.  Pepperdine has an absolutely amazing men's team typically, but in women's volleyball they seem to be only mediocre with loses to Dayton, UCLA, BYU, and Colorado State among others.

Louisville finally gets their home opener on September 20th for the annual Active Ankle Challenge at Cardinal Arena.  The Cardinals play host to future ACC conference foe Virginia Tech, as well as Rice and Bowling Green.  Virginia Tech is the only real challenge this weekend, but not much of one.

Then the American Conference slate of matches.  We play all of these home and away, but there really won't be much challenge from most of them.  Memphis, Temple, Southern Methodist, Houston, USF, UCF (Central Florida), Cincinnati, Rutgers, and UConn.  Of those, Cincinnati is frequently a good team, though they really had a rough year last year with new coach Molly Alvey, hopefully they can get things put back together this year.  USF can put together a good team at times as well.  Beyond those two, we really shouldn't have all that much of a threat from our conference slate games.

There are two other non-conference matches mixed in with the conference match-ups, with Wichita State and Middle Tennessee State.  We've played both of these teams several times and they both are good.  Neither is a national powerhouse, but they're good, which will be nice to have some solid teams to play in the midst of a thoroughly mediocre conference schedule.

There is no conference tournament in the American Conference, so the winner of the regular season gets the automatic qualifying bid for the NCAA tournament.

Sam Purcell officially announced as Assistant Coach for Basketball

Nearly two weeks after we broke the news here at Cardinal Couple, Sam Purcell was officially
announced as the new assistant coach for Jeff Walz.  Joining us from Georgia Tech, Sam Purcell replaces Cameron Newbauer who took the head coaching position at Belmont University in Nashville.

Prior to his stint with the Yellow Jackets, Sam was an assistant at Tulsa.  He started his basketball staff duties at Auburn, which is also his Alma Mater.

-Jeff McAdams


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cardinal Couple welcomes a Starr


( Jenny O'Bryan checks in with her Wednesday column, which is about
freshman UofL WBB addition Starr Breedlove.)

Starr Breedlove is the last remaining member of the incoming class to make it to campus.  Reports indicate she will arrive on campus in July. 

Breedlove is a Teaneck, NJ native who makes her way to Louisville by way of Trinity Valley Community College in Texas.   Breedlove spent one year in Texas leading her team to the National Junior College Championship in 2012. 

Breedlove was on campus and in attendance for the 2012 season opening games against Texas A&M and Portland.   She committed to the Cardinals shortly thereafter stating that she was impressed with the team atmosphere and the coaches. 

Breedlove took this past year off from basketball and has been working out individually while attending classes.  She is a 5-6 point guard who will be trying to crack a starting spot on a loaded squad. 

In her only year at Trinity Valley she averaged 9.4 points, 6.3 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game.   In addition to the great coaching staff she will be working with Breedlove will have incredible talent surrounding her and mentoring her.  Whether it is the sharp-shooting and fancy passing of Shoni, the defensive prowess of Tia Gibbs, the intelligent game of Jude Schimmel, the wide open court and driving to the bucket Bria, or the masterful shooting of Nita Slaughter -- Breedlove will have plenty of opportunites to learn from the nations runner up team. 

Her on the job training will come alongside Monny Niamke who will make her Div. 1 debut this season after sitting out a year as well as Janelle Cannon whom we spoke of earlier this month. 

Welcome to The ‘Ville, Starr.  CardNation awaits.   

-Jenny O'Bryan


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Cardinal Couple -- Ellison commits to...


-Aja Ellison headed to Maryland

-The American: A year of hoops old and new

Aja Ellison, daughter of former University of Louisville men's basketball great Pervis Ellison, has chosen her college and it is the University of Maryland.

The 6'2" center and 2014 prospect played her junior season at Life Center Academy (Burlington, NJ). She helped lead Life Center to the National Association of Christian Athletes Division I national title.

Her mother, Timi Crawford, is a former Maryland track and field athlete.

