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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

More Coaches Add Their Comments -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

More Coaches and Their Thoughts

Paulie mentioned yesterday that a few coaches added some statements to what's going on in our city and around the country right now.  We saw more statements made by coaches yesterday.

Dan McDonnell was one of the coaches adding their comments.  The Louisville head baseball coach McDonnell focused his comments towards love and non-violence including adding Bible quote Matthew 22:37-40.

Caerdinals head football coach Scott Satterfield also took a route focused on his religious beliefs including everyone being created in God's image and wanting unity.  He closed his comments with 1st john 2:9.

John Michael Hayden , Louisville head men's soccer coach, had a similar message with different verbage.  His comments emphasized accountability.  He talked about standing up for the injustices currently happening.

Our Louisville head women's soccer coach Karen Ferguson-Dayes took a slightly different approaching, retweeting and liking posts by other coaches while posting a "Stop Racism" picture.

Jutine Sowry, Cardinal head Field Hockey coach, added a post with her thoughts headed into the early evening.  She talked about her time being an Australian citizen while also coaching in the United States.  She mentioned her experiences and how it is her, plus and her players' responsibility to speak up and take a stand against discrimination and racism while protecting each other.

Louisville head Volleyball coach Dani Busboom Kelly typed her messages on the Notes app on her iPhone and posted the screenshot on Twitter.  She prayed for strength and courage while also bringing up the socio-economic backgrounds among student-athletes.

An ample amount of current and former student-athletes have voiced their support in the protests through various social media platforms and how they have their teammates' backs through-and-through.

One of the bigger pieces of news was the arrest of men's basketball assistant coach Kahil Fennel.  Fennel was at the protests downtown but was arrested when he remained outside past the 9:00 p.m., curfew and did not leave.  He has not released a comment on the matter but Chris Mack, UofL men's basketball head coach, voiced his support for Fennel.

Our coaches see student-athletes of all sorts of backgrounds with hundreds of different stories.  Our coaches would do anything for any single one of their players.  They have listened to their players and their concerns on what's going on right now.

I'm glad to have coaches at Louisville who have their players' backs and will stand up alongside them to do what's right, even if it means putting themselves at risk.

I have voiced my opinion on the matter on my social media and will keep the opinions there while reporting facts and statements here.

I do fear that things are going to start getting violent beyond vandalism to buildings as tensions continue to rise.

The term "No justice, no peace" has been a popular rallying cry among protesters. Basically, it means that as long as injustice prevails, acting peacefully is an impossibility.

The t-shirt you see me pictured in we're the words that George Floyd spoke as he slowly died due to police restraint in Minneapolis. Those words have, as well, become a term used by protesters.

 Please make sure to take any needed precautions whether you go out to participate or stay home behind locked doors.  Remember, we are all in this together and as UofL says "We Rise As One."

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!


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  1. It is getting weird out there. Several friends scared beyond belief early this morning when the Kroger on 28th street got looted last night. I've worked with them and I refused a offer to transfer there a couple of years ago. Protests are fine, looting and pillaging is not.

    Curtis " Still at home " Franklin


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