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Monday, June 15, 2020

Taking A Personal Time out -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


It is the time of the year when Sonya and I take a few days to step aside from the Cardinal Couple website and do the vacation thing. If you've followed the site for a few years, this is nothing new -- we traditionally use the middle of June to "get away" from the world of covering sports, working 40 hours a week and other things that traditionally make up our seven-day stretches. 

I hear the mountains calling. 

A bit of difference in that, in this new normal, we know not what we'll find when we arrive in Gatlinburg and the The Great Smokies. I do know my annual trout-fishing expeditions won't happen. My trusty companion and guide for those is on the mend after suffering a broken leg. We get older, things break and malfunction. 

Not to worry, we're taking a lot of masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. The CoronaVirus doesn't make special allowances for vacations. 

For me and the wife, it is a chance to "turn off the noise" for awhile. To not be so focused and concentrated on daily, worldly and local events and just decompress a bit. The outdoors, nature and solitude is a wonderful regenerative and restoring way to refocus, regroup and relax. 

Fear not, though, about the daily coverage here at Cardinal Couple. We have the wonderful situation where we have some very good writers and people here in our website, plus the occasional meanderings from David Watson, who I thank for filling in for me on Sunday. We cover each other. We got each other's backs 

I couldn't think of a better group to be a part of. 

Where else are you going to find a banker, a IT specialist, an engineer and a retired old coot come together and put together what we do week-in and week out. Not for fortune and gain, but for love of sport and school. To say I'm proud of this crew is an understatement 

They're "tops in show" and the A-Team. 

It's simply time for me to take a break. A break that is needed, for me and Sonya. Time away with the one I love. 

I'll be back with the fellas on Saturday for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast (provided I don't fall off the side of a mountain or run into a bear). In the meantime, Case and Jeff will keep you up on what's going on.  

Good bye social media, news reports and other daily rituals for a few days. This ol' guy is headed to the bench, grabbing a towel and water bottle and taking a break.  

Leave a message, maybe I'll the words of Joe Walsh, in the song "Life's Been Good".

See ya in a few days.


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  1. Safe travels Paulie!

    Curtis "Black Lives Matter" Franklin


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