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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sidney Melton Interview -- Dana announcement -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Cardinal Softball fans undoubtedly know the name Sidney Melton. 

The Columbus, OH native held down the "hot corner", or third base, for Louisville as a student-athlete from 2015-19. She holds the single game and season record for stolen bases. A multiple ALL-ACC Team selection.

Her fielding was top notch as well, her .906 fielding average is remarkable, when you consider she played third base. 

Sidney complied a.341 career batting average during her time at UofL. Beginning her career splitting time as an outfielder and at second base, she moved to third her sophomore year and was part of a dynamic "left side of the infield" with Caitlin Ferguson at shortstop for both Sandy Pearsall and Holly Aprile. 

Another side of Sidney is that she came back from an ACL injury during her junior season to have two great years for Louisville. 

Remembered for always finding a way to get on base, her blinding speed on the base paths
once she did and dependable fielding, she was a Cardinal student-athlete extraordinaire. A Google Cloud Academic All-American.

(Sidney was always one of my favorite post-game interviews during her time at UofL and a very fitting one to start with as we start to expand out from the coaches' interviews and keep you up with other people who have had an impact on Cardinal Athletics.) 

Sidney is still in Louisville, attending UofL and working/studying as a rehabilitation specialist. Spending time learning how to help those who have had hip, knee and other injuries cross the bridge from surgery to ambulatory pursuits again. 

I caught up with her Tuesday via phone and we had a delightful, informative and revealing conversation about past, current and future.

She rooms with softball senior Celene Funke (you can imagine how topsy-turvy and never boring that house is !) and stays in touch with former and current UofL softball student-athletes. 

When Sidney got on base, you knew she was going to "go", and opposing teams couldn't stop her. We're confident that'll be the story as she progresses in her life/career after being a student/athlete. She's hit the ground running and nothing's going to stop her.  

We really appreciate Sidney taking the time from her busy, productive schedule to share her story with us, and...we're sure you'll enjoy our chat with her. Link below: 



So, sensational, rumor-mongering and yellow sports journalism strikes out again. We told you she wasn't going anywhere. "They" told you Jeff Walz was headed to Tennessee and Dana was going to the WNBA. "They" head back to the dugout, bat-on-shoulder...another strike out. 

"They" won't retract or apologize for their incorrect, misleading reporting. "They" hope you'll forget about another one of their blunders and incorrect reports.  We stick to the truth and the positives of what we do here, the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports. The "one great newspaper, a certain television station and a so-called sports journalist" wipe the creme pie from their faces and we wonder if they'll eventually learn that responsible and accurate journalism still exists. What'll they "mis-inform" on next?

The clown show continues...


UofL head Volleyball coach Dani Busboom Kelly is holding a tele-conference today at 2 p.m.

I've asked our Volleyball guru Jeff McAdams to represent us on the call and take the comments and questions and turn them into a Thursday article.

That would move Jared to Friday for his second "write" of the week. ( I haven't checked with Holly Aprile about the lineup change yet, but...Coach would probably give us the "go" sign with a series of hand and arm gestures is my guess...)

We hope you enjoy the Sidney interview, hope you are staying safe, distancing and healthy. We'll get through this, we're all in it together, and keep the faith Cardinal nation. 



  1. Great interview with Melton today! She is something special. Paulie, don't mistake either Kent Spencer, Jody Demling or anyone at the Courier-Journal as sports journalist. They are cocker-spaniels at a golden Labrador convention. Spencer couldn't differentiate a basketball from a water fountain.

    Curtis "doesn't read or listen to morons" Franklin.

  2. I appreciate the interview work you guys are doing with UofL women's sports figures.

    So glad Dana is staying. I have to laugh at all the chicken littles out there that were running around saying the sky was falling and Dana was leaving. Spencer is a joke and WHAS sports is a joke,especially with that eerie chick who is on there.

    Demling is nothing but an message boy sent by grocery clerks to schlepp tasks they don't have any interest in. In the sports reporting scheme, he is the Goofy of Disneyland.

    Nick O.

  3. Let's try and be a bit tolerant on calling out specific people. Got a great thank you message from Sidney Melton on our interview. She's a class act and one of the shining examples of the joy and excitement of UofL Womens sports.


  4. I would serve as a reference on any resume Sidney Melton might need down the road!

    Blue Lou

  5. Hello friends! Arthur here!

    It's been awhile since I've checked in with my Cardinal buddies and I hope you are doing well. Bea and I are fine, listening to and following the advice what the governmental officials are recommending we do. We hit the grocery once a week, we don't hoard and we wash and sanitize a lot.

    Since we are both over 65, we are being careful.

    Social distancing for us means more yard work and gardening. These are two things we love, anyway, so it's not that big a change. We miss our trips to Clemson to view sporting events. It's softball and baseball season as you know and we miss seeing that.

    A GREAT INTERVIEW WITH SIDNEY! Paulie. She is something special.

    Hard to believe we started this month down in Greensboro watching women's hoops at the ACC TOURNAMENT and are now faced with this pandemic. I suppose we are lucky, Paulie, that COvID-9 wasn't here in great numbers back then. I know you were in crowds, met with a lot of people and so did we. And, it turns out, as you know they cancelled the men's tournament right after we left the women's tournament.

    I hope all of you are safe. I know Jared talks about his banking duties and I pray that he doesn't get sick, since that involves money and people, two easy ways to pass the virus. I hope Jeff and Case are safe and working at home.

    Paulie, enjoyed our phone chat last night and thanks for explaining to me in detail this Dana dilemma. Journalism has changed so much over the years. There used to be honor, respect, honesty and pride in that profession. Those qualities are hard to find anymore. I was glad to see the new today that she'll be back, but I bet a lot of ACC coaches are tossing their laptops across the room, realizing that they've got another year of Evans Excellence to deal with.

    One more thing. If you are going to wear the disposable gloves to stores and such, please don't discard them in the parking lot after you get in your car. REMEMBER, someone has to pick up after your slovenly ways and actions and what if your actions get them sick? Act like an adult, if it applies. Use a trash can. Think about how your actions can affect others, not just yourself.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  6. same thing on the sterile gloves here Arthur. people are pigs.

  7. That's beautiful, man.



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