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Monday, June 1, 2020

Our coaches speak -- Return to Campus -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


It has been an eventful last four days here in our city. With the protests and demonstrations capturing the news, we are all seeing things that most of us have never experienced before. In the sports world, when student-athletes experience situations they haven't seen before, it is normal to turn to the coaches on  your squads and discuss the situations and freely engage in dialogue to assess the next step.

Several UofL coaches and student-athletes have come out with thoughts and statements. Let's share them today. 

Our captains, Dana and Kianna, and I wanted to release the following statement on behalf of our team: Our team had a great discussion on our Zoom call this week. We believe in communication. We address issues, large and small. We don’t think what’s going on is right. We can’t accept a world that isn’t safe for all. We stand with the black community.We will be getting back to campus soon, and we are committed to working together to better our Louisville community with empathy, compassion, and respect for all people. We plan to make a difference through our actions.
will be part of the solution. #ONE

We also saw these words from UofL head softball coach Holly Aprile: 

As a leader of young women it is part of my responsibility to teach love and respect for all people; but “all” people don’t need me right now, our black community does; our athletes and their families do, and I stand with them and vehemently against anyone that condones racism.

Chris Mack UofL head men's basketball coach has posted these thoughts;

Finally, these important words from Louisville Softball alumnae Jordan McNary:

I would be doing myself, my people, and what I believe in a disservice if I didn’t speak up about the recent events. Innocent men and women were murdered. That’s facts. Don’t ask me do I know the whole story. We all know what happened. I do my research and read several articles before I have any serious conversation. No, I don’t know any of them personally, but someone did. Doesn’t mean I can’t be mad about it. People lost their lives and some of you are worried about the wrong things such as background. I don’t care about that, doesn’t mean they deserved to lose their life. Quit discrediting them. The justice system wasn’t meant for black people. We’ve had enough of police brutality and racist encounters. I get it, not all cops are bad and not all white people are racist. But, where are those good ones when they see harm done to blacks? Don’t recorded me, help me! Many of those who are not black are upset about the protest. What happened a couple of weeks ago when y’all were in police officers faces with guns, pushing and shoving, because you couldn’t get a hair cut and sit down at that Mexican restaurants where you don’t like the people yet love their food. Well, y’all were mad we sat, kneeled, and marched. So what do you recommend? Don’t complain without a solution. I don’t agree with the rioting and destroying your community. But, I understand the people don’t feel like we’re being heard and we’re not. A lot of non-blacks are awfully quiet though and that tells just as much as the loud ones making unintelligent/racist statements. I’m watching to see who and what I don’t need to be associated with. Many have showed their true colors and that’s okay. Folks run to social media with outrage about everything else. Y’all were outraged about your guns, Obama, gay rights, and more. Why aren’t you outraged by murder of innocent black people and posting that on social media? That’s why we say black live matter, not all lives. Blacks are the target. White people, I can’t deny you have the power. Speak up when you see wrong doing. Stop being silent. Have those difficult conversations with your black friends. If you don’t use your voice or take some kind of action, you are part of the problem. That goes for any other race as well. If you claim you love me, a young black woman, you shouldn’t be silent. If you claim you love any black person or the culture, you shouldn’t be silent. I’ve faced racism since I was 5 years old and it hasn’t stopped. I was never taught or thought to treat someone different because they were different in any kind of aspect. I continue to love and pray for everyone. If you know me, there is not a hateful bone in my body, just love and compassion. Last thing, thank you to all my friends and others that have spoken up. You are appreciated. You all stay safe and blessed.

CommentJacob Putman

As we go into June, let's all pay heed to the wise words of this leaders on campus and in our society.


Today (June 1st) begins Phase I of the return of student-athletes to the Louisville campus

The first steps are the most obvious and the steps most warranted. Checking the athletes health. Testing for the CoronaVirus and any symptoms. For UofL WBB, the returnees from last year's team will be on campus. By last count, that'll be nine players. Norika Konno, without a doubt, has had the longest journey of these nine, coming in from Sendai, Japan.

After testing comes instruction Not basketball instruction, but..
Under the first phase, a limited group of student-athletes totaling about 30 in football, plus additional for men's and women's basketball, would arrive on campus on June 1, with education on protocols to be employed prior to their arrival.  The group would begin testing on June 2, physical examinations on June 4 and be ready to participate in voluntary physical training, not directed by coaching staffs, on June 8.  Three UofL facilities -- the Schnellenberger Football Complex, Trager Center, and Planet Fitness Kueber Center -- would be open with limited occupancy during the first phase.

UofL Athletics administrators and health officials have been planning a phased return to campus for weeks, with goals to:
•    Provide a phased progression into athletic activity to promote mental and physical well-being;
•    Provide a phased approach of opening and use of athletic facilities;
•    Provide a safe environment that allows student athletes to transition into supervised activity to improve their strength and conditioning;  
•    Implement and adhere to operational guidelines to minimize the risk of virus transmission among student-athletes and staff; and 
•    Create an environment that generates a change in personal hygiene practices so that best practices are being used in individual life.

Along with you, we all hope that things go smoothly and our student-athletes are healthy, remain healthy and have a safe and seccure environment 


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  1. Beautiful words from all. Voices, all voices must be heard. Can you hear us? Can you here them? I pray for peace.

    Curtis "I still am symptom free and waiting for when I can return to society" Franklin


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