This one isn't a huge loss for UofL...yes, it would have been nice to have "Never Nervous" Pervis' daughter wearing the red and black but the Cards are pursuing quite a few top flight high school stars for 2014 and already have Sydney Brackemyer and Arianna Freeman on board for a recruiting class that can probably accommodate one or two more players as of now.

Honesty, we're also not sure just how actively Aja was considering the Cards or vice versa. She was listed as undeclared and had no favorites listed according to a couple of recruiting services. Louisville extended an offer when she was a freshman. Notre Dame looked at her also.

With interest from some of the nation's 2014 best and possible transfer possibilities looming, the Cards won't have to worry about having a short, or untalented class to join the returnees.


As we have discussed before, some of the University of Louisville women's athletic squads will participate in the American Athletic Conference (AAC or 'The American') for a season before joining the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference). 

Over the next few weeks, we'll take a look at what the UofL women's teams will be faced with in this transition conference. Today, we'll look at hoops.

First...the top two teams in the nation are in the AAC. Louisville and Connecticut. That, the conference a huge measure of respect and viability for at least one season.

There is no official AAC WBB schedule out yet...but taking a look at some of the schools Louisville will likely face in hoops doesn't cause a great deal of consternation. 

USF (22-11)...who delivered a rare loss to Louisville in the KFC YUM! Center last there. They don't have the Smith sisters, though or Inga Orekhova.

Cincinnati finished 12-18 in 2012-13 and remains a squad that has improved under Coach Elliott...but isn't at Louisville's talent level yet.

Rutgers, 16-14 last year, is infused with new talent...freshman and transfer wise...and always plays Louisville tough.

New opponents for the Cards, based on what the conference looks like while glancing at the volleyball contingent, are listed below:

-SMU. They went 21-10 an made it to the WNIT...where they lost in the first round.

No Muffet in 2013-14. Whatever will we do?
-Memphis. Finishing 17-15...they also qualified for the WNIT and fell to Arkansas in Round 1.

-UCF. 16-18. No post-season.

-Temple. 14-18. No post-season.

-Houston. 13-17. No post-season.

Our best guess? Louisville is the 2nd best team in AAC WBB for 2013-14. Yes, we had to stay up late and do massive research on that prognostication. Rutgers should improve after a disappointing 2012-13 and gets our nod for third best. We'll go with SMU, based on last year's results, to round out the top four. Jose Fernandez does have some talent returning at USF and could challenge for a fourth place finish.

After's anyone's guess. It will be interesting to see how the former BIG EAST schools do (wins vs. losses) against the non-BIG EAST members of The American.

A stop-over to a final destination. A final goodbye to Cincy, Rutgers, UConn and USF. And, no XL Center for a conference tournament venue.

See, there are some good things about The American...after all. And, it'll only be a year before Coach Walz is reunited with Muffet, "Q" and "Bubbles" Anderson (who WE desperately want to see play...)



Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Cardinal Couple -- Angel soars, Kazan impresses


-McCoughtry magic leads Dream to win

-WUGS headed to impressive Kazan

The Atlanta Dream improved their WNBA record to 7-1 with a exciting 78-77 road win over the Connecticut Sun behind Angel McCoughtry's 34 points in Uncasville, CT. The same place where the University of Louisville women's basketball team will chase the AAC WBB Conference Tournament in 2014...Mohegan Sun Arena.

It was Angel here, Angel there, Angel everywhere for Atlanta...breaking the Dream's record for most shots in a game with 33. The Dream led 73-59 late in the contest before Connecticut put together a 18-3 run to take the lead with a little over a minute to go. McCoughtry scored the final goal of the game with 51.4 seconds left to keep Atlanta atop the Eastern Division standings.

McCoughtry reflected on the contest:

"I should have played better defense when they were coming back. We kind of needed this test because we haven't had many games like this. This is good for us. Mohegan Sun Arena is one of the toughest places to play."

I wonder if she celebrated after the win at Geno's Italian Restaurant?

