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Monday, June 29, 2015

Your top eight UofL WBB players of all time -- Monday Cardinal Couple


We have been running a poll in June here at CARDINAL COUPLE to see who your All-Time, top eight UofL WBB players are. We chose the number eight because felt that most great teams always had a few backups that could come in off the bench and give a championship team a spark. 

Here are your results. We have listed the years the player played and the percentage of votes they received also.

1. (tie) Shoni Schimmel (2010-14)  100% 
1. (tie) Angel McCoughtry (2005-2009) 100%
3. Jazz Covington (2003-07) 80%
4. Candyce Bingham (2007-09) 77%
5. Monique Reid (2008-13) 66%
6. Nell Knox  (1990-93)  62% 
7. Valerie Owens (1977-80) 48%
8. Asia Taylor (2009-14) 34%

Just missing was Antonita Slaughter (2010-14) with 32%.

A good mix of players are represented here. Five of the eight got drafted by the WNBA and two are still playing in the league. Five of the top eight played in a National Championship game. The top four scorers in UofL WBB history are represented in the list. 

Since there was a tie for top vote grabber...I suppose the question still remains on who was the best WBB player at Louisville of all time? 

Both Shoni and Angel were unique in what they did here in their four years. I did a very unofficial polling yesterday of five people I know and asked them who they thought was #1. 

Angel won....4-1.  

Thanks for taking part in the poll! Let us know what you think of this "Great Eight". How would it do in a fictitious game against a great eight from Kentucky? Or UConn or Notre Dame? How many on this Louisville great eight would make an All-Time great eight of NCAA WBB players since 1975? 

And....should we do it again in 2018 or 2019 once the college careers of a few current UofL WBB players has ended? 



  1. I am not complaining but just curious why Sarah Nord was left off the list.

  2. Cardinal Legend Sara Nord is to be honored during the Connecticut game. Ms. Nord finished her career at UofL with 1645 points, 852 assists, and 303 steals. The 5-5 Jeffersonville native currently is 1 of just 21 Women’s College Basketball History to account for 800+ assists, and her 852 assist total is good for 13th all time.
    The former Miss Indiana Basketball star was named as a 1st Team All-Conference USA selection in each of her 4 seasons at UofL and was named to the C-USA All-Decade team in 2005. Ms. Nord lead Conference USA in assists for four consecutive seasons and was UofL’s all-time steals leader with 303 until Angel McCoughtry bested her career total. In her senior season Sara was named an Honorable Mention All-American by the Associated Press and played briefly in the WNBA for the Washington Mystics.
    At UofL Sara is currently 5th all-time in scoring with 1645 points, 2nd in 3-pointers made (and still has the most in a single season with 98) with 260, 1st all-time in assists with 852. Ms. Nord recorded three triple doubles during her time as a Cardinal.

  3. We get it, chasmc. Looks like Paulie replied to you in comments seciton. No way Nord beats out any of the eight. One NCAA apperance in 4 years and got blown out by Xavier.

    MCoughtry -- Final Four
    Schimmel -- Final Four
    Covington - Multiple NCAA apperances
    Bingham -- Final Four
    Reid -- 2 Final Fours
    Knox - Top 5 leading scorer
    Owens -- Arguably the best player of the 70's.
    Taylor -- Final Four

    Nord was a great guard. She probably got most of the votes in Paulie's "other" category.

  4. Nord may be top 10. She probably deserved a poll listing in place of Jody Martin IMHO. I pretty much am only familiar with the Walz era.

    I would love to see this poll again in 2019.

    Paulie, this top eight would get destroyed by any top 8 from UConn, Notre Dame or Tennessee. It would be a close game against any UK top 8.

    Nick O.

    1. LOL...and who would you put on this UK team? Valerie Still, Victoria Dunlap, Adia Mathies come to mind. Any other suggestions? Gove,give us your list?


    2. Epps will be on that list if she continues playing like she is. Well, unless she continues binge drinking .

    3. Paulie,

      I'll use Valerie Still, Victoria Dunlap, Adia Mathies, Bebe Croley, Stacey Reed, Patty Jo Hedges, Jodie Whitaker and Jennifer O'Neill to beat your Birdies.

      Hope you summer is going well. We are currently visiting my sister in Connecticut. I'll say Hi to Geno for you. LOL.

      Matthew Mitchell For Governor

  5. Nita should have made it at #8. Asia is fine but in no way contributed more in tournament games than Nita. Slaughter's three's were the biggest factor in beating Baylor and Cal during our last run to the championship game. She was crucial in her role harassing Griner defensively too. What a player! MVP of our tournament team. No question! If we had an all tournament team she would be in the starting 5 at forward.

    1. It was awfully close between Asia and Antonita. We'll keep Nita available and let her practice with this team just in case someone gets injured.



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