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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Louisville Women's Basketball, Volleyball as seen by Jared Anderson -- Paulie on Jurich v. Board WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Two months until Christmas! That means women's basketball is that much sooner. For you Facebook-ers, the UofL women's basketball official Facebook site has started creating events for all of their games. Friend them up, there will be a lot of good stuff there in the months to come. 

If you haven't read Tuesday's post here yet, Paulie went into great detail about their annual luncheon from Monday. There are quite a few interviews to listen to, including the always interesting "takes" from Coach Jeff Walz. He has complete confidence in this team's ability and their chances to be successful. How do you define success for them. Tell us in the comments section.

Also listen to Paulie's zany chat with the lovable Sam Purcell. I want to see this proposed "best out of ten" free throw showdown. My money's on Purcell. 

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Volleyball's Tess Clark and her magical ways of 1,000 kills take the "serve and block" Cards up to South Bend tonight for a midweek match against Notre Dame. No Touchdown Jesus involved in this contest but perhaps Ace Jesus will be sitting on the Cardinal bench. Anything to help clean up the service errors we saw when Dani Busboom Kelly's wide-netters visited the Sunshine State. 

The Fighting Irish enter the contest at 16-5 while barely clinging onto a conference record above .500 at 6-4. That ACC mark ties them with Duke for sixth place in the standings. Notre Dame has 224 blocks on the year, which could provide the Cards some trouble. In recent years tall teams that block well have been Louisville's Achilles heel, including last year's matchup. 

Each team defended their home turf well and the Cards were led by a stat sheet filled by Morgan Miller. Besides the 224 blocks, the Irish also have recorded 123 aces on the year. The Cards back row of Molly Sauer, Gabby Wiley and a hopefully healthy Alexis Hamilton (how about that tongue twister) that should be off concussion protocol should be able to hold down the fort just fine. 

Louisville has some nice numbers of their own, including Tess's thousand kills. Jasmine Bennett and Maggie DeJong have teamed up in the middle blocker position quite well, recording 40 and 41 blocks apiece. 

This past week the Cards (8-2 in conference) were listed as having the 36th. toughest schedule in DI -- which is something I fully concur with. Those darn Big 10 games from early in the season at least look good for this stat. Also, UofL received some votes in the latest polls, but have not reached a top 25 ranking yet. A win tonight and a win against ACC #1 ranked Pittsburgh on Friday could boost the Cards into the rarefied air of top 25. 

Notre Dame leads the all-time series 20-15 against UofL but tonight is a wonderful opportunity to close the gap an make the win streak against the blue and gold two games. A win would also give the Cards a two game win streak since they foiled  FSU in Tallahassee on Sunday. 

Both contests will be shown on the ACC Network Extra. 7:00 tonight. You might want to catch the Friday match at Cardinal Arena to cheer on these gals. 

Go Cards! 
Jared Anderson 

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(Some thoughts from Paulie on Star Wars XII: The Jurich Strikes Back) 

Put your hands in the air like you just don't care! 
Dr. Greg Postel's letter to Tom Jurich outlining the reasons for his firing and Jurich's response have been released because of the Freedom of Information mandates and neither appear to be happy campers. 

Postel alleges that Jurich promoted zero tolerance for infractions, failed to supervise head coaches, demonstrated ineffective management responsibilities and exhibited a lack of collegiality. 

Jurich, through his legal counsel, claims that Postel and the University's board are smearing his reputation and Jurich unequivocally denies the allegations and implications. 

This donnybrook is far from over. I can't wait to see if Jurich will write a book about his life and times at UofL. Hey, if Colin Kapernick can...why not T.J.???

Can we work Muffet McGraw into
the mix? 
So, the mudslinging, pie-in-the-face proceedings are underway. Grab some popcorn and have a seat Cardinal fans. This one could be a extra-innings affair. Forget that several UofL athletic teams are battling for conference titles and have key games ahead. The public wants blood and it looks like they're gonna get it. Claws out, kittens! 

