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Friday, October 27, 2017

Soccer Math and The Weekend Roundup -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Soccer was effectively eliminated from post-season play last night.  A win over hosting NC State would've secured the Cardinals a berth in the 8 team ACC championship tournament.  NC State took  the competition 2-1.  Scoreless at the half, NC State started the scoring in the 67th minute.

In the 80th minute, the Cardinals playing forward to try to find the equalizer got a score from midfielder Gabi Vincent from 20 yards out.  Alas, it wasn't to be as NC State got a go-ahead goal 2 minutes later.  Nothing else found the back of a net, so NC State knocked down the Cards chances to get that 8th spot in the ACC tournament.  All hope wasn't yet lost, however.  Two other games had a bearing on the outcome.  Boston College v Pittsburgh, and Clemson v FSU.  The Cards needed outright wins from FSU and Pitt in order to slide in that 8th spot, but alas, it wasn't to be.  Boston College came away with the win in overtime, and Clemson eeked out a tie.  Either result would've knocked the Cards out of the spot.

An NCAA tournament berth is an extreme longshot, but nothing is final until the field is announced, so hope springs eternal.

Weekend Roundup


The wide netters have a monster of a match this evening (monster...get it?  because it's halloween
season?  That really wasn't an intended play on words, but after I typed it, it was too great to ignore), with Pitt coming to visit.  Pitt and NC State are tied for 1st in the ACC standings.  NC State has the tie-breaker over Pitt currently with the head-to-head win over Pitt on Sunday.  This also means that Pitt is coming in to Cardinal Arena tonight licking their wounds from a very meaningful loss...not an ideal time to be matching up with the Panthers.

 UofL is coming off of an emotional see-saw of a win over Notre Dame in 5 sets and on short rest from Wednesday night.  (I was fortunate to be able to catch a ride with another season ticket holder and private pilot to make the trip up to South Bend and back.  I even got to fly the plane for a bit...including the approach in to South Bend, John took back over about a half mile before landing, a result that I was completely ok with.)  The ACC doesn't have a post-season tournament, the regular season champion gets the NCAA tournament automatic qualifier.

 It's still a bit early to be trying to calculate who needs what to win the regular season, but a win over Pitt will obviously go a long way to shoring up UofL's chances here.  The matchup against NC State is on November 17th.

For the weekend, the match with Pitt is at the typical 7pm, with ACC Network Extra coverage available.  The Cards head back out on the road to Wake Forest for a Sunday 3pm matchup.  3pm suggests TV coverage, but there is none currently listed at either UofL's or Wake Forest's site.

Cross Country

Cross Country hosts the ACC Championships at E.P. Tom Sawyer park all day today.  Races start at 10:03 and 11:03.  There is coverage available on ACC Network Extra.

Men's Soccer

The other UofL Soccer team plays today at 7pm at Clemson.  ACC Network Extra available for this one as well.  I know the men's team has been playing quite well.  UofL stands 2nd in the Atlantic division with a 4-2-1 record, Clemson is in 3rd with a 4-3 record.  Just the records suggest that this should be a good matchup, but perhaps Case or Jared could chime in with some commentary in comments.


The women are playing the Fall Intercollegiate Invitational in Johns Creek, GA today through Sunday.  The men start a tournament Sunday at the Princeville Makai Invitational in Kauai, Hawaii.  It's a rough life for the men, let me tell you.  That tournament goes through Tuesday.

Lauren Hartlage has been hitting the ball recently for the women. Keep it going 

Basketball and Football

Men's Basketball held their tip-off luncheon yesterday, and will hold their 2nd Red-White scrimmage tonight at 7pm.  For Football, another 12:20 start, on the road at Wake Forest.  No TV is listed on the UofL schedule for either event, but I suspect they'll be on the tube somewhere.

Field Hockey

Finally, Field Hockey has their season finale, and senior day at Trager, hosting non-conference Ohio.  The stick Cards will be honoring seniors Abby Grimes, Marigrace Ragsdale, and Nicole Woods before the game.  The ACC tournament starts next week, and is hosted by UofL at Trager, so stay tuned for more coverage from that event late next week.

Radio Ramblings

Somehow, they keep letting us go on the air.  I believe we'll have the 3/4ths of the starting contingent at WCHQ this weekend. Mike Gilpatrick from RIVER CITY CARDS fills in for Jared. We'll probably pick a different sport to tease Paulie about than soccer.  Our typical start time is 11 o'clock.

Hazel Miller's "Look What We Can Do, Louisville" got some local social media love this week, listen to the show and you can be sure to hear some of it as our outro music.  Robbie Bartlett continues to open us with her rousing "Change Is Coming".

Tune in and check it out!



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  2. Try again: Volleyball plays Wake Forest at 3 p.m. on Friday, Nov 3 (as opposed to tomorrow) so perhaps some streaming and/or TV coverage might be posted by then. Since NC State and Pitt play tomorrow, each team will then have the same number of games. We will be in a tie if either/both win.


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