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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple



-Paulie's hour on campus (or how I stopped worrying
about the sauce.)


( NOTE: We are a "Jule Free" zone for the second day in a row. I've come to agree
with our writer and radio host Jeff McAdams that I've heard about all I care to about
this Rutgers stuff. Wake me when it's over.)

It was a chance to go to the UofL campus and do a interview with Coach Jeff Walz for our radio show on Saturday. Yes, we have a CARDINAL COUPLE radio show now and it's quite fun, non-fattening and a weekly look at UofL women's athletics and my general nonsense and fictitious characters. Since Jeff Walz is a pretty big part of Louisville women's athletics and a lot of fun to talk to on any occasion...I was looking forward to the interview.

I like to park in the garage next to the Student Activities Center. It's a dollar minimum but jumps to three bucks if you stay past an hour. I wish they had free media parking...and they may have and are just keeping it a secret from me...but I can usually find a spot on the 1st level on non-event days in this garage and was able to do so

After I parked and was walking across the circle toward the SAC, who should I run into but Shoni Schimmel and Jen Esteban. You've probably heard of both, but just in case you haven't...Shoni plays basketball for the Cards WBB team and Jen is an outfielder for the softball team. It's good to see that the players on other teams are friends with each other. Shoni recognized me, gave me that excellent Schimmel smile and we exchanged greeting. They seemed to be in a hurry, so I didn't keep them. And, if I had, it may have been misconstrued as a possible attempt to interview a player without prior consent from the sports information department or coaching staff. Jen didn't say anything during
our encounter. We never have been formally introduced, so she may not have had any idea who I was.

You know how the NCAA loves their rules and regulations.

So, in the SAC I went and up the escalator to the 2nd floor, where Walz's office is. When I entered the offices, I didn't see Margaret Womack, the secretary out front. I usually tell her who I am there to see and she checks to see if they are there and if they are ready to see me. She always asks me who I am. Sometimes, I answer correctly.

I did see the paper boy, though...sitting at the other desk in the reception lobby. I'm not real sure what he does at UofL and whether his name is Jason or Jeremy...but he's probably best recognized as the guy who walks around during time outs at women's basketball games and hands selected members of the media updated stat sheets. So, Sonja coined the name "Paper boy" for him. He smiles a lot, and that's always a good I asked him if Coach Walz was in. He seemed to think so. I made a decision and decided to walk...unannounced...back down the hallways to Walz's office. It didn't seem to bother the paper boy, so off I went.

Fortunately, I didn't have to go far. Coach Walz was chatting with women's soccer coach Karen Ferguson-Dayes. He saw me, finished up quickly with her and shook my hand and bounded off to his office. He's a fast walker, that Walz is, and I am he was encouraging me to keep up with
him as we navigated the hallways to his office. I did mention to Coach Karen I'd like to put her on the radio, she said "Great!" and I told her I'd give her more details after my Walz interview.

I realized later, when I got home, that I've never done an interview with Karen. She may have had no idea who I was. I did send her and her assistant sports information director an e-mail, though...confirming we talked. I've found it is always a good idea to let the assistant sports information directors know..."if, when, why and what for" if you have contact with or want to have contact with a coach or player. That keeps them from getting mad at several have with me over the years. I pretty much like all of the assistant S.I.D.'s at UofL. I'm not sure that some of them feel the same way about me, but I don't let it worry me much. They got their job, I got mine. Some coaches say it is OK for me to talk to them without contacting the asst. S.I.D. first...but I still let the asst. S.I.D.'s know. They're in information, after all, so I give them information. Sometimes, they even respond.

Coach Walz and I had a delightful ten minute chat.  I recorded about half of it and will play on the radio show Saturday. I also got to see the Geno Spaghetti Sauce he had told me about and I got a couple of pictures of the bottle.

It's a great story about how Walz got the Geno Spaghetti of Geno's assistant coaches (that little minx Chris Dailey) and Walz were in the same city watching recruits and she gave him a bottle of it.  I'm not sure if Walz has the distribution rights to peddle it in Louisville, but it would probably fly off the shelves here, right? I wonder if Coach needs a salesman to promote it? I will be available at the end of June...Maybe Chris Dailey would send me a bottle, I could sample it and do a review of it.
Maybe I could personally visit with Chris and...OK, Paulie...stay on point.

While Coach Walz and I talked, I also got to see operations director Mary Beth Whitaker and assistant coach Stephanie Norman. It is always nice to see them and they are always very nice to me, so that's a good thing. Coach even posed with the part of his preparations to go to work for Geno someday as the head waiter in his restaurant. I still haven't had a chance to talk to Coach about my idea for him to market a "Walz"dorf salad. It would go great with spaghetti.