Connecticut's Allison Hightower missed a potential game-winning three with one second remaining. The Sun, under former Seton Hall coach Anne Donovan, has lost six out of their last seven. After a McCoughtry miss with 10.9 seconds to go, Connecticut retained possession and Donovan called a timeout with two seconds remaining to set up the desperation three....since the Sun was apparantly in no hurry to try and move the ball offensively.  

Dream coach Fred Williams stated what UofL fans have known for years after the contest...with a wrinkle. 

"She's (McCoughtry) a competitor. Angel is really going to compete hard wherever she plays anytime she is on the floor. This is all I ask of her. I think she is a new person this year to really come out and play a lot of hard defense and be a passer at times. We needed a lot of scoring and she did that for us."

Sorry to disagree, Fred...but UofL WBB fans have known that Angel since 2005. Just sit on the bench, enjoy the game and don't pull a "Marynell"...pal. It's Angel's team and you're getting paid. Try not to mess that up.  


Shoni and her WUGS teammates will participate in the World University Games beginning July 5th. in Kazan, Russia. The host city has put out a very nice video on the facilities that all the athletes will compete in.

Kazan. Who knew? Very below. (Thanks to Doug for the idea...even though I could never get his link to work...the one below is pretty cool). Self promoting, yes...but still worth a look.




Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Cardinal Couple -- Worried about talent? Not at UofL WBB


- Walz's Cards 2013-14 roster full of talent

A friend and I were talking about the 2009-10 Louisville women's basketball team the other day. It was a squad that was coming off the NCAA Finals appearance but a squad that had lost several key ingredients. With Angel McCoughtry, Candyce Bingham and Dez Byrd gone, the Cardinal ranks were already thin and transfers depleted it even more. By the end of that 14-18 season, the Cards were down to Monique Reid, Keisha Hines, Shelby Harper, Gwen Rucker, Rachel Story, Asia Taylor, Brandie Radde and Becky Burke. If I've forgotten anyone, I'm sorry. I try not to think about that season much...

The 2013-14 season finds the Cards once again the defending NCAA runner ups...but that is where the comparisons with the 2009-2010 pretty much end. Only Asia Taylor and Tia Gibbs, who sat out that season, remain from that 14-18 squad. Joining them are the five starters from 2012-13, a solid supporting cast and three talented additions...sixteen players in all.

They may have to expand the Louisville bench into the first row of fan seating in the KFC YUM! Center.

Ironically, last year Walz was going with a eight player rotation a lot at the end of last season like he did in 2009-10. If he's down to eight players by the end of the upcoming season...maybe Kentucky One or Humana should open a hospital wing on campus.

There are, of course, some questions. How well will Asia, Tia and Shawnta Dyer return after sitting a season with injuries? It'll be Monny Niamke's return season as well, after transferring from Lindsey Wilson...where she started as a freshman point guard. How well will she perform at Div. I level? Can Emmonnie Henderson, Janelle Cannon, Starr Breedlove and Davionna Holmes find significant minutes in a rotation that returns Shoni, Bria, Nita, Sherrone, Sara, Jude, Cortnee and Megan?

It's not a bad problem for Coach Walz to have. He's got a lot to smile about these days. A new daughter, new assistant and new conference. If he added a new car, new suit, and some new season-ticket holders in the KFC YUM! Center... he'd have a six pack of treasures that anyone would desire.

If this bunch ever gets worried about how a particular stretch of games are going, all they need to do is have a sit-down with Asia. I'm sure some of the stories she could tell about that 2009-10 season, her own physical ailments and such will snap anyone back to reality pronto. Surviving when things were rotten gives one a great perspective on handling adversity.

It's way too early to start predicting starters and playing time rotation for these 16 girls. But...if the injured come back able to contribute...if the newest additions live up to the hype predicating their arrival...if the returning players have improved just the slightest bit from last year...

You might want to book hotel rooms in Nashville this spring for the NCAA Final Four.

