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Saturday, July 23, 2016

All apologies...Louisville WBB -- poised for greatness?... Radio today! -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


I'd like to start today's column with an apology that I didn't get a Friday column up here on the website. I though we had a Friday column covered by a guest writer. That didn't happen. I was travelling Friday and didn't have time to do a write-up as a backup. By the time I realized that nothing had been posted, it was too late to do anything without some research.

Nobody's fault but mine. I should have confirmed plans a bit better and followed up on them. I hope the "faux pas" on my part gave you, the reader, a chance to look at some of the really great articles that were posted on the site earlier this week. Responsibility is ownership. I take the blame for not following through. I'm grateful for the assistance I get here and will try to do a better job of leadership in the future. When it comes down to it...we are a non-profit site that is dependent on me six days a week to produce. I enjoyed my time off...believe me it was needed after the past two weeks. I'll try to live up to those standards I've set for this site to the fullest extent now that I'm "back in the saddle".

All apologies...

                                       *  * *


The e-mails, the conversations, the reports I'm getting and just looking at this 2016-17 Louisville women's basketball roster has people (myself included) buzzing. With good reason. 

Let's look at some basics:

1) All five starters return from a team that wasn't shabby at all last season. Yes, I know. There was disappointment that Louisville bowed out in the second round of the NCAA Tournament to DePaul. Let's not forget, however, what that Louisville squad accomplished. 26-8 overall, after a rough start. 15-1 in the ACC. The ACC Player of the Year in Myisha Hines-Allen. 22 wins out of 23 games after facing UK. Not bad stats at all...

2) A incoming class extraordinaire. We're hearing wonderful things about these freshmen. Let's start with Jazmine Jones. Some readers are thinking she may work her way into the starting line-up. Ciera Johnson battling tooth and nail in pickup games. Taylor Johnson showing why she was picked first team Missouri Valley Conference team (and defensive team) selection. Kylee Shook tearing it up inside. Sydney Zambrotta getting back in form after a foot injury. Bionca Dunham wowing people with her speed, rebounding and shooting. You could take these six...add walk-on Jessica Laemmle and field a team that could possibly finish in the top six of the ACC by themselves. You're adding them to an already well-established roster. Depth for Walz? Yeah, I think so...Talent? You betcha.

3) Improvement from the returnees. We hear Arica Carter is nailing threes at over 50% in drills. Asia Durr is back to 100% (and then some, according to my sources). Briahanna Jackson and Mariya Moore firing full force. Brianna Jones and Sam Fuehring playing at a better clip than last season. Cortnee Walton. Determined to make her final year here her best one. 

And then there's Myisha. I saw her at one of the Walz camps. There's a look of confidence and wisdom in her eyes these days. She realizes just what she could end up being. She's ready to fulfill it. 

In the final analysis, it is up to this talented list of players to put it together. The coaching staff can only do so much. There will be challenges. Early on...Maryland, South Carolina. Kentucky. An ACC schedule that looks maybe even tougher than last year. The Irish aren't backing down. FSU thinks they might be pretty decent. Syracuse was a Final Four squad. Miami. Duke and North Carolina. NC State. No walkovers, no automatic easy nights. 

Yes, this team is poised for greatness. We'll get a glimpse of what they might possibly be when they go to Cuba in a couple of weeks. Top to bottom, the squad looks stronger than any UofL squad I've ever seen. Let's hope they can pass the "eye-test" and produce that way.


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Tune in this morning and see if we fly or flop... 




  1. You guys answered all my questions about this year's!

  2. This year's U of L squad has depth TEAM A TEAM B.

  3. At my count of 15 women are on the basketball roster, I anticipate maybe a red-shirt season or two. I have not heard anything about that. If not, how is everyone going to get the playing time that they wish. Having so much talent is a great problem to have but very difficult to keep everyone happy. Having said that, I am really looking forward to a new season with such a talented team.

    1. As a fan this is great having 15 players for Coach Walz to choose from. The only thing I can think of is we have how many seniors three now? Okay, after this year they are gone. We just bring in 3 more recruits and we're back to 15?
      I'd be pissed if I was on this team and didnt get minutes knowing there are 15 players including a walk on. It's not fair to the players. After last year I think Coach Walz sent out a memo saying the heck with feelings of the players we are winning no matter how much over recruiting we need to do. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just saying if I was a player I'd be thinking what the hell?

    2. I have never seen a player in WBB in the last 3 years I've been a fan be red-shirted due to over recruiting. Anyone know of any? The one's I'm familiar with are injury red-shirts.
      There are very few teams who carry more than 12 on their roster. Sacramento State carries 16 and plays all of them equally running them in and out in 5 player sub patterns every 5 minutes lol! They never stop running.

    3. Over recruiting is subjective. Some think anything over 12 scholarships is since it creates a ton of bench warmers.
      WBB gets 15 scholarships per year and men get 13.

    4. Last year we had 11 active players on the roster with Syd injured. We played 8 with Samantha being counted with 10.5 min a game. We had trouble getting 11 players minutes. You need 8 good players.

  4. Great Piece folks don't need to be apologizing to anyone. If people are paying attention they know who is doing the heavy lifting in this space. Burn

  5. I think it is good to skip a day now and then. Makes people appreciate you.

  6. You also need practice players, if the competition is good in practice you're team gets better.


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