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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Jaz Jones Teleconference -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Jaz Jones Teleconference

Recent graduated Jazmine Jones gave us a teleconference yesterday afternoon.  Kylee Shook, who was also supposed to be in the teleconference, was unable to make it.  Kylee was not feeling well. Jaz had a few things to talk about with everyone.

She has signed an agent and is eagerly awaiting the virtual WNBA Draft on Friday.  Jaz has mentioned she has been in touch with several teams and has gotten to know coaches and general managers on a more personal level.

The big news we found out from her is that Jaz did sign a contract to play with Tarbes in France.  If there is a WNBA season, Jaz will leave after that season ends.  Otherwise, she will begin her pro career overseas in August.

You can catch the full teleconference here:

If you wish to watch the WNBA Draft it will be televised on ESPN on Friday at 7:00 p.m.  As previously mentioned, it will all be virtual, so each team and all players will be in their own home Zooming and Facetiming in.

A Bit of Financial Advice

Paulie practicing social distancing before it was mandated

As we continue to move through uncertain times I thought I would give out some quick financial advice, especially with these stimulus checks hitting or about to hit.

Don't boast about your check and money coming in. Like with all incoming money, it's just opening a front door to telling someone you have money for them to come take it from you.

It's safer to leave your money in your bank account as opposed to cash.  It's protected and insured while in the bank.  If you lose cash or get robbed you're SOL.  Also, cash is the dirtiest thing on the planet.

If you do need to go to your bank or call them be prepared for things to be backed up.  My work has seen more than double the amount of calls to our call center and logins to online banking, which caused some issues like server crashes.  With lobbies closed and drive-thrus open at banks everyone is forced to go to the same place for all transactions and you might see insanely long lines.  Think of it like a major sporting event or concert that clogs the roadways that aren't designed for those rare occasions.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!  Keep taking any precautions you need in order to keep you and your families safe!


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  1. Jaz will be a valuable WNBA player because of her all-around athleticism and ability to play defense and offense. I worry about her going to France, though. Can't have my fav getting sick in a country not as advanced medically as ours.

    I haven't used cash since the start of this thing. Debit card or credit card. Even the small stuff. You really have no idea where those bills and change has been.

    Curtis "Cash? No, thanks." Franklin


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