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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hello there! -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple

I'm alright...don't nobody worry 'bout me!

(with apologies to Kenny Loggins for borrowing a line from a great song...) 

Hey! Paulie here...having a big time on vacation. A special thanks to the writers that have been filling in for me...and those who will be filling in the next several days. 

Went trout fishin with C.E.

We've had some success.

Been eating well...

Delicious baked apple pancake


All gone...

Staying hydrated

Very important to do that in this hot weather. And, representing in the Cards gear. 

Met some great Cards fans while away from Louisville! 

The water is rather low in some spots...

But the are flowers still beautiful! 

And so is Sonja! 

Time to eat AGAIN! 

Talk with you soon...



  1. Heard your group hit the Fox and Parrot! Heard you had a bit of fun Paulie...what happens in Gatlinburg stays in Gatlinburg. Never knew you had a singing voice.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. We did and we had us a real good time. Rach and Ange cut loose

  2. Paulie looks like you're having a great time on your vacation.With food drinks you look like you're having fun, enjoy your vacation. P/S the BQ. ribs look so delicious.

  3. Thanks! They were delicious. I cleaned the plate



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