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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Who would make your all-time Louisville WBB team? -- Sunday Cardinal Couple


Sam Draut, our CARDINAL COUPLE intern and a basketball enthusiast, proposed the question yesterday before our Saturday radio show.

"Who would be on your all-time Louisville women's basketball team?" 

It is a question of considerable merit and it's not as easy to decide on as you might originally think. Years ago, on the site...we came up with one. It was before Shoni and Asia Taylor.  

Shoni and Angel are two obvious picks. It's after that where the choices are difficult. 

If you go by career points...Neil Knox (1989-93), Jazz Covington (2003-07) and Kristin Maddox (1992-1996) would be the next three in line. 

Looking at selecting this team by positions...who is your point guard, center and power forward? We'll give Angel the wing and Shoni the "2" guard. Sara Nord and Dez Byrd were two excellent point guards. Jazz Covington and Sharon Bellamy excellent posts. Candyce Bingham and Monique Reid excellent "4's". 

Lori Nero, Gwen Doyle, Valerie Owens, Jackie Spencer, Asia Taylor, Nita Slaughter and Becky Burke all deserve consideration. How about Marilyn Reckelhoff, Jill Morton and Janet McNew? Do you have room for Jude? 

Sam proposes that you name a starting five and then three to come off the bench. Eight players in all. 

I'm going to have to give this eight-player roster some thought. After Shoni, Angel and Jazz Covington...the picking gets tough.

What do you think? Let us know by e-mail or in the comments section. We'll also run a poll over on the right side of the site. We'll narrow it down to 16 choices...but one will be "other". Give us your eight.



  1. Angel, Shoni and Jazz are no-brainers. I'll take Sara Nord and Candyce Bingham as my other two starters, with Byrd, Morton and Knox filling out the roster.

  2. Agree with Angel, Shoni and Jazz. I will add Valerie Owens and Asia Taylor to my starters. Off the bench is Mo Reid, Becky Burke and Jackie Spencer.

    The Real Joe Hill


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