Maybe we could add a few hookers, some bogus on-line classes, mad NFL stars charging from the sidelines to confront befuddled officials, Abbott and Costello's classic "Who's On First?" and some Led Zeppelin live to make this another nation-wide headline grabbing embarrassment for our dear and beloved alma mater UofL.  Go to your corners, boys and come out swinging when you hear the bell...this pi---ng contest is on, who's got the fuller bladder? 



  1. All Postel and the board have done here is cost the University millions of dollars in their bungled attempts to fire people and they've tried to ruin the athletic department.

    Remain CARD STRONG readers.

    Blue Lou

  2. I expect this team to be a Final Four team. They have the tools and talent and coaching. This is how I design success for them.

    The Deb Factor

  3. I'm going to take a different and probably unpopular stance. Louisville has no rebounding. Neither Hines nor Shook are board aggressive. Too early to tell on Kakala and Dunham. Maybe Fuehring ends up as the leading rebounder. This team will miss Mariya Moore and there are questions at point guard and wing for me.

    I'd be happy with a top four ACC finish, top 25 ranking an maybe hosting the first and second NCAA Tournament Rounds. I don't see them headed to Columbus for the Final Four and won't get past the Sweet Sixteen.

    Stan Kowalski

  4. The Bird Lady10/25/2017 3:01 PM

    Point guard is on lock. Arica is going to be even better with her year of seeing the game as a coach does. Dana is young but she plays tough. Myisha had 17 double doubles. Not sure you can call her out for lack of rebounding. Kylie is stronger. Sam is going to be a force to be reckoned with. She is stronger and faster and is out to prove it. Moore was a talent for sure but I never felt like she was 100 a Cardinal. She followed her heart and I am in no way hating on her. I see us being fine without her. And as good as Asia was last year, she is even better coming in. Playing on the USA team and practicing with some of the best pros this summer have brought her to a new level. I won't put specifics on if the team makes it to a certain round they are successful, but I think if we stay healthy and cohesive as a team and in effort that we will be playing in Columbus come spring.

    I am on team Jurich needed to go but I think it has been done in the most idiotic way ever and will end up costing UofL way more than it should in money and PR. (I first wrote reputation but changed it because I think Pitino and staff have already sufficiently sullied that)

  5. Ok ok Stan did you Actually watch any of the games last year? If so perhaps you were catnapping in between rebounds! MHA rocked it last year! And are we still going on about what's her name?? Oh the QUITTER Mayriya let's give it a rest already I'm no HATER either but it doesn't look like we will not be lacking in the guard spot! Mariya will be fine watching the season pass by so she can play her last year closer to home! Can't wait for the season to start! Go MHA have a blast with your senior year!

    1. Probably watched more than u did Denise ;)

      Stan Kowalski

    2. I honestly think that the rebounding will be fine. Myisha has been very aggressive on the board (I've seen a few practices), Sam Fuehring is an absolute commando on the board and Kylee was also mixing it up quite well before she had her foot put in the walking boot. Even Cortnee Walton, who has been practicing with "the guys scout team" says she's had her hands full with Myisha.

      Loretta Kakala also has been getting nice comments about her being unstoppable scoring in the paint.

      Point guard will be fine. They've been using all three in the rotation and they really don't lose much even when Jessica is in.

      You're gonna love how Jaz Jones looks this year. Trust me.


    3. I watched plenty of games Stan obviously your out of touch because the rest of us know what 17 double doubles are and how hard MHA worked for that accomplishment!..I'll break it down for ya....that means a player has scored 10 or more point plus 10 or more rebounds....Get it?!

    4. I agree with denise, mariya did quit on the team who does that.
      Go cards 100

  6. The Bird Lady10/26/2017 5:04 PM

    Jaz is scary quick

  7. What's the cards wbb starting line up this year team?

  8. MHA,Arica,Asia,Sam and Kylee/jazzy😉

    1. Can't argue that much...but, as we all know, it's the five you have out there in a close game with two minutes to go.

      I'll venture Arica Carter, Asia Durr, Myisha Hines-Allen, Sam Fuehring and Jaz Jones.


  9. Nice starting and Closing lineups .
    AC, most valuable player.Can wait Anticipation it's making me wait lol.

  10. Stan Kowalski rocks. I like someone who goes against the herd no matter how unpopular.


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