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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Getting It Done Off of the Field -- 346 Student Athletes on ACC Honor Roll -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Today we'll look at the student part of student-athletes UofL...a very nice 2015-16 performance.

346 Cards were named to the ACC Honor Roll...fifth best in the conference behind Duke (480), Notre Dame (414) North Carolina (390) and Boston College (356). In addition, three Louisville student-athletes were named as ACC Scholar Athletes of the Year in their respective sports. Maryssa Becker, the hard-firing Cardinal Softball pitcher...USA Olympics participant Kelsi Worrell in swimming and the loveable, volleyballer-turned-news and sports reporter Katie George.

It's not easy to make the ACC Honor Roll. You need a 3.0 or better GPA for the entire year. Combining the activities of your sport with the rigors of keeping up with class assignments and studying can be a challenging task. 

A recent conversation with UofL women's basketball star  Cortnee Walton revealed one of the tricks to maintaining good grades. Letting your professor know when you are headed out of town (usually by e-mail or in person) so that you can get assignments and class work in advance. Keeping on top of what's happening. In Cortnee's case, as it is with many of UofL's helps that a lot of the professors are also UofL sports fans and recognition of a student-athlete in their class is readily acknowledged. 

Some coaches have other requirements. In several sports, student-athletes are asked to sit in the first three rows of their classes...and explain the reasons why they may have missed a class. Coaches follow up with professors to check on a student's progress and see what areas the athlete might need improvement in, then the academics services department at UofL works with the student-athlete to better themselves in those areas. 

Four UofL's basketball, lacrosse and men's and women's golf are among the top 10 percent nationally in their respective sports in the lastest APR's. 

Hats off to these hard-working student athletes on campus...who find a way to get it done in and out of the classroom. Maybe a new moniker for the popular L1C4 could be "Learning First, Classroom Forever." 

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In our endeavors to bring you the total package of the joy and excitement that is Louisville women's athletics...we're pleased to be joined in the studio today by Nicole Lowery...assistant trainer for Louisville Volleyball and Lacrosse. 

We're sure to get some very insightful information on what goes in to getting our student-athletes ready to perform and keeping them maintained to their highest level. 

You won't want to miss this broadcast...we also have audio from six of the Louisville swimmers that are headed to Rio to participate in the Olympics. 

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  1. Reports of academic success brings tears of joy to my eyes. Such great men and women we they are.


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