Our time went by pretty quickly and Coach Walz had to get to the airport to pick up either a prospective recruit or prospect. I didn't ask for more details.

You know how the NCAA loves their rules and regulations.

On the way out, though...I did see Coach Sam. Samantha Williams. I'm not real sure if she knows who I am or not, either...but she was polite and we do have someone here on the CARDINAL COUPLE staff who knows her better than I do. I can't tell you who it is. Somedays, I can't remember.

I also got to see Coach Karen again and gave her more details about the radio show. Even suggested a few things it could be named. (We call Walz's show 'Words With the Walz'). I sent the appropriate e-mails. We'll see. Her assistant S.I.D. is one I've had an encounter with before and I barely know.

So, I left the SAC and went back to my car. It was turning into a beautiful day and I felt good about my time on campus.

And, I only had to pay a dollar to park. Great success!

So, it was an eventful hour on the Belknap Campus. Be sure to listen to Cardinal Couple Radio Saturday at 11 a.m. on Crescent Hill Radio for my interview with Coach Walz.


If you miss the live broadcast, they store them in the archives in the SoundCloud for a couple of months.


As part of my intensive training to beat Hannah Kiyohara in the 60 yd. dash, I've added 'Prancercise' to my workout routine. Sorry,'re going down in defeat and your little dog Toto, too!




Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cardinal Couple Thursday




(Columnist Jeff McAdams isn't talking about Julie Hermann today. He looks
at the Women's College World Series today. Just as well, some journalist
in Jersey will probably break news that Julie Hermann puts strawberries in her
bowl of Cheerios or she refused the automatic transmission fluid check eight
years ago when she had the oil changed in her car. Play Ball!)

As we reach the end of May, topics in women's athletics are getting to be slim pickings.

No, I won't be writing another opinion piece about whether Rutgers should stand by their hiring of Julie Hermann, or whether its reasonable to expect someone to remember being in a wedding from 15 years ago of someone that long ago ceased being a part of one's life.  Frankly, my interest in this as a media story has waned far faster than, it seems, the media's has.

There is, however, a women's athletics event that I will be trying to keep track of that starts today.  The Women's College World Series (WCWS) kicks off today in Oklahoma City with four games on the schedule.

Women's College World Series

The WCWS is played as two separate, four team, double-elimination brackets, then a best of three series between the two winners of the brackets.  This somewhat mirrors the Regional and Super-Regional structure of the broader portion of the overall tournament where four teams compete in a double-elimination bracket to advance to a Super-Regional with another Regional winner in a best of three series.

Play kicks off at noon between 11th seed Washington taking on 14th seed Nebraska.  Both teams upset higher seeds in their Super-Regionals to advance to the WCWS, which means they both spent the past weekend on the road.  The winner plays tomorrow in the 7:00pm game against the winner of the 2:30pm, #7 Tennessee vs #2 Florida game.  Both Tennessee and Florida were the higher seeds in their Super-Regional (Florida beat UAB who came out of the Louisville Regional), so they have the benefit of having played at home the past weekend, and as such may be slightly better rested.  The losers of these games move to the elimination half of the bracket and will play each other Saturday at noon.  Other games in this bracket include another elimination game (winner of the Saturday noon game, vs the loser of tomorrow's 7pm game), the winner of that game meets up with the remaining undefeated team Sunday at 1pm, and if the team that came from the elimination half of the bracket wins, the "if necessary" game will be Sunday evening at 7:00pm.

The other bracket starts this evening with a 7pm game between #5 Arizona State (who defeated UK 2-0 in the Super-Regional matchup) with #4 Texas.  The nightcap is at 9:30 between 8 seed Michigan, and top seed (and prohibitive favorite) Oklahoma.  All of these teams were the higher seed in their Super-Regionals, so all got to sleep in their own beds last weekend.  The winners of these two games play Friday at 9:30pm.  The first elimination game would be Saturday at 2:30pm.  The second elimination game will take place Saturday evening at 9:30pm.  The elimination side of the bracket meets back up with the undefeated team Sunday at 3:30pm.  The "if necessary" game is scheduled for 9:30pm, though one wonders if the "if necessary" game would go at 7:00pm if the other bracket didn't need to play its "if necessary" game.

The winners of these two brackets, will then play a best of three series with games on Monday and Tuesday, and an "if necessary" happening Wednesday.

All games are on ESPN and ESPN2.

After this is all over?  Well, its a long time until mid-August when volleyball gets into pre-season matches.


