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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Changes for Spring Seniors -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Softball Says Goodbye to Ferguson

Spring sports in 2020 saw their seasons cut short. This isn't news to anyone. Something that also isn't new is how this has already impacted the 2021 season, as spring sports seniors were granted an additional year of eligibility. This week, however, we got a couple of bits of news that impact Louisville's 2021 season even more. First, MLB announced that this season's amateur draft would be only five rounds, with teams allowed to sign an unlimited number of undrafted players for a maximum of $20,000 each. This has direct implications for college baseball, and for UofL specifically as they commonly have players that need to decide whether to go pro or stay. 

The second bit of news is a bit more direct. Standout infielder, Caitlin Ferguson, confirmed that she would be forgoing her second senior season after being accepted to pharmacy school. Ferguson, from Versailles, KY, was a four-year starter for the Cards, being named to the All-ACC Freshman team in 2017. She was All-Southeast Region 2nd Team as a sophomore and started every game as a junior. In the young 2020 season, Ferguson was hitting .215 with 2 home runs and 7 RBIs.

Ferguson was a favorite here at Cardinal Couple, so we are sad to see her go. However, we hope you'll join us in wishing her the best in her future endeavors. Given that many of the sports we cover here at Cardinal Couple do not necessarily have the same post-college aspirations as other sports, it would not be surprising to see more seniors make this same decision and move on to the next phase of their lives and careers. As with Ferguson, we would support whatever decision was made.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Hinckley Radio Hour — Hinckley InstituteAnother week has come and gone, and we're getting closer to what would officially be the summer slump in a normal year. We're still hosting the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast every week, though, and we hope you'll join us. This week, Paulie sat down with a couple of current a future Cardinal personalities, so we'll chat about those interviews as well as other goings-on. Tune in to the Cardinal Couple YouTube Channel at 11 AM for this week's episode.

Until next time, Go Cards!


  1. Left side of the infield should be a interesting item when softball starts with both Ferg and Melton gone.


  2. Off topic Louisville wbb ,I have a question who's going to be the enforcer down low the team need a tough minded young lady to fill that role.

    1. The question is a good one and I'd like to think that it'll be Liz Dixon. she showed signs of getting used to Walz's system and style by the end of the season and, with Shook and Dunham graduated -- she's the logical choice. Also consider incoming freshman Olivia Cochran and redshirt freshman Ramani Parker as two that have shown the skills, in high school, to be board dominant. We'd all love to see Molly Lockhart, also, become more of a force inside and continue to improve.

      This 2020-21 squad is going to be wing and guard dominated, make no mistake about that. Players such as Kianna Smith, Elizabeth Balogun and Nyah Green have the height and skills to help out on the boards -- but, I see a Cardinal squad next year that will be centered around speed, quick ball movement and superior passing.

      Having Dana Evans, Hailey Van Vith, Kasa Robinson, a healthy Norika Konno and the explosive Ahlana Smith add credence to the theory.


  3. Good podcast, guys. Just finished listening to it.

    Todd Sharp does need help and Ferg going to graduate school is really going to hurt Holly's infield, as first glance.

    I love Sydni Schetnan already.

    I think Liz Dixon is primed for a big season.

    I also wonder about how these foreign and international student-athletes are going to do, trying to get back to UofL from their home countries?

    Meat products have become the new "toilet paper" in the grocery. It's the lower priced items that go first. The good steaks and items at higher prices and such don't go as quickly. We're limiting items per purchase per person.

    A cashier told me that a family she sees in our store regularly hit the checkout with three meat items each. There are five in the family. She said the five-year old buying pork spareribs, sirloin steak and pork chops was hilarious. A cash sale, obviously.

    There are ways around it, y'all.

    Curtis "can I get a t-bone here?" Franklin


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