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Friday, June 5, 2015

Henderson in two Women's NCAA Track and Field Championships Events -- Friday Cardinal Couple

"E" ranked 13th in shot put, 24th in discus

When the 2015 NCAA Track and Field Championships take place in Eugene, OR from June 10-1, Louisville will have two participants from the women's track and field squad. 

Emmonnie Henderson will take part in two events...the shot put and discus. The events are structured where the top 24 in the college world participate. "E" is ranked 13th. in the shot put and barely squeezed in the discus finals...ranked 24th. out of 24. 

Chanel Krause will be there also...ranked 13th in the pole vault. Her season high in the pole vault is a respectable 4.15meters (13.725 ft.). To put that in perspective, imagine her pole vaulting over the top of the backboard at the KFC YUM! Center. (and look out below...Cardinal cheerleaders!) 

"E" we know plenty the scoop on Chanel. 

You might think she's from France with that name...but she's actually from Mobile, AL. and attended St. Paul Episcopal School. She's a sophomore like Henderson and has four brothers and a sister. 

She finished 6th. in the ACC outdoor Championships and 3rd. in the indoor Championships. In the 2015 season, she won three events...all outdoor. The Georgia Tech Invitational, Louisville Twilight and Lenny Lyles-Clark Wood Invitational were her "W's".

WE wish her and "E" great successes in Oregon! 


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  1. Looks like they're both longshots to finish on the podium but cha never know.

    Good Luck Ladies!


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