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Thursday, October 5, 2017

WBB, Volleyball, Soccer and The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


With a big weekend for UofL women's sports coming up and the start of women's basketball practice...let's move away today from scandals, hirings, firings and board of trustees chatter and concentrate on what we do here...promote the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports. Novel idea, right? 

With several sports in action, a huge football game tonight and our weekly radio show coming up...we're locked in and ready to get yet another weekend of exciting UofL Athletics going.  Off we go! 


Things are underway in the south half of the "Little Yum" with the women's basketball team now officially practicing and we are all looking forward to seeing what Coach Jeff Walz, the staff and players have in store for us. A thanks to women's basketball asst. SID Nick Evans for fulfilling my request to watch the team practice. I'll be heading to campus later today to watch the team on the court. 

What will I be watching and looking for? Actually, quite a few things. I want to see the return of my assistant player interviewer and point guard Arica Carter and how she's motoring up and down the hardwood. The summer reports were that she's back to 100% and looking good out there. She'll be a vital part of this years team. I'll also be paying close attention to the freshmen and how they're mixing with the returnees. Walz has stated several times that they'll be depended on for court time this upcoming season and I'll be watching Lindsey Duvall, Dana Evans and Retta Kakala with interest. I also want to see how three players that I've heard good things about over the summer are performing. Sam Fuehring, Bionca Dunham and Sydney Zambrotta look to be integral parts of 2017-18 Walz Ball and could fill big roles for the Cards. Of course, there's Asia Durr and Myisha Hines-Allen. "Durr"able and "Myzilla". They're the court leaders, in my humble opinion. Along with Kylee Shook, they'll be expected to score a lot of points this season. Finally, I'll check out my two "favs" on the squad....attack Yorkie Jessica Laemmle and "Jaz" Jones. Louisville needs a big effort out of both this year if they want to visit Columbus during Final Four time. 

Have I missed anyone?  

I'm treating this as a casual "pop in and look around" trip. I won't be armed with the Tascam DM 50 recording device and won't have a notepad or pen. I'm not even sure how long they'll let me watch. No interviews, we'll have plenty of opportunities for that down the road. Just a fan watching the game he loves better than any 

I'll barge into Jared Anderson's Friday column and give a few observations. Normally, we'd have Worldwide Jeff McAdams with the Friday write but he's busy earning a living and sampling tap water on the West Coast, last I heard. ( Jeff, try it in ice cube form with a splash of Woodford!) 


Also, the date for the UofL Women's Tip Off Luncheon has been announced. Monday, October 23rd. at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. Doors open at 11:30 and the event begins at noon. This is always a fun event with the girls dressed to the nines, the excellent video presentations, Walz on the podium, giveaways (I've still got two coffee mugs from previous luncheons), Al Greener with the Pep Band and, if you're lucky, a player sitting at your table with you. 

Tickets are $30 each or a table of ten can be had for $300. First come, first served...when they're gone, they're gone. Go to to secure yours. 


The Louisville Volleyball squad kicked a little butt and sent the Sunshine State home with a couple of "L's" in their column when they dispatched of Miami and FSU in straight sets over last weekend. They'll see if they can duplicate the success on the road when they pop into Blacksburg on Friday to match up against Va. Tech and on Sunday when they invade Charlottesville to battle Virginia. The Hokies have one ACC win and the Cavs have a zero in the "W" column so far. Louisville is at 3-1 and a weekend sweep would be a boon to a program that is getting better each time they step onto the hardwood at Cardinal Arena.

Both matches will be available on the ACC Network Extra. The Cards vs. Va. Tech starts at 6:30 p.m. Friday and the match against the Hoos is scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday. 


Coming off a weekend split, Karen Ferguson Dayes' kickers go to the land of boiled peanuts and psychedelic-eyed Tigers when they face Clemson tonight at 7 p.m. 

Clemson (7-3-1, 1-2-1) got a win over Miami 1-0 last out. THe Cards will be looking to tie the series history...Clemson won the inaugural meeting between the two schools 1-0 last year in Lynn. This one is also an ACC Network Extra viewing event, although with Louisville Football kicking off at 8's doubful many will see the end of this kick-fest in the grass. Which leads us to...


It's Prime Time Football this evening for the UofL Gridiron gang. The nationally televised ESPN game against N.C. State should be a fun one to watch. I was there two years ago when the Cards eked out a close win in Raleigh...last year Louisville blew the WolfPack out of Papa John's Mr. and Ms. Wuf will be looking for payback. 

