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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Fallout continues in Chapel Hill -- Monday Cardinal Couple


The latest joke going around about the UNC women's basketball program is an oldie but goodie. 

Will the last transfer from the program please turn out the lights in Carmichael Arena? 

Sylvia life has changed in your locker room since 2013. It began with Diamond DeShields deciding to defect to Volunteerland last year. In May of 2015, Jessica Washington asked for her tab. A few days ago, Allishia Gray informed the desk clerk not to hold her room. Now it's Stephanie Mavunga's turn to apply for an address change. 

The heralded UNC Class of 2013? Vanished like Tommy Tutone after their 1981 pop/rock classic "Jenny, Jenny".

Mavunga is an interesting development in the continued fallout over UNC questionable academics. The returning starting center and first team All-ACC selection. 14.4 ppg and 9.8 grabs. 

The wording is interesting:

"It's with a heavy heart that I have asked for and been granted permission to talk to other teams and explore transfer opportunities...I have decided to look at transfer opportunities for personal reasons. As we all know, once a Tar Heel, always a Tar Heel."

She's got a future in politics with concession statements like that. 

The question arises if Louisville will be in the mad-scramble melee to have the Brownsburg, IN. native tour the campus?

After all, she was on Walz's list in the recruiting wars of 2012. 

She's played in and seemed to be impressed with the KFC YUM! Center. It's less than a 90 minute drive from her hometown. She would still be in the ACC and -- after sitting a year -- would have two years of playing time at a school that could be looking for a strong paint player to compliment the wealth of guards, wings and forwards that Jeff Walz is adding to his arsenal. 

The Louisville roster currently stands at 11 if you add in the five freshmen. 

After hearing Stephanie speak to the media after a tough UNC loss to Louisville in the KFC YUM! Center last season, I was impressed with her dedication towards the game, her intelligent, matter-of-fact straight forward approach in answering questions and how happy she was to have "around 40 or so" friends and family getting a chance to see her play in Louisville.

Hey, about 35-40 more chances for them to do that beginning in 2016?'s speculation. We went down that road a few fortnights back when Cardinal killer Lexie Brown left the Turtles and checked out the Belknap Campus. We know of no plans or nothing concerning any possible Mavunga motives to matriculate with Mariya or Myisha.

Just wondering aloud here on the potential and possibilities. 

We'll keep an eye open and ear to the keyhole. Personally, we think she'd look great in Cardinal Red and Black. 

And, in Chapel Hill, Sylvia Hatchell...who overcame a awe-inspiring battle against leukemia a couple of years ago now faces a new challenge. 

Filling three jerseys and 37 points from the #9 team in the nation last year. 

The life of a college basketball coach. Easiest job on the planet, right? 


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  1. Realistically what are the chances of Mavunga coming here and does anyone know who she is considering?

    Nick O.

    1. While I haven't heard anything specifically, releases such as this are frequently tied to not going to an in-conference school, so I wouldn't hold your breath on getting her at Louisville. If she did, I would expect her to have to sit out a year.

    2. Cierra Warren, if I remember correctly, was denied the switch to an in-conference school when she came to Louisville. We weren't ACC then, of course. So far, out of the 4 UNC transfers...two have gone SEC, not sure about Jsssica Washington and too early to tell about Mavunga. Not sure if they are blocking an in-conference transfer opportunity.


  2. UNC still has 40-foot Jamie Cherry. That shot still haunts me. Where was the defense?

  3. Interesting on ACC transfers:

    ACC Transfer Rule
    A student-athlete who transfers directly to an ACC institution from another ACC institution, where they were recruited and/or received any athletically related financial aid during the academic year immediately prior to the transfer is required to complete the following:
    One academic year (2 full semesters) of residency at the certifying ACC institution before being eligible to compete or to receive athletically related financial aid
    This year of residency counts for one of the student-athletes four permissible seasons of competition.
    During this year of residency the student may practice.
    A transfer student-athlete admitted after the twelfth day of class may not utilize that semester or quarter for the purpose of establishing residency.

  4. UNC is going to get slammed by the NCAA for their academic violations and the WBB program is going to get the worst of it. It is get out while you can time at Chapel Hill.

    1. UNC coach needs to be let go. For her to stay is ridiculous. This stuff was too blatant whether she knew or not.


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