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Thursday, June 4, 2020



Yesterday marked the beginning of COVID-19 testing for student-athlete, coaches, and other staff associated with UofL athletics.  Each individual, including many who were self-quarantining after traveling back in town, went through a drive-in testing facility at Cardinal Stadium. Vince Tyra was reportedly first to go through.

The individuals included those from football, women's basketball, men's basketball, women's swimming and diving, and men's swimming and diving. Some staff, administrators and coaches also were tested.  It's unclear how many individuals from each sport went through or when the other sports will join them, but approximately 120 individuals were tested. In addition to the testing, individuals were given hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and masks.

Following testing and health educational advising, individuals will be able to begin individual
workouts without coaches involved.

Although there is a long way to go we have seen the first steps to possibly having a fall sports season.

There has been no official statement or information on the testing results and --will, or if they will -- be released from UofL. Also,no information on when the results of the testing will be announced. There are, of course, HIPAA rules to observe, where patient privacy guards against certain uses and disclosures of health information and the prohibition of this information with the tested's knowledge or contest.


In other news, bank lobbies reopen today.  With a limited number of people allowed inside at a time and cutting the number of stations we can assist people in half,  it's possible we may be backed up all day- something most of us are a little nervous about.

We also sustained quite a bit of damage to one of our virtual drive thru lanes earlier in the week, as someone attempted to break into the machine and steal money unsuccessfully.

Wish us the best of luck on a smooth transposition.


Former University of Louisville dance coach Todd Sharp has been arrested for fleeing New Albany police.
According to an arrest report, Sharp was swerving on State Street when he crashed his truck head-on into another vehicle. Police said Sharp nearly rear-ended a parked car, then sped off when an officer turned on his lights and sirens

A New Albany police spokesman says Sharp drove through two red lights, onto the sidewalk, and hit a cable that anchor a street light pole. He did not stop until his car was trapped between a light pole and a curb.
Sharp faces resisting law enforcement, criminal recklessness, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!


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  1. Hoping all test negative. Hoping your day isn't too crazy Jared.

    Dear Mr. Sharp. Realize your problem and go get the help you need.

    I still feel fine. Expect to go back to work Monday. Curtis "Looking out my rear window in my four cornered room" Franklin


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