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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday Cardinal Couple

One More Senior Thank You

Over the past few weeks, UofL Women's Basketball social media has been posting the thank you messages from each of the seniors from the team this year.  I've transcribed the first four that were posted, now it's time for the 5th and last.

Hearing her Friday night, on the teleconference we posted in the Saturday Cardinal Couple adds credence to her words below.

From the 13th pick in the WNBA draft, Kylee Shook:

Dear Card Nation,

It seems like yesterday when I walked in as a freshman to start my career at Louisville.  In my career I have experienced so much and it has been a long and wonderful journey.

A Sweet 16, an Elite Eight, and a trip to The Final Four.

Despite this season coming to an early stop, it is a year that I will always remember with so many memories and people that I will never forget.

The coaching staff is amazing and I will never forget everything they have done for me.

Coach Walz, you helped me through my struggles on and off the court.  Coach Norman, you helped me grow as a women.  Coach B, you gave me motivation to be the best I could possibly be.

To the fans, you have a bigger impact on us than you will ever know.  You motivate us when we need you and you always have our backs.

Thank you to the University of Louisville for an amazing four years.

It was definitely a ride to remember!

(signed) Kylee Shook

I hope you have enjoyed these notes the past few weeks as much as I have.  Each of these players has made a huge impact on UofL Women's Basketball, UofL Athletics more broadly, and our community as a whole.  I believe that they have all represented those organizations with dignity and excellence and we're all just a little bit better off for having been some small part of our shared experience for the past years.

B, Kylee, Yaya, Jaz, and last, but certainly not least, Jess; thank you for your effort, your class, and the sharing of your talents.  They world is now, and undoubtedly will continue to be in the future, a better place for your being in it.

You will all be Cardinals Forever, and I'll be proud to have some small connection to the greatness that is in your futures.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Case, Paulie, and I were at it again.  Another Youtube live stream of the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.

This one was, as you might expect, nearly all about the WNBA draft.  Paulie was so excited about it, he initally skipped over the "Scheduling and Twitter" segment to get right into the discussion!

While most of the focus was on Jaz and Kylee, we did spend some time to talk about the top draft picks overall as well as the prospects of the league leading eight ACC draft picks.

We had fun, and I hope you do, too.  Check it out below!


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