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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Worldwide Looks On The Bright Side -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

First off...

You might have figured out that many of us here at Cardinal Couple like musical references and borrowing themes from songs.

Today's theme: "Always Look On the Bright Side of Life" from Monty Python's Life of Brian.

You can listen to the tune advised there is one "potty" word in the lyrics...if that kind of thing brings you down. There were plenty of potty words out at PJCS yesterday...

To that end, we're going to keep this first section really short.


Boston College, who is, let's face it, the traditional doormat of the ACC Atlantic division, came in to
PJCS and hung an L on the Cardinal Football team, 45-42.  Novels could be written about this one, and I suspect, if you combine the output of various sports media properties associated with Cardinal Athletics, essentially one has already been written.

Paulie reports that Louisville played
 "efense" quite a bit  ( no "D") 

Moving on.

Swimming and Diving

The SMU Classic has wrapped up and UofL Swimming and Diving finished the competition in 2nd place.  8th ranked USC just narrowly edged UofL out of the top spot, by half a point.  UofL came into the competition ranked 7th, and beat out 6th ranked Michigan by 8 and a half points.

Mallory Comerford won all 3 of the events she entered, the 500 free...she's not just a sprinter, folks...the 100 free, and the 200 free relay.  Beyond those victories, there were a lot of 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

The other victory for the Cards last night was in the 200 medley relay, with Alina Kendzior, Maria Astashkina, Grace Oglesby, and Lainey Visscher.  Molly Fears, who won the 1-meter springboard event Friday evening, came in 4th in the 3-meter event.

This meet was a great showing, in a unique format, by one of the most successful teams at UofL right now against very high level competition.

Field Hockey

We've said it many times before.  ACC Field Hockey is mind-bogglingly good.  UofL met the latest
challenge in the conference gauntlet with the #11 Cardinals squad meeting the #5 North Carolina squad.  

While it was a bit of a lackluster first half, they did go into halftime tied with the TarHeels at one apiece.  The Cardinals goal came on a corner with 12 minutes left in the first half.  Marisa Martin Pelegrina inbounded the corner, Katie Walsh provided the stop, and Minout "I score goals" Mink fired it home.  If you're keeping track, and I think Jared has given up at this point, that's a team leading nine for her on the season.

The Cardinals would score again early in the 2nd half on another corner.  Abby Grimes gets the tally on this one off the stop by Marigrace Ragsdale.  The insert came from Marisa Martin Pelegrina.  UNC would tie it up again at 2-2 on a rebound from a shot.  The final, game winning, score of the game came just a couple of minutes later with just under 10 minutes left in the game when Taylor Stone to the rock to the hole unassisted.

With about 8 minutes left in the game, UNC called a timeout and lifted their GK to get a little more offense on the field.  The Cards were able to hold off the extra attacking and finish out the game with the 3-2 win.

This is another huge positive result for the Field Hockey squad.  After their woes early in the season on penalty corners, it's good to see them pull that part of play together and get two goals out of their corners.

In ACC standings, this win leaves the Cards tied for 1st with only Virginia, dropping UNC to 3-2, compared to the 4-1 records of UofL and UVA.  Duke also holds a 3-2 record to hold the tie with UNC in 3rd.  Beyond that, the standings are Wake Forest at 2-3, Syracuse at 2-4, and Boston College at 0-5. The Cards face the Hoos next (at Virginia) for top spot in the conference. 

Next Up

On tap today, all four of the golf and tennis squads are in action.  Only Men's Tennis is here in the 'Ville, at Bass-Rudd hosting the Louisville Invitational.

For a entry in the  Panera Card the FIRST
to identify this guy in front
 (by name in movie) in the
comments section.
In team sports, Volleyball finishes the weekend at home with a 3 o'clock start (note the later than
typical start time!) against Georgia Tech.  I've said in past articles and on the radio that GT really shouldn't be a major challenge for this UofL team the way the Cards have been playing, Dani Busboom Kelly, after the Clemson match Friday, disagreed, and GT really is something of an enigma.  In one week of play, they lost in four to Boston College, who isn't an absolutely awful team...but they're not very good, either.  Then they go in Friday and beat Notre Dame in 4.  OK, Notre Dame isn't the powerhouse they used to be, they're rebuilding (and rebuilding fast!), but they can put up some stiff competition and GT rose to the challenge.  Admittedly, Notre Dame is also a bit of an enigma this year, having split a two match home and home weekend with Ohio State, though that's somewhat explicable by pointing out that each team won on their home floor.  Then they went 1-1 on a weekend at home losing to Miami and beating Florida State.  And, ok, you can kind of explain that by pointing out that FSU isn't nearly as good as we thought they were early in the season, but they are still a good team.

