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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Worldwide Takes an Encore

A New Name Team Entry/Women's World Cup

I believe we may have another nomination for the Cardinal Couple All-Name Team, though we're a little bit removed from UofL Women's athletics.

While watching the Women's World Cup game between US and Nigeria, I had trouble hearing the name of NGA's goalkeeper.  Working in IT, I kept hearing "Precious Data", which, as it turns out isn't all that far off.  Her name is Precious Dede.  NGA also has a player with the last name of Nku...I'm not sure on the pronunciation...that I'm assuming has no connection to Northern Kentucky University.

Coming into this game, the US team was sitting atop Group D after two games, but not completely safe, with 4 points.  Nigeria started the game at the bottom of Group D with only a single point.  The other two teams in the group, Australia and Sweden enter the last game of group play with 3 and 2 points, respectively.

At the end of Group D play, the US, with the win over Nigeria comes away with 7 points and win the group.  Australia and Sweden tied, resulting in Australian being second in the group and advancing with 4 points, and Sweden will advance as a third place finisher with 3 points.  That means Sweden will end up playing a team that won their group, and whoever that team is, will probably not be thrilled with winning their group and then having to face an opponent as tough as Sweden.

Cardinals in International Play

There is a Cardinal connection in the Women's World Cup, though.  Charlyn Corral played on the UofL Women's Soccer Team for a couple of years and it comes as a surprise to no one that watched her play that she is seeing some success in international play.

In the two games in the Women's World Cup so far, Mexico has one point from a tie with Columbia, who leads the group with four points, and a loss to England.  Their third and final game is today at 4 ET against France.  France and England are both sitting on three points, so Mexico, of course, really needs a win to keep playing, though France has some motivation to try to win the game, not just take the draw, in order to get better seeding in the tournament portion of the competition.

Charlyn has had six shots in Cup play, with only one being on goal so far, and none have found the back of the net.  She has played all 180 minutes of play for Mexico, so far.


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