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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Number, please? -- Podcast -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


(We're playing a bit of Chinese Fire Drill this week here at the Couple. I'm writing today and Paulie tomorrow, Case takes Tuesday and Thursday, Jeff steps up Wednesday and Friday and Jared will be writing Saturday. Jared and Paulie taking a few days off this upcoming week.) 

David Watson

Some of you may remember the old days when you could have the operator assist you on your rotary dial phone to reach another phone number. You'd get this "Number, please?" request from the operator, you'd give her (it was rarely a 'him") the seven digits and the operator would try to connect you with it. My, how far we've come! 

Speaking of numbers...

Numbers for the incoming freshmen/transfers for UofL WBB squad have been assigned for the 2020-21 season. 

We'll start with Hailey Van Lith. She'll sport #10 for the Cards. The last #10 in a Cardinal WBB jersey was no other than Sydney Zambrotta, the three-point shooting star for the Cards who took her fortunes to George Washington. Syd, by the way, was a part-time starter for GW last season and shot 29% from beyond the arc. 

Next up, Ahlana Smith. The Florida Gulf Coast transfer will don #2 for UofL WBB. Yacine Diop wore the number last season, and -- before that, most of us remember Myisha Hines-Allen traversing the court in "the deuce". Let's hope good fortunes of having that jersey number wear off on Ahlana. She's got some pretty big shoes to fill to live up to that number's storied history. ''

We find Merissah Russell sporting #13. Here's a bit of a pop quiz for you, can you remember who the last Cardinal WBB player was that wore #13?  I had to do some checking, as well, and it turns out that one of my all time favorites -- Cortnee Walton -- last wore it. She was an inside Cardinal force from 2012-17. If Merissah can duplicate "Cort's" efforts on the court, I think we'll all be happy campers. 

Last but not least, Olivia Cochran, will run the floor in #44. This one really took a lot of research, in terms of finding out who wore it. It turns out that Lori Nero (2002-03) was the last Cardinal WBB player to wear "double fours". Nero went on the be the second UofL WBB player to go to the WNBA. She was a second round pick for the Houston Comets in 2003.  The Comets were the WNBA's first dynasty team but ceased operations in 2008 over financial woes.

If Olivia can have that magic of #44 rub off on her, I suspect she'd probably be quite happy being Louisville's leading rebounder and shot blocker, like Nero was in 2002-03 and then going on to play in the WNBA. I've got a special love for number #44, it's the number I wore in basketball in my playing days. 

Best of luck with these identifying digits to these four. Let's hope we hear a lot of opposing coaches scream out things like "someone pick up and stop #2, you gotta keep #44 off the boards, #10 is killing us from outside and #13 is scoring way too easy inside" in this upcoming season. 

What's in a number? We're hoping tons of points, assists, rebounds, defense and highlights. No operator assistance required with these numbers, and we hope successful connection for them. 


Three of the four "A" Team members joined the Skype broadcast of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast Saturday (Paulie, Jeff and Case) and they had a rollicking good time discussing the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports for over an hour. Jared was busy rolling change and denying loans at his financial institution, so he wasn't on hand to successfully defend his title on our Cardinal Couple Quiz. Paulie even came up with call letters for the broadcast -- WCHR -- (meaning Worldwide's Cozy Home Residence) as an emanating point for the weekly show. Jeff even drove his motorcycle live on the air for us -- listen for it. 

He denies it. 

It was a nail-biting, exciting quiz. The test was centered around the ACC and Case pulled out a last question, come-from-behind win over Jeff on the bonus question. 

"Did you catch the latest Cardinal Couple Radio Hour
Podcast, Dee?" 
The boys also discussed the fledgling FGCL Summer Softball League and the Cardinals participating in it, Celene Funke's latest honor, Dana and Kianna's teleconference, Cardinal women's golfers on the course and much, much more!  

You can listen to the rebroadcast and try your luck on the quiz at the link below.

Let us know how you did on the quiz in the comments section. 


Have a safe and super Sunday! 

Dave O


  1. I did have to brag to Jeff about the quiz...I missed one regular question and the bonus. Couple of lucky but educated guesses.

    1. Outstanding, Vivian! We're suggesting Jeff spend a little more time in the gym working om his game.



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