The takeaway from all of this I think can only be, if you're trying to predict outcomes in ACC volleyball right now, Good Luck!  If UofL shows up and plays the way that we know they are capable of playing, this should be a win today, but things are topsy turvy enough around the conference that it's really hard to get a good feel of how good various teams are, and that certainly includes the engineers from Atlanta.

This one will be on the ACC Network Extra. Could we possibly get out buddy Cortnee Walton doing some audio?


Julie JC Sullivan also goes by the
moniker "Bird Lady".  
The recording of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour is up on the Soundcloud.  You can listen to the replay, here.  I was able to catch most of the broadcast via TuneIn in my car on my way to Indianapolis where I joined my mother for a zany 20 minute dash in and out of an opening weekend Ikea store.  What I will say is that the Swedes (did you know that they're actually headquartered in The Netherlands, now?) know how to do traffic and crowd control really well.  Over 7,000 had entered the store as we were going in at around 1pm, and yet we were able to make it in, pick up what we needed and get out in 20 minutes.  Impressive!

Back on topic, I was able to hear Jared, JC, and Case cover the latest, and deal with the tense confusion of pre-recorded shows ("This event will have been played by the time you hear this.").  They did a fine job, and it was an excellent show, please check it out if you didn't hear it at broadcast time.



  1. Love that movie. Not so much in love with Louisville Football these days. Was there, up in the cheap seats. Quite fittingly, there was "drunk guy" leaning forward, puked his shoes as we were leaving.

    I have an entry already for the card, so I won't enter again. But I know who it is.

    Nick O.

    1. Yeah, it was a puke-worthy performance but Lamar did everything he could to get us back into it.


  2. Did anyone go to the men's basketball scrimmage Friday night? My understanding was that the women were going to have 10 minutes on the court (at halftime?)

    1. I was at Volleyball, but, yes, they did have about 10 minutes at halftime of the Men's scrimmage, is what I hear. Thoughts from anyone that was there would be welcomed.

    2. So...from what I heard from someone at football yesterday....they got about seven minutes, the squad played against the WBB guys practice group and Myisha and Asia did not take part in the scrimmage. Heard Asia looked good, so did Jaz.

      More observations would be great.


    3. I didn't go. Heard about 8,000 were there and most of them probably went for food or beverage at the half so very few probably stayed in their seats to watch them.

      BTW...that mystery picture today is no other than Judge Smells from Caddyshack. His best role ever!

      The Deb Factor

    4. Actually it's Judge Smails...but we'll not be persnicity here and give you credit. Congrats you are in the drawing

  3. The Bird Lady10/15/2017 3:05 PM

    I was embarrassed by our fans yesterday. Booing our team. People yelling that the kids have no heart. Why would they ever care about a fan base that would boo them? The crowd behavior pretty much killed any chance with the recruiting visits. I have no issues with criticizing coaches. They are paid big bucks and it is part of the job. If a player performs poorly, it is on the coaches. Either coach him up, motivate him or don't continue to play him. Whatever the problem(s) are Petrino needs to own up to them and address them head on. From his post game and Inside The Cards on WAVE 3 it sure doesn't sound like it. I hope he is just playing PR and is making changes behind the scenes.

    And what is with the team not going over and singing with the band after losses? We need tradition and that tradition needs to be followed win or lose. It builds character. It shows pride and honor. UofL desperately needs a boost in that department.

    1. Given the way the day went, they probably would have sang off-key and forgotten the words
      I don't like booing the players either
      I'm sure they felt bad enough

    2. I don't think you bring the players over to sing after a loss. Just like you don't send them around the perimeter to slap hands with the fans.

      You celebrate wins. You reflect on and figure out ways to circumvent losses. I've never figured out why they drag out players to the media rooms to have to face questions after losses. Coaches, yes, but players, NO!

      When I played on the collegiate level, our locker room was completely silent after our coach lit in to us. You didn't sign autographs, you didn't stand in front of pep bands. You shut up, thought about what your coach just said and how you were going to help your teammates win the next one.

      I had one of the most fiery coaches in college football at the time when I played. I'm pretty sure they had to repaint the visitors locker room and replace a few trash cans when we lost on the road (which wasn't often).

      3rd and short


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