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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Giving Tuesday -- Fall Sports Season Happening? -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Karen Ferguson-Dayes Interview

Paulie will be sitting down with women's soccer coach Karen Ferguson-Dayes later this afternoon.  Well, they will be sitting down in their respective homes and talk over the phone.  We will hear plenty about how she is handling these tough times, staying in touch with her team, and what she expects this fall.

Perhaps, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, they will sip on margaritas throughout the interview?  I'm sure that would make things more interesting as it goes on.

Tune in ( or click on) tomorrow to hear the full interview between Paulie and Coach KFD.

Fall Sports Season Hopeful

The MLB continues talks of its shortened season, which they hope to start late summer.  The NFL
said they will play their regularly scheduled season without a preseason.  Places are starting to reopen either May 25 or June 1.  UofL is planning on having their normal fall semester on campus.

All of these are promising signs for college sports fans hoping to have a fall sports season.

Fall collegiate sports typically do not start competitive play until late August or early September, well after the slow reopening of places.  The trick will be finding out how soon teams are allowed to get together for workouts and practices.

We may see a shortened or delayed season and these seasons may be held without fans in the stands but signs are pointing to having a fall sports season.  For us at Cardinal Couple it means field hockey, volleyball, and women's soccer.

Add on men's soccer and football for myself.  And Paulie is an avid UofL football fan and loves to go to the games with Sonya.

NCAA Notice of Allegations

Coming to no surprise was the NCAA Notice of Allegations to Louisville's men's basketball program.  The NOA goes back to the Pay For Play issue with Brian Bowen and several coaches who are no longer employed at Louisville.

We also learned that Vince Tyra and Dr. Neeli Bendapudi were not going to back down and will fully fight the NCAA on this.  They also stated that they will not self-impose a postseason ban.

These occurred under a now-gone basketball coach and have nothing to do with the current roster of student-athletes or coaching staff.

It seems a bit retro-active to punish the current players with any NCAA Penalties. That being said, it is the NCAA, and we know there is no love lost between them and Cardinal Basketball.

We'll see.

Giving Tuesday

May 5th is "Giving Tuesday" at UofL.

This #GivingTuesdayNow, we’ve made it our mission to further our first Cardinal Principle: to unite as a community of care. Whether it's supporting our most vulnerable students, empowering ground-breaking COVID-19 research, or 3-D printing and supplying Personal Protective Equipment, you’re helping us make a lasting impact for years to come. This all starts with you

The link to give is:

Although we operate on a shoestring budget here at Cardinal Couple, Paulie and Sonya have checked the books and made a $100 donation out of the Cardinal Couple account to this very worthy cause.

He challenges you to do the same, or give what you can. Show you care.

To conclude today I wish everyone a Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Make sure to celebrate Taco Tuesday the right way and add a margarita or four with it!

Happy Tuesday, stay safe, and Go Cards!


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  1. Chris Mack is an absolute class act & UofL Pres.Neeli
    is a great leader focused on making UL shine. The previous regime had issues & has been cleaned out. I hope the NCAA will let the new leadership show the great things the Cards are accomplishing.

    Curtis "Forget about it NCAA" FRANKLIN


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