And, just how many lockers are there in the KFC YUM! Center women's basketball dressing room?



Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Volleyball releases schedule


-Volleyball releases 2013 schedule

-CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO on the air this morning

University of Louisville Volleyball has released their 2013 schedule...a slate that features 31 games, 12 of them at home, and 18 conference games in "The American". Out of the 12 home games, five will be played in Cardinal Arena and seven in the KFC YUM Center. All will be played on Friday, Saturday or Sunday...with the exception of a Wednesday night matchup against Connecticut Nov. 27th.

A challenging schedule ahead for Anne Kordes killers...playing in the Penn State Invitational, at Kentucky in the Bluegrass Battle Tournament and hosting the Active Ankle Tournament in Cardinal Arena with Rice, Virginia Tech and Bowling Green visiting.

The Cardinals will face eight 2012 NCAA participants, eight regional ranked teams, five nationally ranked squads and ten teams in the top 100 RPI.

Kicking things off will be an Alumni Match on Aug 24th. After that, its off to Penn State where the Cards will play Syracuse and the Nittany Lions. The road trip continues with the squad travelling to Fargo, ND. and contests against North Dakota St., Northern Iowa and Wisconsin. Three days later, UofL travels to Lexington...where UK, Minnesota and Pepperdine await.

Louisville's opponents in the American Athletic Conference are UConn, Memphis, Cincinnati, Temple, Central Florida, South Florida, Houston, SMU and Rutgers. The Cards will also have non-conference matchups at Wichita State and Middle Tennessee State.

Anne Kordes returns three USA A2 National Team members in Caitlin Welch, Brooke Mattingly and Hannah Kvitle.

For season ticket information...and there are some very good deals available...check out the UofL official website

or call 502.852.5151. Fans who purchase season tickets for the seven KFC YUM! Center matches will have the first chance to purchase tickets for matches at the sure-to-be sold out Caridnal Arena.

The Cards need you out there cheering on each volley, set, kill and serve this season. Get those season tickets ordered today!


CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO is on the air this morning. We'll discuss the volleyball schedule with our expert "wide-net"
analyst Jeff McAdams and we have exclusive interviews with Lacrosse's Kellie Young and from Jeff Walz's Skill Camp.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple -- Wolny selected for Great Britain Softball


-Alicja Wolny to play for Great Britain in European Women's Fastpitch Championships.

-Boltja receives BIG EAST award

Louisville softball first baseman Alicja Wolny has been selected to play for Great Britain's squad in the European Women's Fastpitch Championships. The games will take place in Prague July 7-13.

No language barrier here for the hard-hitting UofL of 17 named to the squad. Mind you, Wolny is from El Dorado, CA., not Liverpool or London, but her mother is a native of she was eligible to try out and will join the Brits against over 20 teams. The top four finishers in Prague will then go to the Netherlands for the International Softball Federation World Championships that will be held in August of 2014. Great Britain has finished second and third in the last two European Championships.

Wolny is understandably excited about the chance:

" I am honored to have the opportunity to compete for Great Britain. I wasn't ready to quit playing softball when my college career was over, so I'm really excited to continue playing the sport that I love. This is a dream come true for me." 

Alicja was a NCFA second team all-American selection after leading the Cards with a .423 batting average. She started all four years at Louisville and finished her career ranked in the top five in all-time hits, doubles, home runs, RBI, walks games played and started.

She can also hit a softball from Fern Creek to Fairdale. The chaps over in Merry Ol' England better make sure they warn residents surrounding their practice facilities that car and house windows could be in for a pounding.

Congrats to "the Big Wol"! Bring us back a picture of the Queen and a European Championship stuffed in your softball bat bag... 


Louisville lacrosse star Nikki Boltja has other skills beside scoring on the field. She recently won the BIG EAST Conference Scholar-Athlete Sports Excellence Award for Lacrosse. Boltja has a 3.62 GPA with a major in health and human performance.

She follow Katie Oliverio from UofL, who won the award last year.

