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Tuesday, May 26, 2020


A Much Needed Day Off

On rare occasion, we do see banks closed, and Memorial Day is one of those days.  As we took time yesterday to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country it was a much needed day of R&R for me.  In fact, most of the weekend went that route.

Outside of work Saturday morning I had a pretty slow Memorial Day weekend.  I explored the abandoned Glenmary Country Club with a friend and got spooked by a supernatural encounter !

We didn't see anything -- but the sounds of a glass bottle being thrown to the ground in an empty building (minus my friend and I) definitely had us feeling tense.  I concluded my Saturday puppy-sitting for my parents seven-month-old border collie.

Sunday started with a Zoom church service before I traveled to Richmond for graduation photos for a buddy of mine.  We discovered the EKU football stadium wide open so he was able to throw on his cap and gown while inside the stadium.

Photo by
I got to sleep in for once on a Monday.  Due to the heat and humidity and another planned shoot, we went out to Cherokee Park and shot in Beargrass Creek- staying cool while getting some great shots!

My excitement level rose when I found out that the restaurant Mt Fuji on campus reopened so I raced to campus to enjoy some hibachi chicken before concluding my holiday weekend on the couch.

My short visit to campus made me miss sports more than I already do, especially when I spotted a rainbow over Ulmer Stadium.  I paused at the roundabout to snag a picture on my phone.  Hopefully it was a sign that we will have fall sports?

It's back to work for me today as we enjoy our final days of the lobbies being closed.  The official reopening date is not set but we do know it will be early-to-mid-June.  Still no haircut for me... yet.

As we go through these days of lack-of-womens-sports news and scores -- it's not anything we haven't experienced before here at the site. These months are traditional for us looking at other items of our lives. Thanks for bearing with me today!

Remember to stay safe and have a good Tuesday!  Go Cards!


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  1. Glad you got some rest, Jared! Sonya and I have been busy with outdoor gardening work and witnessed a huge graduation car parade Saturday around Fern Creek Park and the schools. Over 250 cars, by one account, accompanied by police cars and the Fern Creek Fire Department. The graduates waved from car windows and honked horns as they drove up and down our street and we waved back. I liked one sign I saw in a car window..."They said it couldn't be done, but, I got the diploma!"



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