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Saturday, July 30, 2016



I had an interesting discussion the other day with another UofL sports website owner and it evolved around the concept of having premium content. 

As you well know, there are some web sites that give you "exclusive" inside-information for a fee on their "premium" boards. It is a money-maker for them and, although the news on them does get out to the mass public eventually, it gives subscribers first chance at it. 

We have toyed with the idea of doing a "premium board" over the years but always decided against it. We are a non-profit, no-fee site that would rather earn our keep by having donors and sponsors instead of charging our readers for information by the month or year. 

It's our call. Thanks to you...the sponsors and donors...we keep on keeping on. The early days of "out of Paulie's pocket" have ended. We're able to get down the sidewalk without having to go to the "information for a fee" tactic.

You can help us stay that way. At the top of the website, there is a link to PayPal. Help us that way if you choose. On "The Right Side of the Site" there is information where you can send a check. 

We know there are a lot of places to distribute money these days. We appreciate whatever we get. We reach out to other charities and program if we're lucky enough to get a surplus. It's all about helping each other. Always has been here, and will always stay that way.

The person I had the discussion with is seriously considering going to a "pay for premium" concept. We are not. 

Thank you for reading the articles, listening to the radio show. You are CARDINAL COUPLE. We're proud of you. 



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  1. I've got no "horse in this race" in fact I'm not a big believer in gambling in general, including horse racing which probably puts me on the outside looking in to folks from Louisville.

    That said I just wanted to thank Paulie & Sonja for their efforts over the years in this space. I'm actually not a big UL women's sports fan, but I did become a ULWBB fan during the Shimmel years and will remain so unless something crazy happens.

    Those of you that are more Louisville and / or Kentucky focused may not appreciate the online environment that these folks have created. I've not seen anything like it in women's college sports over the past five years or so. They successfully balance coverage of popular women's sports with educational and promotional efforts on behalf of other UL Women's Sports. Frankly they haven't recruited me as a fan for the other sports yet but I think the effort is pretty cool and as long as I think I'm getting a chance to speak my piece on the blog and get really good ULWBB information I'm a supporter.

    I hate subscription sites and wouldn't participate. I've been happy to contribute to the Cardinal Couple over the years and will continue to do so. Remember that these bucks are fully tax deductible and they'll get you the 1099 at the end of the year for your CPA if you need it. If they go subscription it most definitely isn't tax deductible.

    An added benefit is if you give to these folks instead of $10 to every fricking donation mailing you get you'll simplify your mail opening and tax filing plus you'll be less aggravated and save money on stamps too.

    Even though I haven't met them personally I'll continue to be a big supporter of this effort and suggest all of you regular readers throw a couple hundred bucks a year their way. It will come back to you.

  2. Thank you for the kind words and endorsement Burn. You are Cardinal Couple.



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