Alicja Wolny and Katie Keller have been recognized for their contributions to Louisville
Softball by being named to the NFCA All-American second team. They are the seventh and eighth
players in Louisville Softball history to receive such an honor. Lacy Wood (2006), Kristen Wadwell (2009) Melissa Roth (2009, 2010) Tori Collins (2012) and Taner Fowler (2012) are also alumnae of
this prestigious award.
The Big Wol ready to send
one over the fence.
Wolny, a senior first baseman from El Dorado Hills, CA. led the Cards with a .423 batting average this season and had 11 fence clearer's. Keller, a junior second baseman...led the Cards in batting most of the season before finishing with a .402 average. She did lead the squad with 12 round-trippers.

Louisville (47-13) ended up #12 in the Collegiate Poll and in the USA Today/NFCA coaches' poll.

Louisville has Keller, Taner Fowler, Hannah Kiyohara, Kayla Soles, Maggie Ruckenbrod, Ally Vaughn, Brittany Sims, Whitney Arion and eight talented new Cardinals arriving on campus this fall, Jordan Trimble is listed as a red-shirt junior as well, so I'm under the assumption we'll see her in centerfield next year. Still no word on the official status of freshman Jasmine Smithson-Willett.

Louisville looks well-positioned to compete as a conference leader next year. Pitchers Caralisa Connell and Rachel LeCoq, who had all 47 wins between them, also return for duties inside the circle.

-Jeff McAdams


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The question is not about Hermann...


- Rutgers stands behind Hermann.

Julie Hermann isn't backing down and Rutgers isn't either 
I keep hoping to wake up and see that the media firestorm over Julie Hermann has died down.   Not the case today as a new story emerges marring our beloved Hermann.

The latest media revelation is that Hermann was at the center of a sex discrimination lawsuit at U of L as recently as 2008. See the story here:

 Under the lawsuit a former track and field assistant coach took concerns of sexist behavior and discriminatory treatment at the hands of the track and field coach to Hermann.  After taking the concerns to the Human Resources Department at the University, the assistant was fired 3 weeks later. 

The then assistant won the wrongful termination suit, but the Kentucky Court of Appeals later overturned it.  Her attorney now states they are taking the case to the Kentucky Supreme Court. 

As a lifelong Louisvillian, and a fan of Louisville Athletics in general, and the women’s programs specifically, it is so hard to reconcile the media reports with the woman we have known at Louisville over the last 15 years. 

The Hermann I know, the kind of “know” that comes from being a passionate observer on the outside, just does not mesh with the one in the media reports.  Those following U of L athletics know her to be passionate, witty, knowledgeable, dedicated and a “silent” partner alongside one of the best A.D.’s in the country.   This powerful duo has completely reshaped the landscape of Louisville Athletics, has attracted, and retained I might add, many highly sought out, top-notch coaches in the country.  Together they have rebuilt what was a decaying Louisville Athletic program.  Whether it be facilities, coaches, academic success in the classroom, gender equity, Louisville Athletics has soared under the leadership of Jurich and Hermann.

While I have never been in a boardroom, business meeting, conference call or any such business related scenarios with Hermann, I know people who have.  The resounding opinion of those she interacted with and oversaw give Hermann nothing but glowing praise. 

Hermann's popularity among UofL fans is off the charts.
How can one reconcile the person that the media is portraying her to be (or was) to who she is now,  It is so hard to wrap one’s head around.  I get whiplash watching this unfold in the media, as these two scenarios could not be further apart. 
and how beloved she is at Louisville?

Cardinal Couple founders and owners Paulie and Sonja are on record in supporting Hermann.  I, too, knowing the depth of which she has touched and changed Louisville Athletics, cannot imagine anything other than support for her.   All indications are that being a senior administrator at Louisville has undoubtedly prepared her for the enormous task that awaits her at Rutgers.  Rebuilding.  Recovering.  Rebranding a marred program.  I cannot help but think she will be excellent at this job, if given the chance. 

That being the case, I also cannot imagine how Rutgers decided to choose Hermann.  While I think she seems tailor made for this job, how could they possibly make the choice they made, given the allegations they had to uncover when vetting Hermann? 

Given the very recent goings on at Rutgers, how do you choose a new AD with abuse allegations in their past?   They had to know this would be a firestorm.  They also had to know that the public scrutiny would be at an all time high, and no stone would be unturned.  How do you make this decision, under such microscopic scrutiny, and expect your supporters to move forward and heal? 

