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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cardinal Couple on WCHQ...What we're trying to do -- Saturday Cardinal Couple


We take this Saturday morning...when there isn't a whole lot going on in the UofL women's sports ask you for a little help in getting strong and more accessible. 

Many of you know that in addition to our daily columns about the joy and excitement of University of Louisville women's sports, we also have a weekly radio show called the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour. This show can be heard on Saturday mornings from 11-noon on WCHQ 100.9 FM in the Louisville area. It is also available on the Internet at 

We are excited that we now have a voice over the airwaves that can be accessed from your laptop, PC, smart device or car. We're especially tickled that we can be heard on the UofL Campus or downtown area on your FM dial. 

WCHQ is a low power FM station...a "community station" if you will...that is based in the Crescent Hill neighborhood. Unfortunately, due to the wattage assigned to our frequency...I cannot pick it up on my car radio where I live...a mere 10 miles from the broadcast studio. 

That could soon change and we're asking for your help in effecting that change. 

The FCC is considering allowing existing 'lpfm' stations (like ours) to bump their wattage 150% over what they currently have. A bump like this would make WCHQ 100.9 available to the Hikes Point. St. Matthews, Fern Creek and southwest Jefferson county regions...and beyond. 

How can you help?

You can comment at the FCC website where discussion and requests can be made about this proposal. This proposal, which is called RM-11749, would be awesome for WCHQ and the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.

Go to:

You can read comments here from people who would like to see this proposal enacted. You can leave a comment telling why you'd like to see this change as well. You can click on the blue "i" next to any name and then click view 1 to see the comments. You can comment as well. 

The FCC is only taking comments until June 15th, so don't delay. If you can, please get others to the site also. Listeners are welcome to file...even if it's just saying you would like to hear the station in your area or would like listeners in other areas to have access to hear the station.

We love the fact that we are available on FM radio and the Internet. We get comments about our radio show from far away places like Russia, Germany, Australia and China. 

We'd like to see WCHQ 100.9 grow and expand in it's local presence. So, we're recruiting you to step in, join the team and help us score this goal, drive this run home, hit the "3" and deliver a set and kill to help us reach our destination. 

Local, community radio is essential and important. Spreading the word about the joy and excitement of University of Louisville women's sports is...too. Give us a hand so we can get this "W".  

Thank you.



The Worldwide Fan Club will miss
him today on the air. 
Speaking of our CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR...we'll be on the air this morning at 11 a.m. on WCHQ 100.9 FM and on the Internet. 

Worldwide Jeff is basking on the beaches of Florida (with possibly only 1 or 2 communication devices) so Paulie and Sam the Dry Weather Intern will be your co-hosts this morning. 

We have a rollicking good time planned for our listeners in our 60 minutes. We'll look at lots of hoops, field hockey, track and field and much Sam will try and take the WORLWIDE quiz without Worldwide to fall back on for answers. 

WE invite you to join us...or check out any of our previous broadcasts (stored on the SoundCloud) at the link below:




We would be remiss if we didn't mention and wish the best of luck to the Louisville Baseball team today in the Super Regionals against Cal-Bakersfield. If the Cards win twice, off to the College World Series they go!

Also, best of luck to Bob Baffert, Victor Espinoza and American Pharoah today as they try to capture horse racing's Triple Crown in the Belmont Stakes. Can they beat "A.P"? Paulie has some thoughts that later this morning over at his personal website. Link below.

BACK IN 1978...Affirmed was GREAT! 



  1. Currently rolling through central Alabama (I'm not driving at the moment). I'll try to pull up the show through the magic of mobile Internet access, though I'm not sure if the connectivity while out on the road will support it. Whether I listen live or catch the replay on SoundCloud, I'll let you know how I do on the quiz.

    Please do go put your two cents in on the FCC work. LPFM stations are all nonprofit and have, I believe, a mission of community support by the regulations of the FCC.

    WCHQ, when they're not risking their license by letting us on the airways, plays *only* Louisville area music and does a lot of great things in the community, particularly when you consider how tiny of an organization it is. They deserve your support.

    Let your voice be heard.

    1. Sam whooped up on me! I ended up with 80% after missing the bonus.

      You might say I was in a bit of a drought at the end of the quiz.


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