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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Walz Presser Today at 1:30 p.m,


UPDATE: Louisville women’s basketball head coach Jeff Walz Teleconference MOVED to WEDNESDAY at 1:30 p.m. ET.

University of Louisville women's basketball head coach Jeff Walz has a teleconference scheduled today at 1:30 p.m.  Obviously, a "sit-down" with Coach is not "in the Cards" these days and it'll give news-starved sports media members a chance to tune in, listen and ask questions of all sorts to the Cardinal coach. 

What exactly Walz will talk about and how he'll answer the questions is almost highly anticipated as the actual event itself. One thing you can be assured of is that it will be straight from the heart and honest. Walz doesn't play games when he talks and is quick to "right" incorrect assumptions and statements. Like a lot of coaches, he'll take a question and segway into different aspects of the subject matter. That's normal and can produce some pretty interesting comments, statements and viewpoints. 

There should be a pretty decent number of participants on board for the teleconference. As far as my role, after having done a great number of these over the past months with a variety of coaches and student-athletes, I'm inclined to just hang back today and listen. I've "carried" a few of these in the past with other coaches and, since Walz never dropped off my mulch, he's got some explaining to do. (A reference to the humorous exchange he and I had last teleconference). 

We'll probably get a family update, which is always welcome and bound to bring a smile to most faces. You can tell that Coach is enjoying the aspect of being able to spend more time with his wife and kids these days. This time of year, the coaches are usually pretty busy lining up what prospects they want to see at various club team events across the nation. For now, those events look to be on hold. 

I'm happy to take suggestions from you, the reader, and see what questions you have for Coach Walz. If I get a chance to ask them, just leave them in the comments section or text me. I'll try. It's sort of like getting on the entrance ramp to a major expressway and wondering how the traffic flow will be ahead of you.

A lot of sports journalists are looking for stories these days. There will be questions aimed at self-serving interests for sports telecasts -- "soundbytes" -- if you will, for their nightly recaps and future articles. These are important, of course, and the scope and scan of the participants could be very regional and national, instead of the local variety, in terms of participants.  

Will there be any new, revealing items that come out of the teleconference? We'll have to wait and see. Back during the regular season, Wednesday pressers with Walz were a fairly common occurrence. The difference now, obviously, is that results, performances, future opponents and conference standings aren't subjects that'll come into play. 

It'll be good to hear Coach Walz's voice and see him on the screen. We'll have the full recap and link of the teleconference for you in the Thursday CARDINAL COUPLE column. 

Stay strong and healthy! 



  1. OT: New York Liberty roster down to 15 players including Kylie and Jazz. Late May deadline for all teams to be down to final 12.

    1. Let's hope they "make the squad". I like their chances!


    2. Out of those 15, six are rookies. Very interesting.

  2. How is the schedule being adjusted if at all?

  3. Still temperature normal and no symptoms. I get the test tomorrow.

    Good to hear about a Walz teleconference. I just wonder if there is something important he is going to disclose.

    I am enjoying the time off. Getting plenty of sleep and eating well.

    Curtis "I feel fine" Franklin


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