C. Vivian Stringer one of the questions at Rutgers/
Rutgers is trying to shut the door on a disastrous PR nightmare, and yet they walk open-eyed into a scenario that the media is portraying as similar?  Assuming all of the aforementioned allegations by every media outlet are false, this hire by Rutgers is nothing short of shocking to me.  This is coming from someone who supports Hermann!  I can only imagine the outrage of Rutgers fans. 

To me, this decision is not about whether or not Hermann is capable of doing the job she was hired to do.  I absolutely believe is she is more than capable and qualified.  It is about understanding how Rutgers can make this particular decision in the face of (albeit long ago) allegations similar to those behaviors of a coach the Athletic Program is trying to heal from. 

Please, let there be no doubt, I support the Julie Hermann that Louisville has known for the last 15 years, but I cannot for the life of me understand Rutgers.  

-Jenny O'Bryan

(Jenny O'Bryan is a regular columnist for CARDINAL COUPLE and also one of the co-hosts on CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO. Her columns can be read on Wednesdays each week here at Cardinal Couple. The radio show can be heard at and covers the joy and excitement that is UofL women's sports. It is Saturdays @ 11 a.m. and archived broadcasts can be found on the SoundCloud at the site. )


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hermann will not resign


-Despite allegations, Hermann not considering resigning

No quit in Julie.

"I never considered withdrawing because I feel very qualified to lead Rutgers into the future and into the transition into the BIG TEN," Hermann stated in a conference call yesterday with reporters.

She also denied having knowledge of a letter written by the 15 Tennessee players on the 1996 volleyball team when she was head coach of the Vols.

"My former boss at Tennessee never heard of it and I never heard my former players make the allegation. Rutgers officials have talked to me about it in recent days. I was an intense coach and may have made a few mistakes handling my team. I have matured since then. All of my life has prepared me to lead this organization. Whatever mistakes you make as a young person, you've got to learn from them and go and grow. It is my intent to go to Rutgers with this vast experience of super highs and super lows and lead what I hope is an outstanding program into the BIG TEN."

 Other items she touched on during the 10 minute call:

- Hermann said that the company that vetted her for the Rutgers job did ask about a lawsuit file by one of her assistant coaches over a job termination.

- She believes she can raise funds despite what has happened.

- She denied name calling, specifically when asked about calling the players "whores".

"That's not part of my vocabulary...Here's what I would say. Am I an intense coach? Absolutely an intense coach as many coaches are. But, there is a big canyon between being super intense and abusive, and this was not an abusive environment for these women. Was it challenging? It was incredibly challenging. Was I aware that there were players that were unhappy? I was aware of that at the end of the season and I was unhappy."

Rutgers President Robert Barchi stands behind Hermann, saying she was the best of the 63 candidates interviewed for the job. He commented also that

"We remain confident that we have selected an individual who will work in the best interests of all our student athletes, our athletic teams and the university."

So, there it is. Julie isn't planning on leaving and the head of Rutgers University isn't planning on asking her to. Only the university's board of governors can withdraw Hermann's appointment.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is touring the New Jersey shore today with Barack Obama to see the rebuilding that's been done in the area after Hurricane Sandy and probably won't turn his attention to Rutgers until tomorrow. Although Christie can't terminate the appointment, he does have several ways of applying pressure. He does appoint six of the boards 11 voting members and can perhaps threaten to cut the school's funding or refuse to renominate a member of the board who doesn't support his view. It is unknown whether Christie would use any of these methods.

We asked for answers yesterday and we got some.

We, too, are satisfied that Hermann can do a great rebuilding job at Rutgers and if the Julie Hermann we saw at Louisville is allowed a chance to "do work" will be good work and will help restore Rutgers as a viable and powerful athletic program.

To paraphrase the song written by the Staple Singers back in 1971:

"Get out the way and let the gentle(woman) do her thing."


Respect. It begins with the respect and confidence in your own abilities and accomplishments. Ms. Hermann has that.

Hermann has shown the nation (and UofL) that she deserves and has earned the respect for her accomplishments. Sure, there are battle scars. The difference is that she has picked herself up off the mat and is still willing to fight...and win.

We're in her corner and think that she'll take the contest.

( Parts of today's column are from

( Editor's note:  It should be clearly noted here that the opinions in this column may not necessarily reflect those of all the writers and staff at CARDINAL COUPLE. They are Paulie and Sonja views in this article. We have received different viewpoints from readers, former CARDINAL COUPLE contributors and writers and anonymous e-mails and commenters. )



Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Cardinal Couple -- Memorial Day


-Please remember those who have served

-Hermann abuse allegations heating up.

Amidst the picnics, family get-togethers, events and day off from work happenings on Memorial Day, let us not forget the reason why this day exists.

