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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday Cardinal Couple

WBB Say Thank You

With the NCAA's decision not to grant any eligibility relief to winter sports earlier this week, some finality has been reached for the graduating seniors from the Cards Women's Basketball team.  In response two of the them, two fan favorites, for sure, have written notes of thanks for their time with the squad and for the support of CardNation.

The notes were posted to social media, and I thought I would share them here.

First, from Jazmine Jones:

Dear Card Nation,

How do I sum up the depth of my gratitude for you?
You guys have been nothing but amazing and the best fans anybody could ask for.  From the moment I arrived on campus, your loyalty was never in question and you have been very welcoming to me, my family, and my teammates.

To those I have met personally and have had multiple conversations with, I am forever grateful.

I just want to say thank you to all of you.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of something special here.  Something that is that is much bigger than basketball.  Because here, at the University of Louisville it is all about family.

Everything we accomplished here in my four years, and in previous seasons, is because of our fans and your endless dedication.  Your support and your love is truly what makes our program a special place.

Even though my journey here has come to an end, I know that there will always be 10,000-plus screaming Cardinals fans who will have my back regardless of where the future takes me.

Over these last four years, you have absolutely made my dreams come true and I'll never forget the memories we created together.

Never goodbye, always see you later.

(signed) J Jones #23

Second, From Jessica Laemmle:

Dear Card Nation,

In 2013, I sat in the stands in New Orleans, with many loyal Card Nation fans, watching the University of Louisville Women's Basketball Team compete for a National Championship.
From that day forward, playing for Coach Walz became a dream of mine, and eventually a reality.

I was honored and lucky enough to participate in the 2018 Final Four, but this year was our year.  I imagined myself getting to walk into that New Orleans Arena, where just a few years earlier I was the little girl sitting in the stands with a dream.

So, first I want to thank Coach Walz and all of the Assistant Coaches for giving me the opportunity to live my dream.  Thank you to Kate, AJ, and the rest of the staff for teaching me life lessons I will use in the future.  Thank you to Kaiti and all of the sports performance coaches I have worked with who pushed me past my limits every single day.  Thank you to my teammates for believing in me.

Finally, thank you Card Nation for being the best fans in the country!  We would not be able to do what we do without our loyal fans who support us every step of the way!

I will miss wearing Louisville across my chest, but will be cheering loud and proud from the stands next year.

This is not goodbye, just see you next year!

(signed) Jessica Laemmle

I have nothing to add here.  There's no space for analysis or deconstructing what these two have said.  Those are clearly heartfelt messages and I wanted to try to share them more broadly with Card Nation.

I think, maybe, I can speak for Card Nation in saying, "No, thank you for sharing the past four years of your lives with us, we wish you nothing but the best for you in the future, and we will remain your fans and continue to cheer you on in life."

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Another Cardinal Couple Radio Hour in the can.  Another good show, I believe.  A bit a of a late entrant by Paulie, but a better show, as always, for his attendance.

We covered Soccer and Emina Ekic, the Volleyball teleconference with Coach Dani Busboom Kelly, Paulie's interview with Softball alumna Sydney Melton, and some debate about the NCAA's decision on eligibility, and finally some discussion about what the ACC women's basketball conference will be like in the coming year.

Check it out:



  1. A great recap of the week, guys, on the podcast. Also, what wonderful messages by Jess and Jazmine. Two truly unforgettable Cardinals.

    Remember, keep your distances in groceeries. We had an incident last night where a woman freaked out because a couple of kids were "out of control" running throughout the aisles. We had to ask the parent to either control them or leave the store. The parent was understanding but didn't think her kids were carriers.

    Also, remember to wear a mask of some sort in the grocery. You're protecting yourself and us workers. We all thank you.

    Curtis "where is all this toilet paper going?" Franklin

  2. Cortnee Walton is at Georgia Tech? Call me crazy but, if I were Walz, I'd be banging down the doors trying to get her back as something, anything, related to basketball.

    Does UofL WBB have a recruiting coordinator position and, if so, who's doing it?

    Nick O

    1. Samantha Williams was, before she took EKU job, in addition to being assistant coach. I can't say for sure if Jonneshia Pineda assumed the recruiting coordinator job also when she became the Cards assistant coach.

      Interesting that Georgia Tech has this position separated from any coaching type of duties while Louisville did not.

      I'll be the first to agree with you, Nick. Bring back Cortnee!



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