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Sunday, July 10, 2016

For Hannah Boyle...a different type of pitch -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


During her days at the University of Louisville, Hannah Boyle was known for being a fierce competitor "on the pitch" for Justine Sowry's Field Hockey squad. A four-year defender... or "back" as the position is called...she was a valuable reserve for some of the best defenses in Louisville Field Hockey history. She also made the Director's List academically all four years. Equine management was the field of study Hannah pursued. As a child, she wanted to be a jockey. 

At Assumption High School in Louisville, she won a state championship, was a three-year all-state tournament selection and Kentucky All-Star her junior and senior years. Mind you, very few local field hockey players get the chance to play field hockey at Louisville. Even fewer get the chance to participate in ACC Field Hockey...the champagne of conferences in the sport. 

Justine Sowry saw the value and effort: 

" Hannah is one of our most valuable and positive team members. She has a remarkable, team-first attitude and approach and is one of the reasons we have a successful team dynamic. Hannah's perseverance is always on display and she is always ready to step into whatever role we need her to fulfill." 

Fast forward from fall 2014 to the summer of 2016. There is a new pitch, a new field of dreams for Hannah Boyle. Putting her equine management degree to work, she is a member of trainer Ron Moquett's staff at Churchill. The teammates are now horses and jockeys. The venue is now a barn, the backstretch of Churchill Downs and the dirt and turf courses of the world's most legendary rack track. Those skills and traits Justine mentioned are now at work in another field of that, as in Field Hockey...decisions are made in split-seconds and success comes only through hard work, commitment and dedication. 

Working in the trainer's crew is not an easy profession. There are stalls to be "mucked" or cleaned. Strong and spirited horses to be walked, exercised and groomed. Races to be prepared for, owners to be met and updated and the hours start early and end late at night. 
Ron's TIZ ADONIS won the
third race at Ellis Park Sunday!
WE take full credit...

Hannah wouldn't have it any other way.  Her "boss" -- Ron Moquett races at several tracks besides Churchill. Oaklawn, Ellis Park, Arlington and, this summer, the mecca of horse-racing tracks...Saratoga. Hannah will get to experience the track for the first time starting next week. She related to me while watching Saturday's card in Churchill's Gold Room:

" I'm so excited! I've never been. It looks so beautiful when you watch it on TV. Just to have a chance to be a part of it something I'll never forget." 

A great opportunity for a fledgling in the thoroughbred industry. 

I've had the pleasure of being at Saratoga. It is the KFC YUM! Center...with old world charm...of horse-racing. If I could spend each summer up there, it would be the equivalent of spending each day at the NCAA Women's Final Four. 

Show them some Cardinal "swag" at Saratoga, Hannah. Hit the "pitch", do the work and enjoy the views. 


Yesterday's CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR was simply wonderful! WE had UofL trainer Nicole Lowery in studio with us and learned the ins, outs, fun and responsibilities of what she does with the student-athletes. 

We also heard from the UofL swimmers and Nicole sent Worldwide to defeat in the weekly quiz! 

Have a listen to the rebroadcast:




  1. You had a great broadcast. Nicole was a delight to listen to and very knowledgeable on her profession. She can come down to Naples and train our shuffleboard squad anytime!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. That is little Hannah from the gold room? I had no idea. Good luck Nanners!


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  4. Just wait til ol' Rani gets a bill for advertising...LOL. Just a reminder, don't spam the site and be prepared to pay if you do.


  5. I'm just now seeing this! Thank you so much for being so supportive of Cardinal women's athletics and it's so cool that you keep track of our careers after athletics! Go Cards!


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