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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Cardinal Couple

No Danger of Fishing Here...

Worldwide McAdams here, and let me assure you, you'll never see me take off to traipse with trout in any mountain stream.

While Paulie skives off for a well-deserved vacation, I have just returned, and am refreshed and ready for some more UofL Women's Athletics.

Alas, we're firmly entrenched in the summer doldrums, but that doesn't mean we're totally bereft of news to report.

Lexie Brown Decides

Lexie Brown, the hot shooting guard that decided to depart Maryland, with many commenters believing that she was hoping to continue school, and basketball playing, at a school closer to home, has made her decision.

Brown has enrolled at Duke to finish out her final two years of eligibility.  Apparently Lexie really likes the ACC with a visit to here at Louisville, in addition to Duke.

With the desire to be closer to home, it can't be too terribly much of a surprise for Ms. Brown to choose Duke.

As always, we here at Cardinal Couple wish her the best and are confident that Mad Scientist Walz has a great team lined up for us to watch when the weather turns cold.

Justine Sowry...Teases?

Not really.  Paulie alluded to the idea the other day, and Field Hockey had been posting social media items for individual games from the schedule before the full schedule was posted.  I'm sure they'll continue to post in social media, but the whole schedule is now available on the website, and it looks like a lot of fun.

They start with what I would expect to be a warm home stand with two exhibition games on Saturday and Sunday, the 23rd and 24th of August.  They start off with Iowa coming in for a friendly, and then have an alumnae match slated for the second day.

Things get started in earnest on Friday the 28th with Appalachian State, and finish the home opening on Sunday with Indiana.  A road trip out west for the next weekend takes the Cards to visit the Cal Bears and UC Davis.

The weekend of the 11st is the conference opener with the always competitive UVA coming into Trager with Liberty for the Sunday bout.  Back out on the road the next weekend with conference play at North Carolina, and the Sunday followup with James Madison.

A light weekend follows with only a single game, a Friday matchup with Wake Forest coming to Floyd Street.  The team will need to take advantage of that easy weekend, because the next is a whopper.  A Friday battle with former Cardinal head coach Pam Bustin at Duke followed by a quick trip back home to spruce up Trager in time for UMass to visit on Sunday.

The next weekend, October 9th and 11th is also split, but the travel isn't as far, with the weekend starting out at home with Syracuse, and just scooting up the road a bit to Columbus to take on Ohio State on Sunday.

Massachusetts gets the Cardinal attention the weekend of October 16th and 18th with a trip to Boston College and Northeastern.  The season finishes out on a homestand, with Central Michigan coming to down on Sunday the 25th, and the final weekend, Halloween Eve and All Hallows Day see two really tough teams to finish off the season in Michigan State and Rutgers enjoying Louisville hospitality.

The ACC tournament will be November 5th through the 8th in Charlottesville, VA.



  1. Now that I am more mobile, I should get out and see some field hockey, it is really quite a game. I also pledge to see more softball, maybe even season tickets. :)

    1. Yeah, season tickets for Softball are a real deal! $5, I think it is...gets you in to every game. Move quickly, though, those sell out fast.

      Good news, even if those sell out, you can still get into every game but one. :)

      (for those not in on the joke, Softball only sells tickets for the game against UK each year...they do sell out quickly, though)

  2. Trout fishing is good so far...we went to a nice, secluded area near Tremont and landed several "keeper" browns and a rainbow that we'll have for dinner tonight. So far, I've only lost my balance twice on slick rocks but had a close encounter with a water moccasin last evening.

    Plenty of deer to see a caught a fleeting glimpse of a black bear cub early this morning on our way to Tremont. A bit of an afternoon rest and then we're going to hit a couple of holes around Greenbriar that have done well for us in the past.

    Charlie is a traditionalist with the flies he uses. I can resort to a kernel or two of corn if the hitting is slow.

    Great time at the Fox and Parrot last night. Got a nice arrangement where we bring the cook the trout we catch and he cooks them up for all of us. We let him keep the extra...took him some nice rainbow and brown yesterday.

    Yuengling, potato pancakes, grilled squash and blackened trout. I may never come home.



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