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Monday, April 13, 2020

Photo Highlights: Women's Soccer -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Photo Highlights: Women's Soccer

Paulie and I traded days today, as he is working on a special interview for y'all.  Today, we wrap up looking at photo highlights.  Louisville women's soccer had a great year that saw them advance to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, and also had wins in the regular season against Top 10 foes Vanderbilt and Clemson.

What are you doing during your time in quarantine and isolation?  For me, it has been lots of movie streaming, video games, and catching up on editing photos.  Of course, I still have work most days too.

Let us know what you're doing to pass the time.

Happy Monday, stay safe, and Go Cards!



  1. Great photos Jared!

    What a season for WSOC!

    My days haven't changed a whole lot since all this started. I primarily work, eat, sleep and watch television. In eating, that's been altered a lot. I do a lot more "takeout" and "delivery" obviously instead of "dine in".

    My exercise is combined with work. After an eight hour (or longer) shift at the grocery, I am usually pretty tired. Also, God bless those truck drivers who bring us stuff to put on the shelves. Without them, we'd have nothing to offer the public. People talk about us being "heroes" (and I don't really think we are, but, whatever) but those guys (and gals) in the 18-wheelers are definitely heroes.

    This may shock you, but I am also learning to prepare meals for myself. I find simple recipes of foods I like on the internet and get the ingredients. Since I'm cooking for just me, I scale them back a bit. I've never been a big "leftover fan", so I adjust accordingly.

    I like "classic" movies, also. After work yesterday, one of the channels was running an Alfred Hitchcock series of movies. I made it through "Read Window" and "Psycho" before sleep overtook me.

    Stay safe and healthy, all.

    Curtis "Going by the book" Franklin

  2. I like the photos but I wish Jared would have included a few close-up goalie shots. Gabby K did a wonderful job for the Cards.

    What special interview are you working on Paulie? President Trump? Muffet McGraw? Oprah Winfrey? Toss us a bone here!

    The g/f and I are staying busy with her pet Labrador. She has a house, I moved in way before the virus and we have discussed marriage after all this is over.

    She's not much into yard work, so I am doing those things. Grass cutting, weed trimming, sidewalk edging, mulch-spreading and stuff like that.

    We have been watching movies, too. There is not much better than sitting on the couch, with a big bowl of popcorn and catching some on the latest movies available on channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz.

    Maintaining. Surviving. Facing this thing one day at a time and remembering we are all in it together. Checking on her elderly parents, my mom and my crazy uncle, who is convinced this is all going to be over any day now. The man still drives to a now-closed golf course every day the weather is good and walks/plays 18 holes.

    We all have our diversions, I suppose.

    Nick O.

  3. More of Jared wonderful work today. We'll reveal our interview tomorrow. I can tell you it isn't Trump or Biden...😂


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