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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Transfer Portal -- Walz Presser -- Community Services -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Duvall Enters Transfer Portal

Lindsey Duvall announced that she will be entering the transfer portal, meaning her time as a Cardinal has, in all probability, come and gone.

Duvall joined Louisville from right down the road in Mt Washington and Bullitt East High School.  She was a five-star prospect and was the 2017 Miss Kentucky Basketball recipient.

Duvall, who red-shirted her true freshman year, played two seasons with the Cards and will have two seasons of eligibility left.  However, Walz said that if she could not find another place that fits her that her scholarship at Louisville will be honored.

Duvall appeared in 23 games and averaged 6.2 minutes per game last season.  She shot 40% from three-point range in the 2019-2019 season.

Wherever Lindsey chooses to go we wish her the best of luck and look forward to seeing her accomplishments.

One would think her three-point skills would serve someone quite well. Internet chatter even had former Cardinal great and head WBB coach at Charleston University Becky Burke commenting favorably on Duvall on the roster. One  talented three-point shooter playing for one of the best in Cardinal history. It has possibilities, I suppose.

Jeff Walz Press Conference

University of Lousiville head women's basketball coach Jeff Walz gave a press conference via online video chat yesterday.  He sported a red polo with a white Cardinal bird head in the corner while sitting in his office at home.

Right off the bat we heard a question about Duvall, which Walz went in depth on.

Questions to follow focused on how the coaching staff is remaining in contact with the players regarding practices and workouts, as well as their travel and safety.

We heard Walz get asked about how having players getting drafted in the WNBA Draft plays a factor in recruiting.

One question that perked several ears up was his thoughts and comments on Muffet McGraw retiring. The assumption that "on-court" rivalries and words extend to off the court was shot down by Walz.

Walz was 5-14 against the Irish before McGraw retired. The Cards did win both games last year. They were blowouts.

There was also a question regarding the layoffs and furloughs, which Walz tried to keep pretty short and sweet while still responding in a professional manner.

You can check out the full video on Youtube below.

Also, thank you to Nick Evans for setting everything up and allowing us to stay in touch with Coach Walz. Paulie sat in on the teleconference and got a question in.

Community Service Recognition

13 programs at Louisville were ranked in the Top 10 nationally for their respective groups in service hours for 2019-2020.On top of their hard work in their sport and academically these student-athletes dedicate their remaining time out in the community helping others out and making the world a better place. Louisville Athletics  has had a long tradition of excelling in their social outreach from student-athletes in assisting the community, and it is also something that the players take great joy and pride in -- helping others. We salute the efforts of our Cardinals and know that they'll always be there to contribute.

Here are the rankings for each of the 13 programs:

#1 Field Hockey
#1 Lacrosse
#3 Baseball
#3 Ladybirds
#3 Men's Soccer
#3 Women's Soccer
#5 Men's Swimming
#5 Rowing
#6 Cheer
#8 Softball
#8 Women's Golf
#10 Men's Golf
#10 Women's Swimming

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!  Remember to stay safe!



  1. Coach Walz is up front and honest and that's what I love about him.

    Let's face it. Duvall saw what was there, what was ahead of her and wasn't willing to be a "Jess Laemmle" role-filler her final two years.

    I don't think she'll have any trouble catching on with another program and she'll be able to find what she seeks.

    More playing time. I hoe she remains healthy, gets a good fit and a fantastic final two years of playing time.

    Curtis "Threeeee Doooovollllll" Franklin

  2. Got to admire Lindsey. I thought she would have transferred much earlier. She hung in there and did everything right. Hope she kills it and finds a great spot with a lot of playing time. She has moxie. Go for it Lindsey.

  3. The 5-14 Walz record vs Muffet turned out pretty respectable considering at one point He was 1-13. Cards won 4 of the last 5.

  4. walz has fared poorly against the two greatest womens coacches in the game muffet and geno he also is 1-2 against tennessee and pat summitt walz is a good coach but he is not top 25 yet

    these transfer are interesting to me what is going on with your program larry from lexington

    1. No comment Larry wow really!!



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