Boltja is an All-American and finished her junior season with 63 goals and 11 assists. Unfortunately, she was not on campus when I interviewed Lacrosse head coach Kellie Young Thursday. The interview was a very good one and will
be played on  CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR on Crescent Hill Radio from 11 am - noon Saturday.

Coach discusses Lacrosse camps, her team and the transition ahead for well as giving me a great
description and demonstration of what is considered an illegal lacrosse stick.

No, she didn't pound me over the head with it. I was invited to one of the camps, they probably have other torture methods planned for me...

Make sure and catch Coach Young's conversation with Paulie on Saturday...or in the archives at Crescent Hill Radio.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Cardinal Couple -- 53 days


(JEFF MCADAMS takes the Cardinal Couple site out for a spin today extolling the virtues of summer and the promise of great things to come in less than two months. It's already been one incredible 2013....and the Cards look to make a little more noise before the year ends. So, grab the sunglasses, put on the shorts and strap in...Jeff takes you cruisin' Cardinal style!)

There's a lot I like about summer:

Taking the top down on the Jeep and driving with the wind in my hair, and if its going to be especially warm and dry for a while, taking the doors off.

Dining al fresco.

Visiting with friends on porches, patios, and decks.

There's one thing that I rather don't like about summer, though, and that's sports, or rather the lack of sports that I find interesting.  Sorry folks, but in general, I'm not much of a fan of baseball or golf.  I'm glad that the NBA will be done after tonight.  And you know, when I think of sports in summer, I think Ice Hockey...oh wait, no, no I don't.  We do have the WNBA, though with only the handful of games that are televised, and no local franchise, its hard to get too terribly excited.

UofL Baseball's elimination from the College World Series signals the end of the 2012-2013 athletic competition calendar for the University of Louisville.  No, don't worry, this isn't yet another recap of "The Year of The Cardinals", we all know the litany of accomplishments from the 2012-2013 academic year for UofL, both on and off the court.  Yes, I'm still celebrating them as well, but there's nothing new to discuss here on a Louisville Sports Fan blog.

Of course, there is still activity around Floyd street and other UofL Athletic venues.  We heard from Jeff Walz, for example, that the NCAA is allowing limited time for teams to work with players over the summer.  Fall sports, such as Soccer, Field Hockey and Volleyball also have many of their athletes on campus doing individual workouts and preparing for the coming season.  There are the summer camps for a variety of UofL sports.  And of course student athletes can always be working on their skills, strength, and conditioning on their own, regardless of the time of year.  Joe Filomeno of the baseball team tweeted yesterday morning, "First lift of the 2014 season complete.. #OperationOmaha2014 is underway"  Of course, they just got home from Omaha the day before and are merely a few days past the official end of their last season.  We've also remarked on the amount of comments we've heard from various women's basketball athletes about being in the gym, "putting up shots", and "doing work", since just after the NCAA Final Four.  That activity is largely in the background, mostly out-of-sight, though.  We catch snippets of it from athletes' tweets, a few go to see the activity at the camps, and we get to follow the summer achievements of athletes such as Montrezl Harrell on the US National U19 team, and Shoni Schimmel going off to play for the US at the World University Games - The WUGS - in Russia.

Otherwise, we wait.

For 53 days, we wait.

August 11th is the first scheduled event of the 2013-2014 athletic calendar - the Women's Soccer Team plays an exhibition game at Vanderbilt.  This could change, though, as Volleyball hasn't yet announced their schedule for the fall.  They have, for the past couple of years, held an exhibition event honoring (and if there are enough willing to partcipate - playing) the alumnae of the volleyball team.  I don't believe this event will occur before August 11th, but it may still be the first "home" event of the season.

We here at The Cardinal Couple are committed to posting blog entries daily.  We'll keep on doing the weekly radio show as well.  We'll find things to talk about, don't worry about that.  Hopefully we'll be entertaining and informative in the process.

53 days.

I can hardly wait.

-Jeff McAdams