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Friday, April 3, 2020

Helper Helper Team Challenge -- Photo Highlights: Basketball -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Helper Helper Team Challenge

The University of Louisville Athletics program is no stranger to community service and putting forth a helping hand.  Once again, they find themselves among the best in the country at it.

Both women's soccer and field hockey were ranked in the Top 40 of the Spring Helper Helper Team Challenge, with the two ranking 26th and 37th, respectively.  The spring portion ran from Jan. 1 through March 16, when the world came to a halt following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Women's soccer logged an accumulated 288 service hours with 15 different organizations following a 90% volunteer participation.

Field hockey logged an accumulated 233 service hours with 14 different organizations following a 100% volunteer participation.

The student-athletes are not required to participate in the events and may sometimes miss due to class or personal conflicts.  However, UofL encourages the student-athletes to participate and a majority of them are more than willing to do so.

Back in the fall of 2019, Louisville took the top spot in the NCAA Team Works Award Competition.  The competition ran from Sept. 1 through Dec. 6.  718 Louisville student-athletes logged a combined 6827 service hours.

We already get the opportunity to talk about the joys and successes on the respective fields, courts, and pitches, but we LOVE to brag on their off-the-field accomplishments!  Awards and recognition like the previously mentioned one show the true, kind-hearted character of the student-athletes at Louisville, making it another reason why Louisville is the top athletics program in the country!

Photo Highlights: Basketball

We have reached the end of our photo highlights for winter and spring sports.  Basketball is by far our most popular sport here at Cardinal Couple, and I had the home season and a road game at Kentucky to spend quite a bit of time going through photos.  I decided on just one photo from each game as to not clog the site with 100ish photos.  Here are some of the highlights from the season...

Goodness, going through the photos from this season brought out some emotion as I reflected on a season that was cut short.  Also, on a side note, there were some nice alternate jerseys this season.

Remember to continue to take precautions like social distancing and washing hands.  Together, we can get through this.

Happy Friday and Go Cards!


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  1. Great photos Jared and great accomplishments Louisville student-athletes. We forget sometimes that these ARE student-athletes. I pray they are all safe and healthy.

    Curtis "Hit the court, hit the books" Franklin


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