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Wednesday, June 10, 2020



A good opportunity to hear from University of Louisville WBB co-captains Dana Evans and Kianna Smith on Tuesday afternoon. They answered questions from about eight media representative via teleconference about a variety of issues. 

Evans, a senior, went first and discussed the trip back to campus, the things they -- as student-athletes -- have done so far and her feelings on returning. She also shared her views on the protests, changes and the joint statement released by Jeff Walz, Smith and her. She also took time to talk about Kianna and her important role on the squad. 

Smith was asked many of the same questions after Dana's segment and also talked about her decision to come to Louisville, her thoughts on Evans and how she spent her time in California while waiting to come back to campus. As we begin to learn more about Kianna, it makes me realize what a treasure and leader we have on campus. Today is her 21st. birthday and sing for her as you wash your hands in soap and hot water today. 

The audio/video link for you to watch and hear is below: 


Important and meaningful words from the two student-athletes. Relevant and personal reflections on today's new world. There will be time -- down the road -- for discussing player strengths, opponents, standings and games. On Tuesday, we got an insight to how these two student-athletes are felling, dealing and adjusting being back on campus away from their loved ones and family to start taking the steps for another season. 

I think you'll find Louisville WBB is in great hands with their leadership and their philosophies on what is important. 

A special thanks to them, and the UofL sports information department for presenting the teleconference.

We know not what the future brings -- as far as scheduling, the pandemic goes...but it is evidently clear that these two will be strong, confident and caring leaders for the Cardinals WBB squad in the future.  



  1. That teleconference is some very powerful stuff Paulie. The Cards are in great hands with those two as co-captains. I pray for their continued good health, safety and a spectacuar season for them.

    Curtis "Black Lives Matter" Franklin

  2. I think we all know how important Dana is going to be to this team but I think most of us have underestimated how huge Kianna's role will be.

    It's a shame that mainstream media will take only 15-20 seconds of this for their sports reports. Thanks for presenting it in it's entirety Paulie

    Nick O.

  3. Admittedly, our purpose here is pretty singular and straightforward here at the Couple. We report on the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports. It's not or design or purpose to reflect on any other organization's coverage of the UofL women's student athletes, staff or administrators outside of that realm.

    A clear definition of tactics can be useful. To demonstrate, I'll retell the story of two horses on a hill. The younger colt looks down on the number of haystacks in the field below and eagerly exclaims to his Mom that they should "run down there and eat all of that hay as fast as they can". Mom pauses a minute, then replies that "no, we'll walk down there, take our time to pick out the best stack and slowly enjoy our feast."

    Singularity and purpose with design and strategy are good courses to chart when taking on any endeavor.

    Go to other places if you want world crises discussion, local or national political philosophy and happenings and commentary on social issues. We'll "stay in our lane" and discuss what we know. It doesn't mean we are not passionate or do not care about other issues -- I assure you we do -- it's just that there are more qualified people out there to 'take that car to the Interstate'.



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