A Blackout. Screaming North Carolina State fans. A questionable UofL offensive line against a rock-solid defensive front four for the Pack. Throw the ball down the field Lamar, please, against a N.C. State secondary that is ranked in the 130's in DI for efficiency.   

All that important, no doubt...but the main reason to watch is to see how many times they'll show the dainty, delightful and darling Ms. Wuf on screen. 


Paulie and Paige?...Hmmm....probably not.
We have a nice treat for you Saturday on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour. As Jared alluded to yesterday, I'm announcing our guests today. Jared won't be with this week, he'll be busy turning $20's into $5 and $10's at his financial institution and Case has his future mother-in-law in town (we offered to microphone her up and grill her with some questions...but the request was denied). 

What we do have, though is favorites Paige Sherrard and Julie JC Sullivan joining us in the basement on the hill in Crescent Hill. It'll be fun to get their perspectives on what's been going down the past couple of weeks and also to glance into the future and see what they're looking forward to this sports season. ('s orange, bounces and gets thrown at a circular piece of metal). 

The sleep-deprived Worldwide and I will air with these two excellent UofL fans at 11 a.m. on Saturday. You know the coordinates. If not, go to and familiarize yourself with them. Download the WCHQ app. And join us Saturday.

I'll also be making a WCHQ 100.9 appearance Friday morning on The Morning Jam Show with Bryce and Kev. They usually bring me in around 8 a.m. I usually bring donuts. I have no idea what we'll talk about...except maybe Bryce's guitar work and Kev's porch-painting skills. 

Also, a big Thanks and Job Well Done to Jared for the team photos in today's column. Seems that tall drink of water is good at something else besides banging on a drum and making failed predictions. 


  1. We need a sweep of UofL weekend events to cheer us all up. With them all on the road, seemingly, it could be tough. Go Cards. Play 'em all. Beat them all.

    Psychedelic-eyed Tiger. Classic, Paulie. Reminds me of the guys doing LSD in San Francisco back in the 60's

    Curtis "I stand with the players" Franklin

  2. Paulie, looking forward to your report from practice.

    I've heard that Shook has been hitting the weight room and looks stronger. Will be interested in your take on that.

    Lots of lineup possibilities beyond the obvious Hines-Allen and Durr. It seems pretty likely that Shook will get major minutes - the question is where? If she takes Moore's spot on the wing that opens the 5 to Fuehring, Dunham or Kakala. Despite what some fans have said, I don't see Hines-Allen there. If Shook plays the 5 that opens the wing position. Jones would seem to be the one there but you really need a shooter in that spot. Carter or Evans at PG? Anybody have any thoughts?

    1. It's way too early to speculate but I think you need Jaz Jones in there during crunch time. Along with Myisha, Asia, Kylee and Arica.

      Interested to read about what you see also, Paulie.

      The Deb Factor

  3. Thanks for the break from drama Paulie. I think Walz is going to need a squad that can run, run, run. It would seem that Jones, Durr, Shook, Hines-Allen and either Carter or Evans would be that best combination.

    I'd be interested to know if Carter and Evans are matched up against each other in scrimmages and who wins those battles if they happen. Of course, as alluded to earlier, it's early in the practice schedule and that may not be happening yet.

    With the USF Bulls on an off week, I've accepted an offer from a neighbor to travel over to Ben Hill Stadium in Gainesville and watch Florida play LSU.

    My son is enrolling at Florida in the spring and will try his chances on walking on the golf team. I'll take him to the game with me also. He's been hitting the ball really well lately and I hope he can continue that up there. He scored really well in our club tournament. Two day scored of 141, which got him second place. He still needs a better approach game but he's booming it off the tee.

    Dave-O Watson

    1. Hey Dave that is great news! I know he was burned out on the college experience so I'm glad he's getting back into it.

      Walz definitely has a lot of options this year. He can go two deep at each spot and can tailor a tall or small lineup. I think early on, he'll be trying a lot of different combos. Especially in the four-game Tennessee school sequence in early December.


  4. I can see a Carter with Evans backup. A Durr with Zambrotta backup. A Hines-Allen with Fuehring backup. A Jones with Duvall backup and A Shook with Kakala backup. That leaves Dunham and Laemmle to fill in where needed.

    Let's hope for no injuries. So glad we're talking hoops here again. I love all UofL women's sports but I am so ready for WBB to start!

    Nick O.

  5. Paulie u shouldn't ruin Woodford with Ice cubes.

    1. It was a tech conference, only really once was Woodford an option. I mostly went with Maker's and Sprite, and at least on Tuesday night, I went with that a fair bit.


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