Today is a day for a memorial tribute and rememberance to those who have served our country in our armed forces. We should thank them 365 days a year. Today is one of them.

I am proud of my wife, father, father-in-law, friends and all who defended our country so that we may be free from oppression, tyranny and dictatorship rule. I remain a solid believer in our freedoms and rights and will defend them also, even though my days of standing at the ready to serve and protect were many years ago.

Once in, always in.

If you see a current, soon-to-be or former member of our
armed or anyday...just simply say "thank you"...please.

And may we always be safe, secure and set in our principles of being a democracy and land of opportunity, not oppression. America isn't perfect. No country is. But we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. Not just words in our National Anthem, but a way of life. No bombs or missles overhead, no death squads hunting us out because of race, creed, religion, color or national origin. Children playing in parks instead of huddled in fear in bombed out buildings.

I am thankful. And, thank you to those who served, gave their lives and those who still serve today.


We wrote an article in Sunday's CARDINAL COUPLE about the allegations surrounding incoming Rutgers University Athletic Director and former University of Louisville associate senior athletic director Julie Hermann. It seems there are reports that she allegedly upset a few volleyball players at Tennessee while coaching there in the 1990's.

Now the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, plans to speak to Rutgers officials about a report that Hermann quit as Tennessee's women's volleyball coach 16 years ago after her players complained she ruled through humiliation, fear and emotional abuse.

We know the Julie Hermann of Louisville. Quite honestly, we didn't know Hermann was the volleyball coach at Tennessee until a few years ago. It was something that was obviously of public record.

The Julie Hermann we know has been an excellent administrator and much-loved figure at UofL.

It is time, though...for Ms. Hermann to come out with a statement. Either own it, if all the allegations are true and substantiated...or fight it if it's a set up or overblown out of proportion.

The bottom line, I whether the report will make Rutgers to re-consider the appointment of Hermann. It goes deeper than that. It is fuel to the fire for those who want Rutgers University president Robert Barchi to resign because of this potentially severe and additional punch in the gut to a university that has been a punching bag lately.

Question 1: If the allegations are true, heaven's name didn't Rutgers do their homework and eliminate her as a candidate...saving everyone from a whole bunch of embarrassment and pain?

Question 2: Was Hermann really the monster that the former players claim she was?

Question 3: Can Rutgers, if the allegations are factual and she owns up to them, bring her in...based on the good things she did at Louisville? People change. Coaching is different than being an athletic director. Old dogs learn new tricks and second chances (see Bobby Petrino) are granted.

Question 4: If Hermann is not appointed Rutgers AD, does Tom Jurich keep her as second-in-command at UofL?

It would have been quite easy for Rutgers to take her aside and say...we have these questions, these issues from your time at Tennessee and, based on them, we are eliminating you from our job candidate search. Did they do the homework and, if they did, what did they discover?

Hermann has staunch defenders within the UofL ranks, who laud her time here at UofL. We are one of those. She's top-notch and above the board when it comes to her time as a Cardinal and she remains one of our all-time favorites.

But, we do feel that Julie needs to say something besides "Wow".

Many years ago, I took a chance on hiring an employee (when I did stuff like that) who had an incident in her past, but had turned her life around...and she turned out be an invaluable, essential employee to the place where we worked. I knew about her past, though. She brought it out into the open. People change.

Whether or not the allegations against Julie are all true and a cause for terminating her upcoming job at Rutgers is not your or my call. It is something that Rutgers needs to decide.

But...we need to hear Julie's side of the story. Innocent until proven guilty and should the alleged sins of the past destroy the future? Heavy rhetoric and complex questions.

I'm a Julie Hermann fan. The Julie Hermann I know is a good and honest person who cares and produces. If there was a rough patch there in her life, her employment of the past...well, most of us have been there. You move on and try to do better. Hermann has proven her value and worth.  

Weigh in.



Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Cardinal Couple -- New look Dream down Tulsa


-Angel, Atlanta start WNBA season with win

-Amashi Ali-Kendall qualifies for NCAA meet

-Softball Super Regional unkind to Cats

-Unruly Julie?

Finally...some hoops to hold us over until the UofL WBB squad gets back in action...

The "new look" Atlanta Dream looked very good in an opening season win over Tulsa last night 98-81 in Atlanta. Angel McCoughtry and company spoiled Skylar Diggins debut in the WNBA by using a 21-6 run late in the first quarter to shock the Shock. The Fred Williams era as Atlanta skipper is off to a good start.

This is a different looking team than the 2012 Dream who sputtered in the 2012 playoff against Indiana after making it to the WNBA league finals in 2010 and 2011.

