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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

On Jurich and the Big Five -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


First off, Happy National Taco Day! Or, if you're still stressed out about everything happening over in the Louisville Athletic Department -- Happy National Vodka Day. Be careful in combining the two.

I won't spend a lot of time on today's article on the hot mess athletics is in, but, as Paulie mentioned in Tuesday article, we saw Vince Tyra take the acting Athletic Director position. Technically, he would be an acting A.D. since Jurich is still employed by the University and being paid by them -- just unable to perform his duties currently. However, that's me being picky so don't mind grumpy ol' me. Maybe it's because I didn't get in on the 7/2 morning line odds Paulie had offered on him. 

Vince has proven over the years that he is a successful businessman, a leader and one who doesn't try to draw a lot of attention to himself. He just comes in and takes care of things. Maybe that's what UofL needs right now. 

My latest guess is that we'll see Jurich remain Athletic Director once things settle. He has built up the program tremendously in his years here at UofL, so, it's hard for me to see Louisville letting him go. 

Secondly, the head coaches of the programs have unanimously been in support of him. Whether that is because they truly do support him or fear the risk of losing their jobs for disagreeing we'll never know for sure, but there is genuine love for him on campus. 

Finally, major donors such as Jim Patterson and Mark Lynn have publicly shown their support for Tom Terrific. Let's be real. You don't upset the money donors. Especially when they have stadiums named after them. Money talks. $$$$ can get you a lot of places in today's society. On the other foot, ultimately, it was money that caused this freaking FBI investigation to begin with. 

Let's get to some good news to brighten everyone's day.

Remember me? Put me in the comments section to be
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Football comes early this week. #17 Louisville visits Carter-Finley Stadium Thursday night for a 8:00 p.m. game against the North Carolina State WolfPack. This is an ESPN game, so you should have no trouble accessing it. The last time the Cards faced N.C. State in Raleigh was in 2015. And, who was their starting QB at the time? He's currently filling in for the injured Andrew Luck for the Indianapolis Colts. His picture is posted to the left. Shoot us a comment on who that is to be entered for a drawing that can get you a $20 Panera Card. Panera! Did someone say Panera? Yes please. Have some!
First correct answer gets entered. I'm pretty sure it isn't Tom Brady.  

Louisville defeated N.C. State on that day back in '15 by a 20-13 score. They demolished the "Pack" here in the 'Ville 54-13 on Homecoming Day last year. If you aren't interested in watching the game...which is a "Blackout"...for the hits and touchdowns, you can always watch their twin mascots Mr. and Mrs. Wuf.  Sorry, Paulie. Ms. Wuf is spoken for. 
Wonder if Ms. Wuf is still hanging
around with this disappointment?

This one picked up a whole lot more interest when N.C. State knocked off F.S.U. earlier this season. The  "Wolfies" have a very strong front seven and it wouldn't surprise me at all if their starting four defensive linemen end up in the NFL. That will be a huge test for the Cards much-maligned offensive line and it could have Lamar Jackson on the move quite often. 

Melanie McHenry was named ACC Volleyball Player of the Week, thanks to her stellar performance against F.S.U. and Miami in Cardinal Arena. She is now a nominee for Hero of The Week Award. This award recognizes the best individual performances of the week for NCAA Sports. Fans vote to determine the winner, so let's shoe the sophomore some love and go vote. 


Our pal Lori Korte stepped away from her fall Field Hockey duties long enough to give us some softball news. In fact, it relates to my favorite news about our sports teams academic success. UofL Softball has earned 2016-17 Easton/National FastPitch Coaches Association Academic Team honors. They posted a 3.45 GPA. The Cards were one of 149 teams to earn the honor and we are the highest of seven ACC teams listed. Not only are the "hit and pitch" girls good on the diamond but they're brainiacs! 

With what I call the "Big Five" fall sports (Football, men's Soccer, women's Soccer, Volleyball and Field Hockey) all on the road this week and weekend things will be a bit dull down on the Belknap Campus. Maybe that's good, in a way. Let's face it,  watching games at home online or on TV is no substitute for cheering in person at feel free to keep me entertained the next few days, y'all. I'll miss the gang on Saturday on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour but Paulie's been busy lining up a couple of very special guests that he'll reveal to us in his Thursday column.

EDITOR'S NOTE...I wanted to get this read from Jack Coffee over at Louisville Rivals up for all to see. Very important stuff here concerning Jurich. 


Go Cards! 


  1. I won't spoil your player guess item today. But I will give everyone a hint that he turned the ball over twice leading to touchdowns on Sunday Night Football recently.

  2. Russell Wilson?

    The Deb Factor

    1. Nope. Russell is a Seahawk. He did spend a few years at NC State before ending his college career at Wisconsin. Good guess but...NO CARD ENTRY FOR YOU!


  3. Replies
    1. And....we have a winner! Congrats and you are entered in the drawing.


  4. The Bird Lady10/04/2017 12:00 PM

    National Taco Day. Now that is something we can all get behind!


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