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Monday, May 11, 2020

A Cardinal Couple Quiz -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


"You ready for this Sam? Sure, Jaz!" 
As we go into the traditionally "dead" months for UofL women's athletics (in normal times), one of the things we've liked to do in past years is put a quiz out there to let you test yourself how well you are keeping up with things. 

The quiz was a staple of our radio show THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR during the summer months and I'll attempt to bring it back for our weekly podcast this Saturday.

 Like anything these days, a few modifications will be needed, we won't be able to see our participants flash an answer on a mini-white board, I've misplaced the bell for a "right" answer and a couple of other things will be missing, but, I'm sure we'll be able to get through it in typical disorderly and "wheels-off the-track" fashion.

Jeff will probably argue answers and disrupt the proceedings, Case will complain he doesn't know much about the subject matter and refuse to take the bonus question. Jared will change his answer two or three times after asking me to repeat the question.

It ain't easy being me.... 

Today, let's look at student-athletes and coaches in the quiz. After all, they are why there are college athletics. 


You get 10 points for each correct answer. I'll toss in the bonus after the 10 questions, optional for the quiz taker, where you can either gain 20 points or lose 20 points depending on your answer. The bonus, again, is optional. 

No "peeking up your sleeve" for answers or conferring with Google or Siri for the right answer. You are on the "honor" system. Keep your eyes on your own keyboard and let us know how did in the comments section.  

OK. Here we go. Drum roll, please, for the student athlete/coaches quiz, maestro! 

1) UofL WBB has four new student-athletes joining the roster for 2020-21. Three are listed below. Which of the four listed below ISN'T one of them? 

(A) Olivia Cochran   (B) Callie McKinney  (C) Hailey Van Lith  (D) Ahlana Smith

2) We all know what a great rebounding season Kylee Shook had. Who, though, was second on the roster in rebounds?  

(A) Elizabeth Balogun  (B)  Bionca Dunham  (C) Yacine Diop  (D) Jazmine Jones

3) Who led Scott Teeter's Lacrosse team in scoring for 2020? 

(A) Ally Hall  (B) Caroline Blalock  (C) Hannah Morris  (D) Shayla Scanlan 

4) Louisville WBB had a new assistant coach this season. Who was it? 

(A) Jonneshia Pineda  (B) Penny Jones  (C) John Malkovich  (D)  Felicia Grenada 

5)  Louisville Softball recently had their shortstop graduate. What is her name? 

(A) Aiko Jones  (B) Holly Aprile  (C) Caitlin Ferguson  (D) Maddy Newman

6) Dana Evans returns for her senior year. Hooray!! Which is her hometown? 

(A) Gary, IN  (B) Fort Wayne, IN  (C) Kalamazoo, MI  (D) Cicero, IL

7)  Jazmine Jones and Kylee Shook were selected in the WNBA Draft by the same team. Who selected them? 

(A) New York Liberty  (B) Phoenix Mercury  (C) Indiana Fever  (D) Connecticut Sun

8)  Mykasa Robinson, Louisville guard, has a nickname. What is it? 

(A) "Mike"  (B)  "Robbie"  (C) "Kasa"  (D) "Micro" 

9)  Jeff Walz came to Louisville from which of these Universities? 

(A) Michigan  (B) Vanderbilt  (C) Florida State  (D) Maryland

10)  Need an assist? Ask this UofL WBB student-athlete. She led Louisville in assists. 

(A)  Jazmine Jones  (B) Dana Evans  (C)  Mykasa Robinson  (D) Elizabeth Balogun

BONUS:  WBB's Beth Burns' official title is: 

(A) Sports Performance Coach  (B) Executive Director/Player Relations  (C)  Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach  (D)  Special Assistant to Jeff Walz

So, how did you do?   Answers below: 











1) B  -  Callie McKinney
2) D  -  Jazmine Jones
3) C  -  Hannah Morris
4) A  -  Jonneshia Pineda 
5) C  -  Caitlin Ferguson
6) A  -  Gary, IN
7) A  -  New York Liberty
8) C  -  Kasa
9) D  -  Maryland
10) B -- Dana Evans

BONUS - C - Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach 

HAve a meaningful Monday. 



  1. I thought we had 4 commits. Is Merissah Russell not coming?

    1. You are correct. She's always the one I forget. I re-phrased the question. Good eye, Cardsman!


  2. Well, well. I had a 70 on the quiz but took the @#$% bonus and gor it wrong for A TOTAL OF 50. I MISSED #2, #3 and #5.

    Masks in public today, everyone. I'll be interesting to see who follows the directive tonight in the store.

    Curtis "Always did better on True or False questions" Franklin

  3. I couldn't catch you Dave-O. I had 8 of 10 also but missed on the bonus so I ended up with 60. I missed the lacrosse question, the softball question and the bonus.

    They can play all the fall sports they want but I hope they keep fans out or keep them to very limited attendance. And, if this re-entry to working and opening up shops and restaurants backfires and the nation sees a big increase in cases, I hope they cancel them all. One life saved is way more than important than one first down or goal scored.

    Nick O

  4. Hello Friends!

    Arthur Here!

    Nice quiz Paulie! I didn't do that great. I had a 60 in the ten questtions and chose not to take the bonus. That was a wise decision, because I would have got it wrong. Bea did better than me! She went 7 for 10 and gambled on the bonus and got it right! 90 points for her.

    Things are starting to open up here in South Carolina, but, because of our age and Bea's COPD, we are not venturing out except for essentials and one visit a week to a favorite restaurant for carry-out.

    I felt bad, bad, bad last week and wondered if I had contracted the virus. Called the doctor, went in and it was determined that is was just my allergies, not the COVID-19 virus. I was quite relieved. I still got a cough and runny nose but "amped up" my allergy medicine and I'm on the improve.

    I look at things differently these days. No matter what Clemson decides to do on fall sports, I doubt we attend, unless this virus goes away and a vaccine is administered. It just isn't worth it, we probably don't have too many years left, sad to say, so why risk an early departure.

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC


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