Yes, there are some returnees you'll remember and recognize. Angel McCoughtry, of course...along with veteran front liners Sancho Lyttle and Erika de Souza. Tiffany Hayes, the high scoring UConn guard.

After that, it's a shakeup of new talent. Three rookies on this year's squad...Anne Marie Armstrong (Georgia) Alex Bentley (Penn State) and Courtney Clements ( San Diego State) are guards that will be depended on to feed the scoring machines Hayes, DeSouza, Lyttle and Angel. Jasmine Thomas and Armintie (Price) Henderson will also dish the assists. 

The Dream is heavily guard-oriented under Coach Fred...with only three front-liners...DeSouza, Lyttle and nine year veteran Le'Coe Willingham (Auburn).

Angel likes what she sees.

"It looked like we've been here with everybody for a while. We got some new additions and they fit right in. I was very proud of how the girls played. It was very good chemistry today, and the thing is...we can still get better. I'm looking for a great season."

Angel had 16 points in the win. Tiffany Hayes led all scorers with 21 and Sancho Lyttle added 18.

Despite a rallying 28-19 run by Tulsa in the second quarter to make it close...the Dream scored 12 points off 10 Tulsa turnovers in the third quarter while pushing the lead to double digits...where it remained the rest of the game.

Atlanta will do well, we predict, under long as he can keep the talent happy...something the former head coach of Atlanta, Marynell Meadors, failed to accomplish.

So far, Angel is on board.

"It's early in the season. There are going to be some things like that (Tulsa's run) but I was very pleased with what I saw today.

Keep the talent happy, Fred. So far, so good...


Louisville thrower Amashi Ali-Kendall finished third in the shot put at a premilinary meet in Greensboro, NC for the NCAA Championships that will be held in Eugene, OR next month.

Her toss of 54' 5" was good enough to qualify for the Championships. It'll be the senior's first appearance in the NCAA Outdoor Championships. She came in second in the BIG EAST Championships earlier this month and did participate in the NCAA Indoor Championships last year.


We're still following the Softball Super Regionals...even though Louisville isn't a participant. The state's only school in the Round of 16...Kentucky...took a 5-4 loss to Arizona State last night in Tempe. Four home runs for UK in the loss. They trail 1-0 in the best of three series.

Other winners and losers:

Oklahoma 8 - Texas A&M 0 (Oklahoma advances to WCWS)
Michigan 2 - Louisiana-Lafayette 1 (UM moves on 2-1)
Texas 3 - Fla. State 2 (Texas leads 1-0 in Super Regional)
Nebraska 5 - Oregon 2 (Huskies win at Eugene, lead 1-0)
Washington 1 - Missouri 0 ( UW headed to WCWS)
Tennessee 5 - Alabama 3 (Vols earn a berth in Okla.City)
Florida 4 - UAB 3 (Gators go up 1-0)


It didn't take long for the muckrakers and sensational slimeballs to go after new Rutgers AD Julie Hermann. They're dragging out Hermann's departure from Tennessee in the swipe below:


Digging back 16 years in the past to try and slam one of five women Athletic Directors in Division I NCAA Sports is a cheap and tawdry attempt by Fox Sports and Tim Pernetti loyalists to heap more wood on the raging fire that is Rutgers Athletics.

I stepped on an ant last week. Quite by mistake. It's a wonder I haven't been brought up on animal abuse and cruelity charges by some dirtball columnist out there.

Did I do anything I regret 16 years ago? Probably. Renewing football tickets for Ron Cooper's final year at UofL comes to mind. That was abuse...much more than what Hermann allegedly did.

Sometimes, I'm ashamed to be in this profession of writer and columnist. We have some real jerks and scum-buckets in our midst. Don Henley nailed it right on the head years ago with his song "Dirty Laundry".


What was that old bible quote about 'ye free of sin casting the first stone'?  



Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Walz camps offer much for all


-Three Jeff Walz Camps and Clinics in June

-Cardinal Couple Radio today!

The month of June won't be a slow one for UofL head women's basketball coach Jeff Walz. In addition to having limited access to the 16 UofL women's basketball players scheduled for the 2013-14 squad, he'll also host three camps for basketballers beginning June 15th. Add a little recruiting and AAU camp visits...and the coach and his assistants will be going just as strong and steady as if it was in mid-season.

Coach wouldn't have it any other way. You see, this college basketball thing is 12 months a year, regardless whether the squad is putting up "W's" or not.

