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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Judgement Day for Jurich?...Men's Soccer WIns and Comerford conquers! -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


It is being reported by major news outlets  that Tom Jurich will  be fired today at the 1 p.m. UofL Board of trustees meeting. A surreal feeling. Negotiations have reportedly broken off and Jurich is expected to be fired with cause. 

A sad day for UofL. 

The UofL Board of Directors are scheduled to meet today and discuss Tom Jurich. The Cardinal Athletic director is on paid suspension leave. One would think common sense would prevail here and the popular Vice President of Athletics at UofL would be retained. The students, coaches and sponsors are behind him. 

Who said the board (especially David Grissom) had any sense, though? Too many egos, posturing attempts and self-promoted attitudes of superiority exist behind those executive session closed doors...and...why is an interim president helping decide the fate of a man who has re-shaped and re-structures UofL athletics for the better over the last two decades? It's like a Little Leaguer giving a New York Yankee batting tips.

UofL Athletics continue to get uglier in the political side of things. Not wanting to bring down the mood of today's article, I will leave the Jurich, Pitino and adidas issues for the rest of the "A" team at Cardinal Couple to pick up and run with if they desire. I've given my two cents worth on the subject on the air previously and on these pages. Keep Tom. 


Congratulations to men's soccer on their overtime road win out of conference again the Charlotte 49ers last night. The Cards prevailed 1-0 with Liam Bennett getting his first career goal in the 95th. minute of action. The Cards are 10-1-3 on the season. 

On a night where the Cards struggled offensive most of the way, Bennett booted a right-footed rocket toward the upper left part of the goal that eluded the 49ers goalkeep and ended the Golden Goal action. 

UofL head men's soccer coach Ken Lolla comments: 

"It was an incredible goal by Liam to get the win. On a night where we weren't at our best we gutted it out and found a way to win." 

The #5 Cards return home to face N.C. State on Saturday night. Game time is 7 p.m. The Cards will honor their senior class before the contest. 


Louisville women's soccer hasn't been successful as their men counterparts this season but are closing out their regular season as well. The final home game takes place Thursday when the Wake Forest Demon Deacons visit. We say farewell. The Cardinal seniors were honored over the last weekend with parents present -- including Inger Katrine Bjerke's mom who flew in from Norway for the event -- and these five seniors get congratulations from me and the rest of the Cardinal Couple staff for everything they've done on and off the pitch. 

The Kickin' Cards are 9-6 on the season and have two more games remaining in the regular season after facing WFU. They'll travel to North Carolina and make stops at Chapel Hill to face UNC and Raleigh for a tangle with N.C. State. 

Karen (right) entertains the media back in 2016
The ACC Tournament begins 10/29 and the top eight teams in the conference will participate. As of now,  Louisville is in eight place...and their final three regular season foes are second (UNC), third (NC State) and sixth (Wake Forest) in the conference it's a tough road ahead for Karen Ferguson Dayes' pitch-runners. 

A key for the Cards' success is freshman Emina Ekic. Eyes will be upon her as she continues to show her unreal talent. She hopes to extend her team-leading seven scores on the season. Close to a double-figure goals scored stat, we maybe a wee bit late in the season to see her hit double figures this year but I'll toss another bold Jared prediction out there and state that she WILL have a double-digit season in her career here at the "Ville". 


A major shout-out to Mallory Comerford and the women's swimming and diving team! Mal was named the ACC Swimmer of the Week, something we will see a lot more of as the season progresses. This national champion has started the season strong and took gold in four events in the last two weekends. 

She holds the fastest times this year in three events and one relay. 

The team made a splash (pun intended) at the SMU Classic. Our ladies in red and black finished second in team competition and only 1/2 point behind #7 USC. They bested #6 Michigan and #21 UCLA. Keep your eye on Arthur Albiero's team and their top ten efforts.


Paulie and Al Parrish discuss world domination
while Sonja sleeps. 
Finally having my first Saturday off in awhile that doesn't include filling out people's deposit slips, turning 20's into fives and tens, or watching a disappointing football team flounder on the field -- I will rejoin the all star cast in the studio Saturday. Last week, Case, Julie JC (no periods) Sullivan and I did the pre-record for the show on Thursday night since Paulie was introducing speakers at Sportsmen's Supper Club and Worldwide Jeff was also occupied. On Saturday...Paulie prowled Papa John's Stadium and Worldwide Jeff raided Indianapolis' new IKEA outlet. 

The pre-record went well, by all accounts, but It'll be good to be back live in the basement on the hill Saturday and I just might have a few more bold Jared predictions for you. 

Go Cards!
Jared Anderson  


  1. I admit to not knowing all the information that the Board of Trustees have, but it just seems to me that firing Jurich is "throwing out the baby with the bath water." I think they did the right thing with Pitino but Jurich, eh, maybe not. At least Floyd Street could be renamed Jurich Way.

  2. Your Board of Trustees must be on drugs. Firing the best Athletic Director in college sports? Mr. Jurich...please consider Clemson.

    #1 Clemson fan
    Your friend, Arthur
    Greer, SC

  3. Jeez, Paulie and Cardinal Couple crew. My heart goes out to you guys. Seeing Jurich gone is unbelievable. Interim President Postal is a inefficient, power seeking bureaucrat and I hope and pray that he doesn't become the next President.

    The board of trustees doesn't care about athletics, is on your Governor Bevin's puppet strings and if they do fire Jurich, then I would blame Louisville's major athletic funders to walk away and wash their hands of sponsorship dollars.

    I hope the board reconsiders.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. Get ready for lawsuit city, folks. I do not think everything is going to fall apart in UofL Athletics but there are a lot of people walking around the Belknap Campus with very tight a$$e$ today...



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