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Monday, June 29, 2020

Hartlage Finishes in NWA -- Walz teleconference today -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

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It was back to the links for Cardinal women's golfer extraordinaire Lauren Hartlage over the weekend and she fired a -3 under par 285 for the 72-hole NWA Charity Classic in Bella Vista, Arkansas. Hartlage finished fifth in the event and had a steady four days with scores of 70-71-71-73.

The event was part of the WAPT Tour (Women's All-Pro Tour) and was held at two different courses in the Bella Vista area -- The Bella Vista Country Club and the Scottsdale Golf Course. Hartlage played as an amateur in the event and was not eligible for any of the prize money. 

Her score was the second lowest for the amateurs in the event. 15-yr old sensation Alexa Pano finished second overall in the event with a -10 under 276. Pano is the youngest golfer to ever appear in on the LPGA Tour and was a member of the USA Junior Ryder Cup squad, who won the event in 2018. 


In a switch from the occasional Wednesday pressers we've come to expect out of the UofL WBB head coach, Jeff Walz will be available to members of the media today at 1;30 p.m. 

It's a chance to ask Coach questions, according to the e-mail notification about the event -- so I'd expect the folks who do media for a living will join in for a chance to get a sound-byte for their publications and media outlets. 

If you've got something for Coach, let me know in the comments section. I'll be part of the call. I'll try and get any questions in that you want answers to, and, our Jared nderson will review the tele-presser in tomorrow's Cardinal Couple 


On a personal note, some of you know that I went in, along with my wife, last Wednesday to get COVID-19 tested.

After several days in "wide-open, no masks in presence" Gatlinburg, we figured a test might be wise.  We went through the drive-in testing offered by Kroger's The Little Clinic held at Southern High School. 

The results showed up via e-mail this morning and we tested negative for the virus.

Maybe one of the few times I've been pleased with something that has been negative, I guess. 

The procedure is a bit uncomfortable, jamming the elongated Q-Tip up your nostrils and swirling it around -- but you get a free mask, bottle of hand sanitizer and package of tissues out of the process. Their sanitizer smells better than some of that junk out on the market, so that's a plus. 

Now I know, and that's one less thing to worry about. 

Have a marvelous Monday and stay safe,


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  1. Glad to hear about the results, Paulie. All three of my tests have been negative also.

    You be right about some of that sanitizer. Some of it smells like stale, cheap whisky.

    Curtis "Black Lives Matter" Franklin


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