The fun at camps and clinics begins June 15th., when UofL and Coach Walz host a ELITE SKILLS SESSION. It's for grades 8-12 and will feature some of the movers and shakers in girls' high school hoops coming in to test their skills against the best and brightest out there. There will be a second session as well on June 26th. The UofL womens' basketball coaches, staff and current players will be accessing the talent, adding helpful instruction and providing valuable instruction on shooting, passing, ball-handling rebounding and defense. All things that UofL did quite well in their second place finish in the recent NCAA WBB Tournament.

Next is a four day DAY CAMP that begins on June 17th and is for Grades 3-9. It's an excellent opportunity for the future stars of the game to hone their skills and learn from the older girls and staff that have created basketball excellence at UofL.

Right after that, a TEAM CAMP for JV and Varsity starts on June 21st. This 3-day event gives the best from across the nation to compete and perform in a challenging environment that will test their skills and abilities against the nation's best.

Players of all skill levels are welcome (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and will be instructed by UofL staff and current UofL players within the appropriate age groups.

Shots will be falling and some of the best high schoolers in the nation will be learning from the knowledgeable and talented Cardinal Basketball gurus.

For more information, go to:


( Special thanks to Adrienne Johnson, the lovely "A.J"...for the info on the camps. Whatever they're paying her at UofL, it ain't nearly enough. And, I think I could beat her in free throws. Here's hoping she doesn't see this....)


Even though the majority of Louisville women's sports are finished until fall, we're still talking Cardinal women's athletics on CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to noon on CRESCENT HILL RADIO.

And, we got a lot to talk about!

Please join us for the live broadcast or on the archive, SoundCloud reply at

We have a lot of fun between me, Jeff and Jenny and if you're not may just learn something about the joy and excitement that is Louisville womens' athletics.

Plus, I'll see if I can stump my co-hosts in another exciting episode of "Believe It or Don't".

I'm doing an Ali and Babe Ruth here. Calling the shot and predicting I take them down for a second week in a row.

We don't claim to be excellence in radio/internet broadcasting....but we WILL promise you that there aren't any boring moments and you just never know who may call in or who we'll lampoon or praise.

You've spent worse hours in your life...we think you should give us a listen.

We can also do some great (OK...pretty good...) live advertisements for your business or organization and it's very inexpensive. Call Paulie at (502) 291-3651 for more info. Or to see who he likes at Churchill. He'll talk to anyone....




Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple


-The long wait until fall sports ain't so bad...

-NCAA Softball Super Regionals

Happens every year, right around this time for the University of Louisville fans.

A full fall and spring season ended. Highs (many of those) and a few lows. The excitement and joy of Louisville Basketball (both varieties) getting to the final leg of the Big Dance. A national championship and national runner-up.

Not too shabby.

A time for reflection and reminiscence. Encouragement, for sure, from improvement from many of the women's teams. An almost unbearable anticipation and excitement to see how soccer, field hockey, volleyball and hoops do when the students return and the student-athletes return to the field of competition. Fun days and nights in Cardinal Park, Cardinal Arena and the KFC YUM! and black.

Also, a bit of longing that softball and lacrosse would have done just a bit better. Talent present, no doubt...on both squads...and a promise of more exciting days and nights of seeing Boltja, Fowler, Morissette, Kiyohara, Daley and Keller thrill us with their skills. We will wait until the spring to see them do their thing. It won't be disappointing.

Then, there is women's basketball. Are there enough words of praise and compliment available for what Walz, the girls and the fans have shown the world what can be done and just how much this team is loved?

Across the board in women's sports, I challenge you to compare this staff of coaches that women's athletics has at UofL with any in the nation. If you can find an overall better coaching roster...tell me who it is.

Don't bother wasting your time searching. You won't find any better.  

Enjoy the summer ahead. Attend the Cardinal Caravans, other UofL sporting functions and keep this in mind...

IF you enjoyed 2013 UofL Athletics...stick around.

You ain't seen nothing yet.


The 2013 NCAA Softball Super Regionals got underway last night with one game. Washington defeated Missouri in Columbia, MO. 2-1. The other scheduled game...Oklahoma and Texas A&M was postponed due to weather in Norman.

Here's the breakdown of the sixteen teams, where they'll play and when they'll start. All super regional games are best out of three...winner advancing to the Women's College World Series.

Washington vs Missouri (Columbia) Thurs (2-1 UW)
Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M (Norman)  Friday
Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Michigan (Ann Arbor) Friday
Alabama vs. Tennessee (Knoxville) Friday
UAB vs. Florida (Gainesville) Friday
Florida St. vs Texas (Austin) Friday
Kentucky vs. Arizona St. (Tempe) Saturday
Nebraska vs. Oregon (Eugene) Saturday

The SEC is well represented here with six schools. (Texas A&M, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri and Florida). So is the PAC 12 with three schools (Oregon, Arizona St. and Washington). The BIG 12 (Oklahoma, Texas)and BIG 10 (Michigan, Nebraska) softball conferences have two contenders each. UAB (C-USA), Louisiana-Lafayette (SunBelt) and Florida State (ACC) fill out the field.  



