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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lacrosse in Italy...Daley, Koloski honored -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple


The Louisville Lacrosse team has safely landed in Italy and will promote the joy and excitement of the game for the next few days there. Lake Como, Milan, Cinque Terre, Rome, Pisa and even Switzerland are on the itinerary for Kellie Young and her girls during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

They're keeping a blog over at and you can also follow their pursuits on Twitter (@LouisvilleLax) at and Facebook at

We've come up with a few helpful and suggestive "do's and don'ts" for the girls as they travel the boot-shaped country.

1) Don't attempt to straighten out the Leaning Tower of Pisa as an group-building exercise. They like it crooked.
2) Don't request a sit-down with "The Don" to discuss ACC Conference success. He might make you an offer you can't refuse and might regret.
3) Asking for directions to the nearest Chinese restaurant might be ill-conceived. Enjoy the pasta, marinara, sausages and canoli. 

4) Do try the pizza. It was originated in Italy and I hear it's pretty good stuff in the motherland. 
5) Be prepared to wait if you request an audience with the Pope. We hear he is pretty busy. Don't wear a halter top. 
6) Resist the urge to throw Coach Young in Rome's Trevi Fountain. You're a lacrosse team, not frat boys on Spring break...
7) Learn the words "amore" (love) "grazie" (Thank you) and "siete i benvenuti" (you're welcome). The Italians put great emphasis on politeness. They'll thank you for thanking them
8) Avoid swimming in the canals of Venice. Boat rides are highly recommended, though...
9) Avoid phrases like "fagettaboutit", "bada bing" and "lucido da scarpe signore" (run home and get your shine kit). You don't want to be mistaken for Robert de Niro, Tony Soprano or Joe Pesci.
10) Develop a taste for olives. The Italians have the best in the world. Olive oil and Italian bread. Bellissimo! 



Cortnee Daley and Hannah Koloski have been named to the All-ACC Academic Women's Lacrosse Team. The award honors student-athletes who have earned a 3.0 grade point average for the previous semester and maintained a 3.0 average during their academic careers. 

Daley, a senior from Hatboro, PA, earned IWLCA All-Region honors as a junior. She led Louisville in caused turnovers and was second on the squad with 47 goals. She'll be a co-captain for Louisville LAX this season. 

Koloski, who hails from Lakeville, MN, also earned IWLCA All-Region honors as a sophomore...leading Louisville with 51 goals. She had an impressive 11 hat tricks last year, including four games in a row. Throw your ball cap at her feet or give her a tip of the hat next time you see her...

Hatboro, hat tricks and Hannah...go figure.



  1. Less than two months from the first Field Hockey scrimmage! Less than two months from the first Field Hockey scrimmage!


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