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Monday, June 8, 2015

When it comes to theft -- Angel was the gang leader

McCoughtry wanted the ball and knew how to get it. 

As we enter the "slow period" of UofL women's sports...we promised that we'd look into some of the greater moments of Louisville women's sports. 

Today, we'll look at a thief.

Angel McCoughtry is a very nice person off the court. Dedicated to helping others, promoting her WNBA team...the Atlanta Dream and her UofL Cardinals. On the court....she was a criminal. 

#35 led Louisville in steals each of the four years she played at Louisville (2005-2009) . Only one other Card can claim that...Sara Nord (2000-2004). When you look at the top three season totals for steals...the numbers show McCoughtry at 164, 148 and 112. As a non-starting freshman, she had 57 to lead the squad. 

The Cards have had some pretty accomplished "pilfer artist" over the past several seasons. Bria Smith and Jude Schimmel were good at creating the possession change with takeaways. They had 74 each in the 2014-15 season. Shoni and Tia Gibbs weren't too bad either at getting the ball away from the opponent.

Gibbs had 95 in the 2010-2011 season. Shoni had 262 in her career...good for fourth all-time on the Louisville list. Bria ended up her career right behind Shoni with 257. 

They all paled in comparison to Angel, though. 481 total steals in her four years. 178 more than her closest competitor.

What was it that made McCoughtry so good at the takeaway? A combination of concentration, quickness, anticipation and hustle. At 6'1" she was dominant over smaller guards and lightning quick against taller front-liners. Watch any McCoughtry game from her time at Louisville. She is all over the court. Perpetual energy. 

It truly would have been fun to somehow watch Angel play against and guard Angel. 

The All-Time Larceny List at Louisville:

THE DON -- Angel McCoughtrey
MOB BOSS -- Shoni Schimmel
UNDERBOSS -- Sara Nord 
CAPO -- Bria Smith
CONSIGNIORE -- Stephanie Edwards
LIEUTENANTS -- Tia Gibbs, Jude Schimmel, Jackie Spencer.



We are having a poll instead of a contest in June. We'd like your all-time starting five in the history of UofL women's basketball and first three off the bench. You can vote on the right side of the site. Feel free to comment below. 

This e-mail from Kenny D:

Paulie, this team has to have Angel, Shoni, Jazz, Dez and Sharon Bellamy on it. Off the bench I bring Reid, Nord and Owens. 

Let us know what you think. I'll be ready to announce my team in a couple of days. Still thinking...



Our Saturday radio show is now up and running on the SoundCloud. Me and Sam the Intern had a good show and he scored 110 (30 points higher than the absent but listening WorldWide) on the weekly Quiz. 

See how you do. Have a listen. Link below.




  1. I am just a recent devotee to UofL WBB so my team is recent., Angel, Shoni, Jazz, Mo Reid and Asia Taylor.

    1. Nothing wrong with that five. Looks like a backcourt of Shoni and Angel, though...which would have been interesting. Got a great e-mail last night about an All-Time UConn team. That would surely be a rough one to pick. The e-mailer came up with Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, Tiffany Hayes and "Stewie" Stewart. Your thoughts?


  2. Sara Nord is not on the ballot, so I voted other for my point guard. It has to be the career assist leader (by a wide margin), who also happens to have three triple-doubles.

    1. We debated about including Sara as one of the fifteen. She cam in sixteenth in the final rankings. We'll consider that a lot of the "other" votes are probably for her. The parameters of the poll only let me select 16 it was 15 players and a "other category.".

      Nord was good, be there no doubt, but the teams she was on made just one NCAA appearance (when she was a freshman) and was blown out by Xavier by 28 points in the first round.



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