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Cardinal Couple



( JEFF MCADAMS is on the ball with Thursday's CARDINAL COUPLE...bringing us soccer and basketball reports.  Cardinal Caravan is also rolling around again and Emmonnie Henderson receives a St. Louis honor.)

Soccer is on the ball

We have the first set schedule for women's fall sports, and soccer is the first across the finish line...or perhaps the first to the goal is the better metaphor.

They start out on the road with a couple of exhibition games at Vanderbilt and Purdue on August 11th and 17th.  The real season starts at home on the 23rd and 25th with games against Butler and Illinois.  

Back out on the road to play a couple of games against future conference-mates Virginia Tech and Wake Forest at the Wake Forest Invitation on August 30th and September 1st.  The road trip continues with the obligatory in-state rivalry matchup with Kentucky on the 6th, then a quick trip up to Miami (Ohio) on the 8th.

Back to Cardinal Park for another in-state with Morehead on the 13th.  Texas-San Antonio comes into town that weekend as well on the 15th.

Another conference switch-up on the 21st with the trip to the now non-conference-foes Marquette.

The conference slate starts on the 27th with Memphis coming to there's a blast from the past.  Then I suspect we'll get a visit from Julie Hermann on the 29th with Rutgers, which is joining the Big 10 in 2014...except for football which is apparently playing in the Big 10 this fall...I'm already confused.

A road trip to the new Texas wing of the conference with visits to SMU and Houston on October 3rd and 6th.  Followed by the Florida wing of the conference, in the form of USF and UCF, coming to visit Louisville on the 11th and 13th.

Next is a trip to Philadelphia, but in the brave new conference world, it's to play Temple instead of Villanova.  That game will happen on the 17th.

The end-of-the-season road trip wraps up with thankfully familiar foes with games at UConn and Cincinnati on October 20th and 25th.

The American Athletic Conference, or AAC, or "The American"...take your pick...takes place Halloween and November 3rd at campus sites, then concludes somewhere undecided at this point on the 8th and 10th.

Boy, this conference realignment stuff is really gonna keep us on our toes!

Speaking of Scheduling

The Cardinal Caravan has announced its 5 stops this summer over 3 days.  June 4th stops include an
11:45 start time at Kreso's Restaurant in Bardstown, KY, followed by the always mobbed visit to Captain's Quarters here in Louisville at 6:30.

Stops the next day include a visit to the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center in Bowling Green at 12:45...presumably central time since its in Bowling Green.  The evening stop is at 5:30 at Grand Reserve in Lexington.  Stay safe, people!

The final visit is at the Shelbyville Fairgrounds at 6pm on the 6th.

All of the events are free, but an RSVP is required, and can be submitted online at so the folks planning the events can make sure that appropriate accommodations are available for the crowds.

We just can't stay away from Basketball

Because we just can't seem to go without talking about women's basketball, it appears that UofL will be participating in the Women's Preseason WNIT tournament.

The 16 team tournament, which will be played at participating school locations, includes Georgia State, Gonzaga, Idaho, IPFW...yay, more Mastadons...Loyola University Chicago, LSU, Mount St. Mary's University, North Carolina A&T...hope they bring their band...Oklahoma, Quinnipiac, St. Joseph's, Stephen F. Austin, Stetson, Tennessee-Martin, and Wichita State.

The tournament guarantees three games for participating teams win or lose.  The first round will be November 8th, second round games on the 10th and 11th, semifinals on the 14th, and the championship game on the 17th.  The two teams that play in the championship game will get to play 4 games, so there's plenty of motivation to play well to get that extra preseason tune-up game.

We'll claim this one is track and field

Finally, Paulie forwarded me a link to this article about incoming freshman Emmonnie Henderson's
senior year at Edwardsville, Illinois.  Henderson will, of course, play for Jeff Walz on the basketball team, but will be dual-sport, participating in track and field throwing events.

Henderson was named Female Athlete of the Year by for her successes in basketball and track and field.

She'll participate in both at Louisville...her Edwardsville hoops squad went 30-1 in Illinois Class 4A basketball. In track and field, Henderson has been equally dominant as a four-time champion in the shot put and three-time champion in the discus.

In the 2013 Illinois State Championships, she set another record in the shot..while winning both events.

-Jeff McAdams