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Friday, April 10, 2020

Jazmine Jones Interview -- Jeff Walz -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Today is Friday. Good Friday in Christianity and the continuance of Passover in the Jewish faith. Good Friday is the start, in other times, of getting together for the celebration by many with other to remember the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Easter eggs hunt, Easter Sunday dinner...all things that are traditionally done on a huge scale have been scaled back because of our social distancing mandate. It does not mean, though, that you cannot observe these days, in any faith, with those you are currently live with. 

My favorite quote about faith comes from Martin Luther King Jr, and I've put it here on today's site for you to see and reflect on.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." 

I think that faith also creates an atmosphere of all of us getting through our current hardship and getting through it together. 

Keep the faith. 


I was fortunate enough to get the honor and privilege to speak with and interview with Louisville women's basketball senior Jazmine Jones yesterday. We hooked up via telephone and discussed many things...including her life at Louisville, her future and her memories and thoughts on a wide array of subjects. 

"Jaz" is one of those players that I'll never forget. She has the unique personality, outlook on life and list of accomplishments that make my quite certain she'll leave this fair campus and go on to be an important part of our society....long after the memories of her skills and accomplishment "on the court" have finished. 

I do look so forward to following her as her life journey continues. Her beliefs, her faith and her desire and determination are things we'll need in a society that will need those aspects as we eventually all get through this. I hope you enjoy her words. 

Early on, starting when I interviewed her as a high school senior, I knew she was special. To hear her talk about the other seniors, alumni, support staff and the Cardinal WBB fan base only adds to my highly emotional thoughts of her. 

She is not centered on the WNBA right now, but keeping her self in optimum shape and conditioning for whatever open up down the road. Whatever happens on April 17th happens, I'm sure Jaz will deal with it in typical Jaz fashion, a huge smile on her face, speaking glowing of those around her and displaying her gratefulness and gratitude for having the opportunity to be where she is, whatever the situation is.   

I feel confident that Jaz would fully embrace the words of a song by Earth, Wind and Fire from years ago -- Shining Star". 

You're a shining star
No matter who you are'
Shining bright to see
What you can truly be. 




It's a sure sign of spring.

Daffodils poke their heads out of the soil to greet the sun. Tulips are not far behind. Trees begin to sprout leaves again, lawns need attention and -- Jeff Walz rumors of leaving Louisville are started by someone, somewhere -- employing acts of futile stupidity, without basis, veracity or proof. 

Just another goober from a small town trying to create headlines. 

Jeff Walz, in his own words: 

" I was never going anywhere. I've been working harder than I've ever worked trying to build the best team we've ever had at Louisville. Our staff has been recruiting like crazy." 

So, put away your speculation...conspiracy theorists. Shut your mouths, rumor mongers. Come out of your fallout shelters, put away your pitchforks and torches, ye villagers of little faith.

The kingdom that is Louisville women's basketball is safe and the the benign ruler who oversees it is still in the castle...and has no plans going to another principality.  

We told you that the brouhaha and sophomoric attempts by some journalists to create worry or to "play to" their fan bases was b.s. And, we were right. 

Return the def-con level to "5" and let's concentrate on being kinder to people, instead of spouting falsehoods for public consumption.

Ain't no cowbells in "the mad scientist" future, y'all. 



  1. Great stuff today. I will miss Jaz
    Walz never was going anywhere.

    Curtis "that's my coach" Franklin

  2. Loved the JJ interview. I'm seeing reports that she is a first round pick. It is interesting that she is not following the projections. Maybe she is just saying that though.

    I never ever figured Walz was going anywhere. He loves this town. He loves this team and the fan base.

    This stuff comes up each year. I hope you appreciate him.

    Nick O

  3. I'm going to miss jazmine a very special player on and off the court she fully embrace her time at UofL, one tap in basket from the final four. 😊😊😊😊💔💔💕💕💯💯💣💣💣💣

    1. PS best of luck with your future endeavors MS Jazmine Jones .

  4. JJ was the heart and soul of the 2019-20 squad. I will never forget her. She'll do well in the WNBA and I also wouldn't count out Yacine Diop making a name for herself in Europe once things are started up again.

    Blue Lou


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